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  1. 1. Oregon State Fair & Expo Center CLIENT SERVICE GUIDE May 2008 (rev.1/09) Table of ContentsOregon State Fair (OSF) Staff Directory ------------------------------------------------------- Page 2Permittee Checklist and Information Due Dates ----------------------------------------------- Page 3 General Information (Listed in Alphabetical Order)Animals -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Page 4ATM’sBooking ProceduresCamping – RV Parking ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 5CancellationsDecoratingDeliveries -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6Deposit PaymentsDisabilitiesElectrical ServiceEvent RepresentativeExclusive ServicesExhibits----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7Fire RegulationsFirst AidFloor PlansFloor CareFood and Beverage Service ------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 8Forklift ServiceGarbage Removal/RecyclingInsurance/IndemnificationInternet and Networking ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 9Janitorial ServiceKeysLicenses and PermitsLost and FoundMediaMotorized VehiclesMove in/Move out------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 10ParkingPayment SchedulePhotography/Video ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 11Publicity and PromotionRates and FeesRecyclingRoom CapacitiesSecurity/PoliceSet-Up Instructions ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 12Signs and BannersSmoking Sound SystemSpeed LimitTelecommunicationsWebsiteWi-Fi Maps/Directions/ParkingDirections to OSF ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 13OSF Parking LocationsOSF Map --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 14 1
  2. 2. Oregon State Fair & Expo Center DIRECTORY www.oregonstateexpo.org Event Sales and Service:Wayne Petersen – Event Representative -------------------------------------- 503-947-3246 Wayne.Petersen@state.or.usJeff Trejo – Event Representative ------------------------------------------------ 503-947-3257 Jeff.Trejo@state.or.usDesa Swaim – Event Support ---------------------------------------------- ------ 503-947-3308 Desa.Swaim@state.or.usSuzy Miller – Central Services ---------------------------------------- ------------ 503-974-3211 Suzy.Miller@state.or.us Catering and Food Concessions:Premier Services Group ------------------------------------------------------------ 503-371-2399 Email: pfsosf@yahoo.com Event Support Services:Fire Marshall: Salem Deputy Fire Marshal ----------------------------------- 503-588-6245Police Service: Oregon State Police ------------------------------------------- 503-375-3555Phone Service: Qwest ---------------------------------------------------------- ---- 503-399-4325W i-Fi Service: Comcast -------------------------------------------------------- --- 503-617-1152 Oregon State Fair & Expo Center 2
  3. 3. PERMITTEE CHECKLISTThe following is a guideline for clients use in submitting the necessary information andmaterial to the Oregon State Fair & Expo Center:Event Name: __________________________ Event Date: ________________ Signed Facility Use Permit Date: _______________ Deposit Due Date: _______________ Final Rental Payment Due Date: ______________ Preliminary floor plans and equipment needs list is required to your Event Representative for review by Date: _______________ For catered events at the Oregon State Fair & Expo Center contact o Premier Services Group 503-371-2399 Certificate of Liability Insurance (if applicable) provided to Event Representative prior to event Date: ______________ List of show exhibitors and vendors Date: ______________ Electrical layout/needs 10 days prior to event (to avoid fees) Date: _______________ Larger Trade Shows that are open to the public are to submit floor plans to Fire Marshall for approval prior to the event and copy provided to the OSF. Date: ________________ Credit Card on file with Oregon State Fair & Expo Center for incidentals incurred during event.Please Note: Failure to provide information above by the established deadline (s) m ay resultin additional fees and labor charges . Oregon State Fair & Expo Center GENERAL INFORMATION (Listed in Alphabetical Order) 3
