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Studio Output 2012 creative roundup


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Published in: Design
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Studio Output 2012 creative roundup

  1. 1. Bright ideas forinspiring brands.
  2. 2. InsightReport.Roundup 2012.A great year of work.Over the course of 2012 we saw somefantastic creative work which exploredthe possibilities of traditional media,moving image, web and mobile content.In this report, we’re taking a look at someof the best work from each of these areas,explaining why they worked and hopefullyinspiring you for the year ahead.Bright ideas for inspiring brands.
  3. 3. Design.Print, art and out of home.Sony Xperia – Made of Imagination Illustrated.Made of Imagination was a creativecampaign, created by Sony for theirXperia range of handsets. The designs,led by Carl Kleiner, draw upon on theform of the handsets and the content Powerful.that makes them, to create captivatingillustrated imagery – something thats Inspiring.often overlooked in mobile advertising. – Take the Stage with MetroThe London Olympics inspired somefantastic design work but Adidas stoodhead and shoulders above the packwith their Take the Stage series.Partnering with Metro, these uniqueimages were seen by thousands of peopleevery morning in major UK cities, givingAdidas and the artists a huge platform toshout from. The partnership was highlysuccessful and something we’re likelysee fairly regularly from now on. 4 – Meet the SuperhumansAnother standout from the Olympicseason was Channel 4’s campaign fortheir Paralympic coverage. Striking both intheir aesthetic and message, the ad seriesused its blunt approach to continue theascension of the Paralympics to a heroicstature on a par with the Olympics. ideas for inspiring brands.
  4. 4. Web design.Responsive, infinite scroll & single page.Smashing Magazine – responsive designResponsive design (design that adjusts itselfto fit whichever device you’re using) hasreally started to take off in 2012 but we’reexpecting to see it everywhere in 2013.This example from web design magazineSmashing is one of the nicer examples,that scales everything on the page to fit. – infinite scrollPinterest seems to be the figurehead ofinfinite scroll, but truthfully it has beenemerging for some time. The design styleallows a user to travel back through thehistory of a page, with posts appearingas they go. Its particularly appealingfor touch devices and as these becomemore ubiquitous, we’re likely to see evenmore sites designed in this style. – single page design &parallax scrollingSingle page design is slowly spreadingacross the web. Stemming from a user Responsive. Content-rich.experience background coupled withprint, the style prioritises key information.Recently, the design approach has beenre-imagined to take on a more visuallypleasing style and when coupled with a Seamless.parallax scroll, the effect works really well. ideas for inspiring brands.
  5. 5. Technology & Mobile.Mobile, shopping & NFC.Google & Magnum – augmented Cutting-edge.reality gamingAugmented reality has been touted as Interactive. Fun.‘one to watch’ ever since Google gotserious with Layar. As the technologyimproves, so too does its application.In 2012, AR reached a new level with brandslike Magnum getting in on the actionand Google revisiting the marketplacewith their Ingress gaming series. – the internet of things2012 has been called the year of theinternet of things (by people who aren’tvery good at writing snappy titles).Essentially this means well increasinglysee real-world physical objects beingconnected to the internet, allowing peopleto use them in new, interesting ways.Strongbow have used this to turn therather normal glass bottle into a partystarter, pushing the brand to front of mindwhen considering a good night out. ideas for inspiring brands.
  6. 6. Technology & Mobile.Mobile, shopping & NFC.Adidas – interactive shoppingAt Studio Output, we’ve started lookinginto the changing role that high streetshops play in our shopping experiences,and one area that we’ve seen a lot ofbuzz around is the use of window spacefor out of hours sales experiences. Oneof the best we’ve seen comes fromAdidas and shows how a redundantspace can be used to generate productinteraction and sales even out of hours. Connected. Experiential. Revolutionary.Bright ideas for inspiring brands.
  7. 7. Moving image.Ads, virals & web series.The feature film aestheticA highly apparent shift that’s taken place in videomarketing in 2012 and is set to continue into 2013is the sheer quality of content being produced. In2012, even the smallest piece of content (particularlyTV advertising) has production values that manyindependent filmmakers would be proud of, with oneof the most well-known examples being John Lewis. – celebrity partnershipsCelebrity partnerships are a well-travelledroute in advertising, often dull and rarelyunexpected. In 2011 and 2012 we started tosee a new type of personality making their wayonto our screens, those with character.From Isaiah Mustafa (the Old Spice guy)to Kenny Rogers becoming the new CEOof K-Swiss, partnerships with people thathave reason to appear on screen are goingto be a regular occurrence in 2013. Artistic.Red Bull – sport as a marketing tool Inpirational. Targeted.Red Bull, known for years as leaders in innovativecontent marketing, have really claimed the throneover the past two years. From Danny MacAskill’sincredible trials stunts to Felix Baumgartner freefallingfrom the edge of space, they are breaking theboundaries of what a brand should and shouldn’t do.Sport is fast becoming a well-trodden path formarketers looking to approach niche communities. ideas for inspiring brands.
  8. 8. If this has got you thinking about whatyoull be doing in 2013, or youd like tosee some recent Studio Output workin your sector, please get in touch...Sam AllenHead of Business Development+ 44 (0)20 7239 9283sam.a@studio-output.comStudio Output / London Studio Output / NorthUnit 4, The Piano Works 2 Broadway117 Farringdon Road Lace MarketLondon EC1R 3BX Nottingham NG1 1PS+ 44 (0)20 7239 9270 + 44 (0)115 985