Acap schedule jan mar 2014


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Acap schedule jan mar 2014

  1. 1. McNair Road, Building 404, Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, VA 22211 Office - 703- 696-0973 Fax – 703-696-3352 Email - Website - Reservations are required. Spouses are encouraged to register and attend! Call the ACAP Center or log-in and schedule at Available to all registered ACAP Center Clients. *Location is in the ACAP building 404 unless notated. Retiring TAP Jan 6-10 or 13-17* 0800-1600 Feb 10-14 0800-1600 Mar 10-14 or 17-21* 0800-1600 Accessing Higher Education Feb 18-19* 0800-1600 Apr 24-25* 0800-1600 ETS TAP Jan 6-10 Feb 3-7 Mar 3-7 Smart Investments Jan 29 1300-1500 Feb 26 1300-1500 Mar 26 1300-1500 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 Entrepreneur Track “ Boots to Business” Jan 21-22 0830-1530 Mar 18-19 0830-1530 Business Franchise Opportunities Feb 20 1300-1500 Apr 17 1300-1500 Finding and Applying for Federal Jobs Jan 29 1000-1200 Feb 26 1000-1200 Mar 26 1000-1200 Federal Resume Workshop Jan 9* 1000-1200 Feb 6* 1000-1200 Mar 6* 1000-1200 Marketing Yourself for a Second Career Jan 28 1300-1500 Feb 25 1300-1500 Mar 25 1300-1500 Career Resource Workshops Jan 27 0800-1530 Feb 24 0800-1530 Mar 17 0800-1530 Updated on 12/27/2013 Credit Scores from Good to Excellent Jan 30 1300-1500 Feb 27 1300-1500 Mar 27 1300-1500 Home Buying Jan 28 Feb 25 Mar 25 1000-1200 1000-1200 1000-1200 Debt Free Jan 30 Feb 27 Mar 27 1000-1200 1000-1200 1000-1200 Tricare Benefits in Depth Jan 23 1000-1200 Feb 20 1000-1200 Mar 20 1000-1200 Capstone Jan 3 or 24 1000-1200 Feb 7 or 21 1000-1200 Mar 7 or 28 1000-1200 *Education Center Bldg 417 Rm 108 See reverse side for class details.
  2. 2. Workshop/Seminar Descriptions RETIRING EXECUTIVE AND ETS TAP WORKSHOPS: Department of Labor Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Workshop: The 5 day Workshop is divided into sections on Individual Transition Plan (ITP), financial planning, job strategies, networking, resume building, and interviewing techniques. Also included is a, Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Benefits Briefing. A class where you learn about your eligibility for further education, health care, compensation and pension, a cheaper home mortgage, a small business start-up guarantee, how to set up survivor and burial benefits, applying for disability claims and more. These gifts are yours from a grateful nation. Learn how to use them! Department of Veteran Affairs Disability Transition Assistance Program, a class that explains the ways Vocational Rehabilitation assists Veterans with service-connected disabilities, aggravated injuries, or illness to successfully enter the civilian workforce. Finally, an AFCPE Certified Financial ACAP Counselor addresses principles of financial planning and management for transitioning military members. Learn strategies for investing, credit, home buying, future retirements, insurance policies, and much more! FEDERAL RESUMES: This two hour class introduces federal resume sites, searching vacancy announcements, successful applications and tracking results. You will learn to use templates, incorporate keywords and approach knowledge, skills and abilities statements. CAREER RESOURCE WORKSHOP: This one day class will include Mock Interviews where you will get feedback from employers. An employer panel with HR professionals and Recruiters will be on site to give advice on how to best impress employers and hiring managers. You will also receive professional image consultation from Sofios. BUSINESS FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES: A two hour class that explains the advantages of franchise ownership. Learn business models, investment ranges, financing options, which franchise to choose, entrepreneur’s resources, and more. FINDING AND APPLYING FOR JOBS: This workshop enlightens Veterans and Transitioning Service Members about Federal Job Search Processes/Strategies: Hiring Reform, Benefits of Federal Government Service, Federal Pay and Advancement, Veteran Preference, Special Hiring Programs, USA Jobs, and much more. ASSESSING HIGHER EDUCATION WORKSHOP: This workshop is designed to guide you through a variety of decisions involved in choosing a degree program, college institution, and funding, as well as to prepare you for the admissions process. CAPSTONE: This two hour event is for service members to receive one-on-one counseling sessions with counselors to review completed ITP Blocks, resume, and Gap Analysis. Service members will also complete the DD2958 needed for clearing. When attending this event service members are seen in the order they arrive. Updated on 12/27/2013 See reverse side for class details.