  4. 4. ANIMALSAnimals or pets, with the exception of ADA Service Animals, are not allowed inside Oregon State Fair & Expo Centerbuildings and facilities except as an approved exhibit, activity or performance legitimately requiring use of animals. TheADA defines a service animal as any guide dog, signal dog or other animal individually trained to assist an individual witha disability. If animals meet the ADA definition, they will be allowed on grounds as service animals under the ADA.ATM’SThe OSF has ATM’S on grounds available for use, transaction fees apply and may be in addition to the fee your bankcharges.BOOKING PROCEDURESWhen a new or return client wishes to reserve, book or hold a date for an event at one of the Oregon State Fair and ExpoCenter the following procedures will apply:Qualification All new and some returning clients must qualify to hold an event at the fairgrounds. Such qualification may include some, or all of the following elements: • Financial feasibility • Regulatory compliance • Future potentiality • Ability to provide references • Community/Neighborhood standardsCourtesy Hold A ‘Courtesy Hold’ is not a binding agreement to rent a facility. It is an offer as a courtesy to allow potential clients a chance to assemble information or programming before making a commitment to book an event. An Event Representative may place a hold on the Scheduling Calendar, at no cost to the client under the following condition(s): a) Scheduling Calendar is checked for facility availability b) Event must qualify under OSF Spacing policy. c) A brief overview of rules applicable to specific event explained and reviewed with client. d) A client may be limited to no more than four events within one calendar year. e) Client must provide current contact information. f) If no contact has been made by the client to the Event Representative within one month of the event, ‘Holds’ on the Scheduling Calendar will be canceled. In the case of more than one client requesting to hold the same date, such holds will be labeled on the scheduling st nd calendar as “1 Hold”, “2 Hold”, etc., and will be prioritized by date of hold requestsHold Challenge A client wishing to BOOK an event on a date that is on hold by another, may challenge such hold on the Scheduling Calendar. The client holding the date will be contacted and given no more than two business days to commit to a “booked” status or release the date of the hold. If date becomes available, the challenging client must be prepared to place their event in “booked” status, pay all required fees and sign required Facility Use Permit. Holds will automatically be removed from the Scheduling Calendar if client has made no contact to confirm within one month of scheduled event. 4
  5. 5. Booked Status An event is considered ‘BOOKED’ when a client, following a discussion with an Event Representative, makes a commitment and agrees to facility use terms and applicable payments. A Facility Use Permit is then drafted and mailed to the client. Client must sign and return Permit by the requested payment date. Failure of the client to follow such procedures may result in cancellation of the Facility Use Permit and release of the event date. While events generally will not be booked more than one calendar year ahead, Oregon State Fair & Expo Center, at its sole discretion, may book any qualified event for any future date.Booked-Pending After a client has committed to a date and has requested a booking, the Facility Use Permit will be drafted and mailed. During the time documents are being processed, or are in transit, said event will be considered BOOKED-PENDING, but will be treated the same as BOOKED events for calendar scheduling. Facility Use Permits not received by due date may result in cancellation.Booking Recurring Events Most recurring events will be given first right of refusal for the same dates in forthcoming years, as long as client remains in good standing with Oregon State Fair & Expo Center. For this purpose, the first weekend of any given month refers to the first full weekend (Saturday and Sunday).CAMPING –RV PARKINGNo overnight camping is allowed on the fairgrounds, except in designated RV parking areas. RV parking may be limited todry camping only, depending on event and date. Overnight or RV camping is not available to the public. Please contactyour Event Representative for further information.CANCELLATIONOSF will cancel and release the dates of BOOKED-PENDING events if payment and signed documents are not receivedby the indicated due date. Clients canceling an event after booking and making full payment of fees and estimatedcharges will receive a refund, less the 30% deposit, (see “Payment Schedule”). Should you have any questions or requireclarification, please contact your Event Representative.DECORATINGDecorator and display companies hired or contracted by Permittee are required to set-up and tear down within the datesand times specified in the Facility Use Agreement with Oregon State Fair & Expo Center. OSF does not provide furnitureor equipment for Permittee or vendor use. Furniture rentals should be arranged through the designated decorator/displaycompany for your event.Fastening of signs or decorations No adhesives, tacks, nails, or other damaging material can be used to affix items to doors, tables, walls, windows and other exterior surfaces in any location at the Oregon State Fairgrounds & Expo Center. Contact your Event Representative for decorating options.Balloons No “lighter then air” filled balloons are permitted in the facility without the express written permission of an Event Representative. No equipment, pallets or waste materials maybe left beyond the Facility Use Agreement timeframe or charges maybe incurred and maybe charged to Credit Card on file. Any damage, facility charges or other costs incurred by display, decoration or labor contractor is the full responsibility of the Permittee. Please ensure your decorator reviews the rules and regulations as noted above to eliminate any additional charges. 5
