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Qr Codes in the Library


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Use QR codes to promote reading and to enhance access to information to students.

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Qr Codes in the Library

  1. 1. QR Codes In TheLibrary Revisited Celesta Woodard Librarian - Carolina Beach Elementar y Joann AbsiLibrarian - Ashley High School
  2. 2. What are QR codes?O Quick ResponseO Created by Denso-Wave in 1994 to track automotive partsO 2D codes that do not need a specialized scanner to read them.O Scan with a smart phone or web camO Marketing/Advertisement Tool
  3. 3. They’re all around us!
  4. 4. We started with a collaborative project betweenAshley High and Carolina Beach Elementary schools. AP Lit students reading books, writing summaries and creating QR codes for books. CBES students scanning and reading book summaries from QR codes.
  5. 5. Where To Begin Sites for Creating QR CodesO KaywaO DelivrO QR StuffO Plan where to store original content online, if you are not linking to websites. A wiki is a good place.
  6. 6. URL Shortners Stuff the shortener doesn’t come up automatically, click off of and back onto website urloption. Using shortened urls makes a clearer QR code. The more information in a code, the trickier it may be for certain devices to scan it.
  7. 7. Ready, Set, Scan!Phone OptionsFor iPhones For Androids Blackberry WindowsNeoReader Barcode Scanner BeeTagg BeeTaggi-nigma i-nigma i-nigma i-nigmaScanLife QuickMark QR Code Scanner ProNeoReaderTapMedia QR Reader QR Pal ScanLife Quickmark Desktop Option: DANSL – this is a free desktop QRcode scanner application to be used with a web cam.
  8. 8. QR Codes In The LibraryO Book ReviewsO Scavenger HuntO Collaborate with teachersO Highlight new or special booksO Book display linksO PathfindersO Video tutorialsO Links to Library WebpageO Calendar (This Day in History, Author Birthdays)O Handouts
  9. 9. QR Codes in the LibraryCodes link to OPACMedia Center WebpageAshley Readers Blog
  10. 10. Bookmarks with QR code link to the Media Center Webpage.
  11. 11. Library Informational Pamphlet: QR code link to Media CenterWebpage
  12. 12. Endcase QR CodesQR Codes link to Dewey Pages on Media Center Webpage that have relevantWebsites that tie in with that Dewey Section of Books.
  13. 13. QR Codes to Website Pages for More Research Information
  14. 14. QR Codes to Special SitesKhan Academy Homework Help Eagle Review Form Make QR codes to sites you want students to access quickly.
  15. 15. Genre and Author website links in Fiction sections
  16. 16. Provide more information with Book Displays – QR Code for information and writings on Steampunk
  17. 17. Provide more information with Book Displays: QR code to article on Dystopia .
  18. 18. QR code to YALSA’s Voting page for Teens Top Ten, there werealso small handouts with the code on it that students couldtake with them.
  19. 19. QR codes on books can go to websites with more information,author sites or booktrailers to extend the reading experience.
  20. 20. Interactive Bulletin Board: links to History ChannelTitanic videos.
  21. 21. Interactive Bulletin Board: link to Movie Titles Based onBooks. (Mid-Continent Public Library).
  22. 22. Classroom Posters : Quick Access to information.Can be used in all subject areas for quick introduction orreview.
  23. 23. Place QR codeson handouts. Thishandout is fromFreshmanOrientationsession. Asimilar handoutlike this wenthome withbeginning of theyear packets.
  24. 24. ParentInformationFrom theDaringLibrarian
  25. 25. My QR Code Reader Station
  26. 26. Each classroom has a QR code that is for each Teacher’s webpage.
  27. 27. QR Code Book Summaries Posted on PBworks
  28. 28. What’s happening in the Media Center? Stay turned!
  29. 29. Scanning the QRcode that goes toALA’s BannedBooks site.AIG students weregetting ready forBanned BooksWeek by creatingbook summaries ofbanned books inthe Media Center.
  30. 30. QR Code Calendars Use QR codes and Calendars to highlight dates in history or author birthdays. Used Sweet Search 2Day to make this calendar about events that happened each day in October.
  31. 31. Why QR Codes Are Awesome…O 1. Link the physical world with the virtual worldO 2. Support 21st Century SkillsO 3. Engaging tool to help students create and contribute contentO 4. Fun, easy way to deliver contentO 5. Extend learning and provide remediation and review
  32. 32. Make Voki Book Summaries
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Reading and Watching Summaries of Books at Library QR Station
  35. 35. Resource Site for Ideas - Pinterest
  36. 36. Resource Site for Ideas – Scoop it!
  37. 37. Resources LibrarianVokiWordleAnimoto – EducationPBWorksQRStuffSweetSearch 2 DayAshley High Media Center WebpageAshley Readers BlogCarolina Beach Elementary WebpageLearn About QR CodesQRCode Instructions and Example Book SummariesQR Code Animotos
  38. 38. Thanks for coming!Celesta WoodardCarolina Beach Elementary SchoolCarolina Beach, NCcelesta.woodard@nhcs.net AbsiEugene Ashley High SchoolWilmington, NCjoann.absi@nhcs.net