Studio Output Hospitality Insight Report


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Studio Output Hospitality Insight Report

  1. 1. InsightReport.Restaurantsand Hospitality.Spring 2012Welcome to the Studio OutputInsight Report for spring 2012.Food and drink are in our blood and it remainsa highly competitive battleground, withincreasing innovation being seen in the sector.We highlight some marketing trendsfrom UK and internationally and alsointroduce our second pod takeover, wherewe look in more detail at the creativetrends we are seeing in this area.Bright ideas for inspiring brands.
  2. 2. Modern-day meals.Ordering innovation with technology Suprising. Fun. Interactive.With touch screen and networked technologyalways evolving, restaurants have begunto look into novel and interesting waysto change the dining experience.One particular trend might be a cause forconcern amongst waiters: restaurants likeLondon’s Inamo, Nurembergs ‘S Baggers andSydney’s Mizuya have started to look at people-free methods of serving food. From projectingmenus on the tables to touch screen orderingsystems, interactive restaurants are on the up.Inamo‘S Baggers French Laundry ideas for inspiring brands.
  3. 3. On-bottle communication.Creating cut-throughWith communication options increasinglylimited within both on and off trade channelsthere is increasing activity in innovativepackaging, to give that all importantstandout across the bar or on the aisle.Originally the domain of on-pack promotions andspecial occasion packs (look out for the DiamondJubilee onslaught) and then championed byvodka and beer brands (the long-standing BecksArt labels for example), we are now seeingsome really interesting approaches to givesome added personality to drinks brands.The 42Below ‘Flat White Martini’ brings addedtheatre to the serve of a martini, and theDom Perignon Luminous Vintage campaignbreathes life into a classic brand – as dothe recent Heineken Future bottles.Vodka Facebook Design Interactive. Accessible. Involvement.Bright ideas for inspiring brands.
  4. 4. The evolution of pop-up.Short-term restaurantsPop-up restaurants and shops have becomecommon place in most cities with evermore extreme venues and experiences.Bigger brands have become involved withvarying degrees of relevance and success(often at vast expense). The BA2012 pop-up became a land-based Shoreditchvenue for British Airways to showcase theircollaboration with Heston Blumenthal.Meanwhile Electrolux are emphasising theirstatus as the choice brand for professionalchefs by hosting a rooftop fine-dining venuein London, as part of a European Tour.Getting the balance right between the brandmessage and a credible brand experienceis going to be an increasing challenge.BA2012 Cube by Electrolux Alternative. Engaging. Immediate.Bright ideas for inspiring brands.
  5. 5. A changing marketplace.Mobile & frictionless retailMobile as a commerce option is growingin line with the growth in smartphone andtablet usage. Many customers are nowresearching the restaurants they intend togo to while en-route and, in many cases, maychange their choice based on a strangerspreference that has been posted online. With78% of users using their mobile device to Connective.look up restaurants, the restaurant industryis playing catch-up, as only 15% of venueshave a site optimised for mobile use.Increasing geo-location technology and theplethora of coupon sites, as well as the increasing upon review sites, means that foodand beverage retail outlets cannot afford to left behind – and brands can help with this.NFC technology is on the increaseand innovations such as EAT andOrange will only increase.Foodspotting (2,000,000 users)’s Pizza maker / Orange quick tap treats of NFC Infographic ideas for inspiring brands.
  6. 6. InsightReport.Pod Takeover.Visual trendsThis months takeover comes from Design DirectorAlun Edwards, Producer Kate Plummer, DesignersJohanna Drewe and James Gilmore, who make upone of four creative Pods here at Studio Output."Our team is a mix of youth and experience – we loveexciting brands, sports, music and we know howto make a good idea live.This month has seen us developing a rollout for anational chain of Japanese restaurants, perfectingour 3D skills and working on the biggest BBC eventof the year, which will blow your minds as well asyour eardrums!"Bright ideas for inspiring brands.
  7. 7. Modern heritage.A nod to history.Paying tribute with style! Working with a numberof hospitality brands recently we notice that inthese uncertain times, consumers are lookingfor reassurances that their experience is realand honest. Delivered with a tasteful andintelligent style this is an interesting marriageof heritage and contemporary. Not to beconfused with a pastiche of old, it is taking thetrustworthy elements to create something new.Exposed surfaces, brights combinedwith natural materials, found references,relevant production processes, historically-referenced messaging – all combine to createa unique and forward-facing response.Union Jacks Centre Court D. Chirico Fresh look. Found. Revivalist.Bright ideas for inspiring brands.
  8. 8. Art all around.Engaging artists.Looking for that something special?Innovate by commissioning bespoke imageryfrom well-respected graphic artists, designersor photographers. Used to adorn andcelebrate, its about discovering an elementthat gives real stand-out and character. Theidea is to align yourself with other like-mindedindividuals and embrace a partisan spirit.Applied across all materials from interiors topackaging, this creates immediate stand-outand unique experiences. Unique.Mr Bingo Talking point. Character. ideas for inspiring brands.
  9. 9. Its 2012.What’s the angle?A seductive blast into the future.2012 is a year packed with unique celebrationsand massive events. That means a lot of Elegant. Energetic.partying. After all the bangs and whooshes,slide into refined and electric luxury.Were seeing dynamic angles, tasteful yetdazzling colour palettes and glossy, seductivematerials. Illuminated, reflective surfaces, Enriching.translucent layering and directional imageryall envelope to create a luxurious experience.This is all about a refined, polished and thrillingfuture. Its 2012 and were gonna be seen!Yotel Musee ideas for inspiring brands.
  10. 10. If this has whet your appetite or youdlike to see Studio Output’s work infood & drink retail, get in touch.Studio Output / London Studio Output / NorthUnit 5, The Piano Works 2 Broadway117 Farringdon Road Lace MarketLondon EC1R 3BX Nottingham NG1 1PSTel +44 020 7239 9270 Tel +44 0115 985 3444Fax +44 020 7239 9279 Fax +44 0115 985