  6. 6. DELIVERIES TO FAIRGROUNDSThe Fair will not accept freight deliveries before the event, as storage facilities are not available. Freight deliveriesexpected during the Event must be received by Permittee with storage and unloading pre-arranged with the EventRepresentative. As a courtesy, Oregon State Fair & Expo Center will receive smaller parcels (no COD’s) from courierssuch as USPS, UPS, Fed Ex or others but will not be responsible for loss, theft or damage after they are received. It is thePermittee responsibility to obtain such parcels in a timely manner.DEPOSIT PAYMENTS (see “Payment Schedule”)DISABILITIESThe Oregon State Fair & Expo Center supports compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and most publicfacilities on grounds currently comply with ADA standards. It is the Permittee responsibility to comply with event relatedneeds (i.e., special seating areas, wheelchairs Handicap parking spaces or areas are marked and must be observed by allattendees. OSF does not supply wheelchairs. Contact your Event Representative for alternatives.ELECTRICAL SERVICEElectrical Services must be pre-arranged with the Oregon State Fair & Expo Center and will be charged at the establishedrates. Electrical Services are supplied exclusively through OSF. Depending on location, OSF can supply most electricalorders. Permittee electrical requirements shall be submitted to the Event Representative 10 days prior to the event startdate.Electrical Cords Extension cords and re-locatable power taps shall be intended for heavy-duty use, a minimum 16 gauge, polarized, grounded type, with a 3-prong plug. The use of non-grounded, multiple-plug, or any extension cord 16 gauge or less (“zip cord”) is prohibited. Extension cords and re-locatable power taps shall be in good condition without splices, deterioration or damage. No electrical appliance, power tap, or extension cord shall be used if it is damaged or altered in any way. Any appliance or extension cord, placed through a public access area, must have protection by foot traffic cover or extendion overhead at least eight feet above floor level.EVENT REPRESENTATIVEYour Event Representative will assist you in space selection and issuing the Facility Use Permit as well as anyaddendums or special attachments as needed. They will work with you to ensure you fully understand the agreement andanswer any contractual questions you may have. It is the Event Representative’s responsibility to ensure clients adhere tothe Facility Use Permit.The Event Representative is responsible to follow up with you after your event is completed to ensure your event was asuccess and discuss any questions you may have pertaining to that specific event and booking future events. The EventRepresentative will assist in room layout and organizing staff and services that are available through Oregon State Fair &Expo Center to ensure your event requirements are fully met. The Event Representative is your primary contact once theFacility Use Permit is signed.EXCLUSIVE OSF SERVICESThe following is a list of services provided by the Oregon State Fair & Expo Center. The services are exclusive to OSF, nocontractor shall be brought on to the property to provide the following services. It is important to know OSF servicescannot be up-charged with the additional cost passed on to vendors and/or exhibitors: • ATM’s • Catering and Concessions • Electrical • Parking On-Site 6
  7. 7. EXHIBITSAll exhibits shall be transported in and out of the Oregon State Fair and Expo Center during designated move-in, move-outtimes listed on the Facility Use Permit. Other public spaces at OSF may not be obstructed by exhibits, vendors or closedaccess to the public. Doors, windows, fire hose cabinets, first aid stations, pull stations, fire extinguishers or house lightingattachments may not be covered or obstructed. Unprotected open flames are not permitted in buildings. If you are unsureabout the safety or legal compliance of any exhibit, contact your Event Representative.FIRE REGULATIONSFloor plans require advance written approval by the Event Representative. Aisles and exits, as designated on approvedshow plans, must be kept clean and free from obstruction. Fire lanes in and around the facility must remain clear andunobstructed. The Permittee is responsible for advising exhibitors about Fire Regulations. All exhibit booths must becleared of combustible rubbish daily.All decorations, including but not limited to