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Studio Output Sports Insight Report

  1. 1. Bright ideas forinspiring brands.
  2. 2. InsightReport.Summer of Sport.July 2012As you may expect, this months insight report focuses on sport.In a landmark year like 2012, sports marketing continues to bean innovative field, with brands looking to create a pointof difference in their communications both on and offline.With Euro 2012 and Wimbledon behind us and the Olympicsimminent, sports brands and sponsors alike are vyingto make their message heard in a noisy marketplace.Here, we look at some of the most interesting campaigns.Insight Report.Summer of Sport.
  3. 3. Productshowcase.Nike and Adidas have sought out a new way toshowcase the technology in their shoes. Nike’s Creating new shopfrontsparallax-scrolling website for their range of AirJordan trainers allows users to sculpt their ownweb experience, while Adidas’ running site letscustomers explore the features of each product.Continuing the theme of user-led web onlineexperiences, Footlocker created Sneakerpedia,a site that appropriates content from itsusers and positions them as experts inthe footwear fashion field. The site isntovertly branded, which gives user contentgreater prominence on the site and, in turn,strengthens consumer trust in the brand.Nike Air Jordan Running Report.Summer of Sport.
  4. 4. Mobiletechnology.New technologies and apps are being developedto encourage people to keep fit and feel theburn in more innovative and emotional ways.Nexercise is an app that builds on the Innovatingstrengths of games like Draw Something –allowing you to challenge other users andcompete while undertaking real-life exercise. exerciseIn a similar vein, Reebok’s Promise Keeper appencourages people to keep fit by playing upontheir guilt. When users decide not to exercise itlets everyone know online, scaring people intoexercise to avoid public embarrassment. Gah!Sensum also uses scare-monger tacticsto get people moving. It builds on a usersemotional responses and changes content toencourage exercise accordingly – shoutingat you when you aren’t trying hard enoughor cheering you on when you’re feeling low.We think there will be brand partnershipswith this device in the near future.Nexercise Promise Keeper Report.Summer of Sport.
  5. 5. On your marks...Brands run tosports in 2012.You may have seen the Olympic Move to theBeat campaign that features artists such asMark Ronson and Katy B paired with widerexperiential campaign activity. However,we felt that the slightly smaller scale Coca-Cola Cheering Truck activity led to a muchmore emotive and personal response fromthe fans it came into contact with, and itsappearance at the Argentinian final made sureit left a lasting memory for all football fans.2012 sees focus shifting from brands andathletes to fans and their involvement andwe think there are two reasons for this: theOlympics taking place in many people’sback gardens and a somewhat dented egofollowing our exit from the 2010 World Cup.Cadbury have looked to crowdsourcing to createsingalong tracks aimed at inspiring Team GBathletes to victory; while Sharp have taken a lookat studying fans, looking into behaviour, beliefsand support during the European Championship.Coca-Cola FanLabs Report.Summer of Sport.
  6. 6. InsightReport.Pod Takeover.Visual TrendsThis month we also see the third of our pod takeovers,from Design Director Stewart McMillan, Producer EmmaGraham and Designer James Cuddy, who make up one offour creative pods here at Studio Output.Over the last few weeks weve been busy working onAugmented Reality apps and product films for Dunlop,photoshoots for PlayStation, shoots for new Sony viralsand a revolutionary stage show for an iconic Olympic venue!Insight Report.Summer of Sport.
  7. 7. Patternsof (t)reason.Haphazard imagery is seeminglythrown together to create a newbeautiful ugly aesthetic.Rebelling against centuries of traditionin using complementary colours,imagery, fonts and pictures – thisnew movement seeks to re-defineour idea of what is appealing oracceptable in visual communication.Out with the rule book!Grafik Ritualshttp://grafikrituals.tumblr.comPretty Ugly Report.Summer of Sport.
  8. 8. Engineeredgeometry.A focus on craft, engineering and anattention to detail is a theme werecurrently seeing across many areas.Beautifully shot product photography,and minimal compositions focus onthe material qualities of objects. Thisapproach has been applied to greateffect by Carl Kleiner for Intersport.Weve also seen some interestingcollaborations between brands thathave a strong focus on craftsmanshipsuch as Paul Smith and Mercian Cycles.Alfred Dunhill Document Case: Smith Pop Up:,442,PNP.htmlCarl Kleiner for Intersport:http://www.carlkleiner.comThings Organized Report.Summer of Sport.
  9. 9. Sketchybehaviour.Generative design approaches imagemaking through code. A visual ideais translated into a set of rules thatcan can allow a program to generateimages around given parameters.For Nike, interactive agency YesYesNohave built software that visualizes a yearsworth of runs from the Nike+ website.The resulting imagery and patternsbring a visual new dimension to data.Field: Digital Paintingsèque: Ollo branding City Runs: Report.Summer of Sport.
  10. 10. If youd like to see more ofour work, just get in touch.Studio Output / London Studio Output /  orth NUnit 4, The Piano Works 2 Broadway117 Farringdon Road Lace MarketLondon EC1R 3BX Nottingham NG1 1PSTel +44 020 7239 9270 Tel +44 0115 985 3444Fax +44 020 7239 9279 Fax +44 0115 985