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  1. 1. Javeria Shoaib Jaweria Burhan Adeeba Tanveer Syed Jaffer Ali
  2. 2. • Designer clothes Store by Shamoon Sultan. • Khaadi means ‘hand woven’ in Persian. • Premium traditional clothes brand. • Its product line includes men’s wear, women’s wear, home textiles and accessories. • Khaadi has also introduced another sub brand ‘Khaadi Khaas’
  3. 3. No Catalogue Lack of interaction with its target audience Too Expensive No Exhibitions No Promotional activities Basic Issues Lack of Promotion & Low Product awareness • Khaadi’s Brand Image is unfortunately deteriorating for the past few years.
  4. 4. • Strengths  Its specialty khaddar  Its the only brand specializing in hand woven clothes, home textiles and accessories  They have brought this traditional fabric with an exclusively stylish look.  Khaadi has an international outlet at Dubai.  Its has biggest hand woven factory in Pakistan. Weaknesses  Consumers‘ misconception that its only a women’s brand.  Brand awareness is low because of its lack of advertising and Pr activities.  Generic issues like designs, catalogues and exhibitions.  Its comparatively
  5. 5. Opportunities  Extending the product line like they can have kid’s section too.  They can provide home delivery service.  Can have Khaadi Khaas for men’s too.  Improving its Pr through events like Khaadi experience and Khaadi workshop. Threats Competitor’s strong advertising. Competitor’s price advantage Loyal customer’s of competitors brand
  6. 6. • To see Khaadi as the Number 1 brand in hand woven and traditional clothes. • To see Khaadi as a market share leader. • To be the first preference of the customers.
  7. 7. Re-build Khaadi’s reputation as the premium brand for traditional clothes. Create brand awareness and educate target market that it’s a men’s brand too. Establish consumer interaction by social media Creating a positive image of Khaadi by having events like the Khaadi Experience and by sponsoring various other Fashion events. To promote brand saliency through various Pr activities
  8. 8. Theme: Traditional elegance. Strategy: To build Khaadi’s credibility and establish it as the premium Brand for traditional clothes for both Men and Women.
  9. 9. Two different approaches 1. human advertising 2. Cut out standees
  10. 10. The Khaadi experience is recreating the act of shopping at khaddi and enhancing the over-all environment by providing a different way of shopping, an unforgettable ambience and an excellent customer service to create a place where shopping becomes a memorable experience. Professionals will include Young Designers with an Excellent Fashion sense , Make-up and Hair Stylists, an Accessory Specialist and a Professional Photographer. After being completely dressed up they would have an option of walking on the Run-way or going into a private booth to get their Picture taken which will be given to Men and Women will browse through a Selection of Khaddi’s Clothes, Various Accessories and Props, helped by Professionals at every stage.
  11. 11. Day 1 Teaching people how hand-stitched clothes are designed Open for everyone who is interested, but particularly promoted in universities related to textile design. Day 2 Sponsoring an abstract design competition, in which participants will design a complete dress based on their understanding of traditional design.
  12. 12. The size of this Mannequin would be 60 feet It would be built at the Expo center Karachi Will be completed and clothed by 31st December 2012 and would be uncovered
  13. 13. • This activity is about testing your fashion sense and dressing up the mannequin in the most elegant manner. • The Best Mannequin will be decided by the number of likes on it’s picture on Khaddi’s
  14. 14. Age 16-30 and 30-70 Family Size and Lifecycle Young, single, married, single parents, unmarried couples, older, no children under 16. Education Literate, Illiterate who can afford. Social Class SEC A, SEC B, Region Major Cities Personality Elegant, Style conscious and sophisticated. Lifestyle High, style conscious, fashionable. Benefits Sought Quality, style with convenience Product Usage Maintain loyalty of high users, attract new users and increase usage of medium users. Brand loyalty Medium, aim to increase it. Occasions Regular occasions and special occasions like Eid, Mehndi, Dholki, Birthday parties.
  15. 15. Catalogues Photo shoots Press Release Mahira khan Fawad khan Samina Pirzada Rahat Kazmi Khaadi Experience. Word of Mouth General Public Sales People Advertisem ent Billboards Social Media High impact on end target customers Influencer is active Influencer is passive Low impact on end target customers
  16. 16. • Stable Law and Order situation . • Khaddi finances our events and activites. • We get permission to build the World’s Largest Mannequin and for our other activities and events by Expo Center, the Government and all other parties involved. • Students are willing to take part in our human advertising activity. • Endorsers that we have chosen agree to represent and endorse Khaddi and come to all of our events and activities.
  17. 17. Events • Khaadi Experience • Khaadi work shop • World's largest mannequin inaugration Sponsorships • Dress the mannequin competition • All Pakistan design competition • Fashion shows • Exhibition Media • Press releases • Social Media • Press Endorsements •Fawad Khan •Mahira Khan •Babara Shareef •Behroz Publications •Brouchers •Panaflex •Standees Word Of Mouth •Organic Word of Mouth.
  18. 18. May 2012----June 2012---- Build Hype by Social Media Marketing, teasers, Print ads, brochures, cut out standees, human advertising banners, Press Release. July 2012---------- Implement ‘The Khaadi Workshop’ Event on the 5th of July in Karachi, 10th in Lahore and 15th July in Islamabad. August 2012---Sept 2012-------- Use Social Media Marketing, teasers, Print ads, brochures, banners to inform people about khaadi experience.
  19. 19. October 2012---------- Implement ‘The Khaddi Experience’ Event on the 5th October in Karachi, 10th in Lahore and 15th October in Islamabad. November 2012------- The teaser campaign for World’s Largest Mannequin starts, designers all around Pakistan are encouraged to send their designs for the perfect design of clothes for this mannequin. A panel of Judges decides the best one and the mannequin would be dressed in the winner’s designed Clothes. . December 2012—January 2013 ------- World’s Biggest Mannequin is dressed and the Winner is announced on the
  20. 20. February 2013 -----March 2013------- by Social Media Marketing, teasers, brochures, and banners of Dress the Mannequin. April 2013-----------Our activity ‘Dress the Mannequin’ will take place from 1st to 15th April in different universities in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The Winner will be announced on the 30th of April through the largest number of Face-book Likes on the person’s picture on Khaadi's page and will receive a Gift Basket which will include Clothes, Discount Coupons and a Dinner with one of our celebrity Endorser.