drapes, signs, banners, acoustical materials, hay, straw, moss, bamboo, plasticcloth fabric, linen and similar decorative materials must be flame retardant. Please contact your Event Representative formore details.Internal combustion engines and vehicles on static display cannot contain more than a quarter (1/4) tank of gasoline orfuel and must be inoperable (i.e. battery and/or ignition disconnected). Fuel caps must be taped or locked shut. Additionaldetails regarding OSF fire regulations are available from your Event Representative.FIRST AIDOregon State Fair & Expo Center has several First Aid Kits located throughout the fairgrounds. Please contact your EventRepresentative for more information.FLOOR PLANSPermittee must submit floor plans, equipment orders, electrical orders, and any other instructions to the EventRepresentative in writing no later than ten (10) working days prior to event move-in date. Failure to do so may result inlate fees and additional labor charges.Some event floor plans must be pre-approved by the Fire Marshal before the event start date. Ask your EventRepresentative if your event has this requirement.Designated public walkways, both inside or outside buildings, shall be maintained to a minimum of 8 feet clear width. Anypublic walkway designated as an exit passage shall have a minimum of 10 feet clear width. Additional width mayberequired by the Fire Marshal. No exhibit, booth, or portion of an exhibit or booth, or any other obstruction shall extend intoa designated walkway.FLOOR CAREThe floors of most Oregon State Fair & Expo Center facilities range from sealed concrete, tile or carpet. Precautions mustbe exercised by Permittee and exhibitors to protect all floor surfaces: • Vehicles parked on carpet must have a drip pan place underneath. • All displays using bark dust or paving stones must have plastic sheeting or vis-queen placed between floor and display, regardless of floor type. • High tack floor marking or carpet tape may leave residue that will incur extra cleaning charges. It is recommended low tack tape is used for these purposes. • Chewing gum left on floor will incur extra cleaning charges, regardless of floor type. 7
  8. 8. FOOD AND BEVERAGEAll catering, concessions, food and beverage services will be provided exclusively by Premier Services Group. No outsidefood and beverage suppliers are permitted on the premises. All food and beverage operations within Oregon State Fair &Expo Center and on the fairgrounds property are exclusive to OSF. Permittee shall not share in any revenues generatedby caterer. Contact your Catering Representative for menu selections, payment policies, guarantee and additionalcatering services. Menus are available from the Premier Food Services catering office at 503-371-2399.A guaranteed attendance figure for all catered food and beverage functions is required 3 to 5 business days (dependingon the size of the event) prior to each function (excluding weekends and holidays); Otherwise, the estimated number willbe taken as the guarantee and invoiced accordingly. Premier Services may enforce a minimum guarantee in order forconcessions to stay open when required to do so.Alcohol Consumption The consumption of alcoholic beverages is restricted to the licensed area and only during those times as Premier Food Services, concession stands are open or as ordered through the catering agreement. For safety reasons, alcohol consumption is not permitted during ingress/egress times.Sampling Food and beverage sampling is permitted with the prior approval of the Event Representative. All sampling of food and beverage products is subject to compliance with generally accepted standards of health, safety and sanitation and the specific requirements of the Marion County Health Department. Sampling of product will be at no cost to the patron, will be limited to a sample size and maybe limited by the facilities’ Corporate Sponsorship and catering agreements. Please discuss your plans with your Catering Representative and Event Representative prior to your event.FORKLIFT SERVICEOregon State Fair & Expo Center does not provide forklift service. Exhibitor forklift needs should be contracted throughPermittee decorator. Permittee may also consider renting a forklift from an outside rental company for the benefit of itsexhibitors. Contact your Event Representative for more detail.GARBAGE REMOVAL/RECYCLINGPlease identify any specialized waste removal needed for your event. Including debris from theme décor set-ups (trees,plants, bark-mulch, etc.) or is a result of event activities (food sampling, non-reusable crates/ wrapping, etc.). Additionalcosts maybe charged to Permittee for the removal of excessive trash, pallets and other materials after the event.The Event Representative will be able to advise you in detail. The Oregon State Fair & Expo Center is committed torecycling and provides recycling areas within the exhibit halls for all exhibitors to use. In addition, there are specializedrecycling containers with designated labels throughout the facility to meet your event waste needs.INSURANCE / INDEMNIFICATION (Refer Terms & Conditions) 8
