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Workers at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (Fort Myer portion) will replace an overhead canopy on the search lane at Hatfield Gate Friday, Jan. 10 through Friday, Jan. 24.

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  1. 1. FAQs FOR HATFIELD GATE CANOPY PROJECT Q: What is the Hatfield Gate Canopy Project? A: Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (JBM-HH) will be replacing the overhead canopy structure at the Hatfield Gate search lane. Q: When will this project take place? A: The pre-positioning for the project is slated to begin on the 10 th of January. The beginning of active traffic redirection is estimated to begin on the 13th of January and expected to take approximately two weeks. Q: How will this project affect me as a visitor, resident or employee on JBM-HH? A: During the canopy replacement personnel may expect delays in traffic at Hatfield Gate as the Hatfield Gate search lanes will be temporarily relocated to Sheridan Avenue between Carpenter Road and Pershing Avenue. (See attached map.) Personnel who are required to undergo search procedures will be required to turn left on to Sheridan Avenue in order to have their vehicle searched and logged. Personnel who do not require search will be able to enter Hatfield Gate and proceed straight on Carpenter Road but will not be able to turn left on Sheridan from the Gate entry point. Personnel may also experience higher volumes of traffic at other JBM-HH access control points as persons utilize alternate installation entry points. Q: Will I be able to utilize Sheridan Avenue between Pershing Ave., and Carpenter Rd., to exit the installation? A: No. For the duration of the project, to include pre-positioning, personnel will not be able to utilize Sheridan Ave., between Pershing Ave., and Carpenter Rd., to exit the installation. Q: Will I still be able to exit post utilizing Hatfield Gate? A: Yes. Personnel may still exit Hatfield Gate via Carpenter Rd.
  2. 2. FAQs FOR HATFIELD GATE CANOPY PROJECT Q: Will I still be able to access the AFMAA building? A: Yes. (See attached map) Employees, visitors and customers requiring access to AFMAA will be able to turn on Sheridan Avenue in order to gain entrance to AFMAA. Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) guards will be present to route personnel. Q: Are there any changes to entry requirements as a result of this project? A: No. Aside from the rerouting of traffic, all policies and procedures remain valid and in effect. Q: Should I avoid entering Hatfield Gate during this project? A: Personnel may enter Hatfield Gate as usual however, you may experience higher traffic volume and/or higher wait times. Wright Gate and Henderson Hall Main Gate (Gate #1) will be open and available for personnel who require search for entry onto the installation. There will be no change at any of the other access points on JBM-HH. Q: Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding access during this project? A: The Directorate of Plans, Training and Mobilization (DPTMS) can be reached at 703-696-3290/1.
  3. 3. Canopy Traffic Pattern Change 13 Jan 2014 Legend = Hatfield ingress = Hatfield search = Ingress / Egress = Egress