  9. 9. INTERNET AND NETW ORKINGBroadband internet service is available to exhibit booth areas by either wireless router or cable hook-up, depending on thelocation. High-speed internet access is provided by Comcast at the prevailing rate. You may phone Comcast at 503-617-1152 for more information.JANITORIAL SERVICERestroom maintenance and general trash removal is included in the basic room rental. However, depending on the natureof these events, additional housekeeping costs maybe incurred. The Event Representative will be able to assist inidentifying areas that have potential cost implications. Client and exhibitors maybe asked to remove all signage and exhibitmaterials by the end of their contracted move-out time. Oregon State Fair & Expo Center is not responsible for any itemsleft beyond the contracted move-out time. If there is an inordinate amount of debris left after the event, there will be acharge for the removal. Your contracted decorator should oversee the removal of all the debris prior to their departure toensure charges will not be added.KEYSDepending on the event, and the facility, keys maybe checked out to the Permittee. All keys given out must be returnedimmediately after the ending date of event. Lost keys will incur a $100.00 per key charge.LICENSES/PERMITSThe Permittee is responsible for obtaining all licenses, permits and approvals from the appropriate regulatory boards andauthorities that may be required for, but not limited to, staging the event. Exhibitor(s) shall comply with all laws, rules,regulations, and codes of the State of Oregon, Marion County, City of Salem, and the Oregon State Fair & Expo Centerthat include, but not be limited to, workers compensation insurance, health and safety, fire, construction, utilities andanimal, livestock regulation.LOST AND FOUNDAll lost and found articles are catalogued and stored for 30 days. After that period, all articles are disposed of at the solediscretion of Oregon State Fair & Expo Center. This includes booth/display items left behind by exhibitors. Any inquiriesregarding lost and found items should be directed to Central Services at 503-947-3247 (ext. ”0”) or to your EventRepresentative.MEDIAIf your event is expected to attract media attention, please advise your Event Representative so they may arrange for earlyentry, additional electricity, or special access needs.MOTORIZED VEHICLESAll motorized vehicles owned by OSF are to be operated by authorized OSF personnel only. Motorized carts (scooters,golf carts, etc.) used for convenience are not allowed in pubic areas and does not include carts used by patrons withdisabilities. Vehicles as static displays are subject to the Fire Marshal Regulations. Please consult your EventRepresentative if you have questions. 9
  10. 10. MOVE IN/ MOVE OUTPermittee must schedule move-in and move-out days and times when booking an event. A member of the OSF staff mustbe on-site during event move-in/move-out times. Move-in/move-outs times that extend into the evening may be subject toa labor fee. Generally, half of the building lights and limited restrooms will be available for Permittee and vendor use.When a large number of exhibitors move in, additional restrooms may be provided upon Permittee request to your EventRepresentative.PARKINGSufficient parking is available for all events taking place at the Oregon State Fair & Expo Center property. Specific parkingareas, entry and exit gates to be used for the event will be determined by the Event Representative or OSF contractedparking company. A per-car parking charge will apply to public attended events. OSF contracted parking company isresponsible for placing signs, directing patrons where to park, and collecting fee(s). Alternate arrangements for per-carparking charge may apply to your event, contact your Event Representative for more information.PAYMENT SCHEDULE FOR NEW ER CLIENTS (Less than ten year history)It is the intent of the Oregon State Fair & Expo Center to avoid post-event “accounts receivables” and in most cases, fullpayment of facility rental and fee(s) will be due before the event occurs. This applies to Expo Clients (Permittee) with lessthan a ten year history of producing events at this facility, regardless of the event name. The prepayment schedule will beclearly shown on the Facility Use Permit and will be as follows:• A deposit equal to 30% of the facility fee is due soon after receipt of the Facility Use Permit. If the event is cancelled after payment received, the deposit amount will not be refunded.• Remaining 70% of facility rental fee, plus any estimated charges and will be due no later than two weeks before the event.• The specific due dates will be indicated on the Facility Use Permit.Additional fees maybe incurred, includes such charges as electrical orders, accessories, labor, trash removal or damagecharges. These fees maybe paid in one of the following ways: a) Pay in advance from an estimate of charges by the Event Representative, based on preliminary requests from client. (Overpayments will be promptly refunded) b) Client’s credit card number (Visa, MasterCard and Discover) held and used to pay additional fees after event is complete.PAYMENT SCHEDULE FOR ESTABLISHED CLIENTS (Ten year or more history)The following payment/deposit schedule will be submitted Expo Clients (Permittees) who have established an excellentpayment history while producing events at the Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center for ten years or more. ThisEstablished Client Schedule applies to the actual association, club or company named as Permittee, and not the event orevent name.• A deposit equal to 10% of the facility fee is due soon after receipt of the Facility Use Permit. If the event is cancelled after payment received, the deposit amount will not be refunded.• Remaining 70% of facility rental fee, plus any additional incurred charges will be invoiced soon after the event.• The specific due dates will be indicated on the Facility Use Permit and subsequent invoices.Loss of Established Client Designation Established clients who fail to make both deposit payments, or after-event invoice payments by the indicated due dates will be determined Past Due and may have their payment schedule status changed to “Newer Client” designation and payment schedules for future events will reflect such. Such designation changes will be determined by Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center management, and will be deemed final.After-Event Invoicing In such cases client is to be invoiced after the event has taken place, payment must be paid in full by due date. Failure to pay by due date will be determined Past Due and will result in interest accumulation (18% annual rate), 10
  11. 11. or account being turned over to a collection agency and may result in disqualification from having future events at the Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center.Invoice Disputes It is expected that disputed invoices will be brought to Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center’s attention immediately. Such disputes will be investigated thoroughly and resolved as quickly as possible. However, only the disputed amount from a particular invoice may be held from payment. Remaining amounts not in dispute must be paid according to the indicated due date. Failure to pay amounts not in dispute will be determined Past Due.Cash Payments It is imperative that clients paying by cash receive an official Oregon State Fair receipt at the time such payments are made.PHOTOGRAPHY / VIDEOOregon State Fair & Expo Center reserves the right to photograph, videotape or record events for its own records,publicity and promotional purposes.PUBLICITY AND PROMOTIONPublicity and promotion of your event will help ensure your event is successful and well attended. The EventRepresentative will assist in posting information about your event to the Oregon State Fair & Expo Center website. Forthe use of the facility name, (Oregon State Fair & Expo Center) in publications, advertisements and other media shall besubmitted to the Event Representative prior to publication or promotion of a public event.RATES AND FEESPublished rates and fees (separate document: Schedule of Rates and Fees) will be source for quotes to all inquiries, andwill be considered the standard for invoicing events. Oregon State Fair & Expo Center, at its discretion, may waive ormodify published rates and fees when it is deemed in its best interest to do so.RECYCLING (Refer to GARBAGE REMOVAL/RECYCLING)ROOM CAPACITIESRoom capacities will vary widely depending upon the specific event function requirements: seating arrangements, stagingand audio/visual set-up. It is necessary to discuss your proposed event function details with your Event Representative toensure safe and appropriate allocation of space. General room capacity information is available on the Oregon State Fair& Expo Center website www.oregonstateexpo.orgSECURITY / POLICEPermittee may be required to hire a specified number of security personnel as outlined by your Event Representative andfrom approved security contractor(s) at the contractors established rate. All public events with expected attendance of1,000 or more persons and when alcohol will be served, will be reviewed by the Oregon State Police to determine ifofficers will be required to be on-site. Permittee is responsible for officer labor costs. Please contact your EventRepresentative for detailed information regarding the above requirement or if your event requires any specialized securitydue to the needs of a specific guest speaker or other security reason. 11
  12. 12. SET-UP INSTRUCTIONSThe Oregon State Fair & Expo Center will require complete information on the physical set-up of your event such as theutility needs a minimum of ten (10) days prior to the event. It is imperative you review all event details with your EventRepresentative as soon as the information known, to ensure all event needs can be met and eliminate late charges for lastminute changes.Placing your Event Representative on your exhibitor and/or delegate mailing list will keep them better informed about yourevent and enable staff to anticipate aspects of your event. Oregon State Fair & Expo Center does not restrict exhibitorsfrom carrying their own material or setting up their exhibits. Review your decorator contract for specific requirements. Allvehicles, once unloaded, are required to exit immediately from the exhibit area. Exhibitors are required to bring their owntools, ladders, brooms, hand trucks and other items required to build or transport exhibit materials, tools, carts etc. TheOSF materials and tools cannot be loaned to anyone.SIGNS AND BANNERSSigns, banners and posters may not be attached to any part of the Oregon State Fair & Expo Center surfaces or to any ofthe furnishings or fixtures of the facility without prior approval from the Event Representative. The Oregon State Fair &Expo Center has specific approved areas for banner(s) hanging inside and outside the buildings and facilities not blockany permanent facility directional signage. Please contact your Event Representative for detailed information, location andlabor rates.SMOKINGSmoking is not allowed inside any Oregon State Fair & Expo Center facility, and no less than 10 feet from any entrance.SOUND SYSTEMThe in-house sound system located in many of the buildings may require supplemental sound equipment depending onyour events production requirements. For detailed information that is specific to your event needs, please contact yourEvent Representative.SPEED LIMITFor the safety of all patrons, clients and exhibitors the Speed Limit on the fairgrounds is 10 MPH.TELECOMMUNICATIONSTelephone: single line analog and multi-line digital telephone service is available at the Oregon State Fair & Expo Center.Telephone landlines are available through Qwest Communications for a fee, phone Qwest at 503-399-4325 for orderinginformation. Upon request, special circuits can be ordered directly from Qwest Communications. For further information,contact your Event Representative.W EBSITE www.oregonstateexpo.orgOregon State Fair & Expo Center website contains information about onsite services, room capacities, upcoming events,exhibitor and attendee information, decorator rules and regulations, exhibitor utility order forms and late breaking news.The website features a chronological event listing, with your permission your event will be added on the calendar page.W I-FIHigh-speed internet access can be ordered through Comcast. Contact your Event Representative for more information. 12
  13. 13. Oregon State Fair & Expo Center Directions to the Oregon State Fair & Expo Center in Salem, OregonFrom The SouthTake I-5 northbound to Exit 253 and turn left at the signal. Follow Mission Street to 17th Street and turn right onto 17th thStreet. Follow 17th Street all the way to the fairgrounds. The fairgrounds property begins on corner of 17 and Sunnyview thAvenue. The main office is located at 2330 17 Street in the Jackman-Long Building.From The NorthTake I-5 southbound to Exit 258 (Portland Road). Turn right onto Portland Road and continue to Lana Avenue. Turn left thonto Lana and follow signs to fairgrounds. Turn right on Silverton Road and turn left onto 17 Street. The main office is thlocated at 2330 17 Street in the Jackman-Long Building.From The EastTravel west on Hwy 22 and follow, it turns into Mission Street. Follow Mission Street to 17th Street, turn right and continue thon 17th to the fairgrounds. The fairgrounds property begins on corner of 17 and Sunnyview Avenue. The main office is thlocated at 2330 17 Street in the Jackman-Long Building.From the W estTravel east on Hwy 22. Cross over Center Street bridge and continue on Center Street to Capitol. Turn left on Capitol thStreet to Sunnyview Road. Turn right onto Sunnyview Avenue to 17 Street.The Fairgrounds Property: 17th Street (Westside), Sunnyview Avenue (Southside), and to the North of thefairgrounds is Silverton Road.Parking Lot Access thJackman-Long Building 17 Street Access Red/White Gates thColumbia Hall 17 Street Access Red/Green Gates thFloral Building 17 Street Access Red/Green Gates thCascade Hall 17 St. & Sunnyview Access Red/Main GatesPavilion Sunnyview Avenue Access Main Gate/Separate DrivewayHorse Show Stadium/Barns Silverton Road Access Blue Gate4-H Barn/Livestock Silverton Road Access Yellow/Blue GatesFFA Pavilion/Willamette Art Center Silverton Road Access Yellow Gate 13