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  1. 1. Relations between Setid, Business Unit, Record groups, Tablesets by Leela Ravi Kiran
  2. 2. Business Unit - Business Units are logical units created within any organization for reporting purposes and don't have any predetermined restrictions or requirements. -Tablesets are often triggered by business unit. Tablesets -Table sets enable you to share control table information and processing options among business units. -The goal is to minimize redundant data and system maintenance tasks.
  3. 3. SetID -An identification code that represents a set of control table information or table sets. -Set Ids enable the sharing of a set of control table information across two or more Business Units. Record Group -To group all related tables into one record group . - To minimize the overhead of defining TableSets, we define record groups that share table data in a similar manner .
  4. 4. Tables in PeopleSoft Databse
  5. 5. Control Tables Control tables store information that controls the processing of an application Sharing Common Values in Overlapping Plans Benefit Plan Table Description Field Field Health Life ... ... ... ... Savings Health-Union ... ... ... ...
  6. 6. Control Tables Control tables store information that controls the processing of an application Sharing Common Values in Overlapping Plans Benefit Program Table Key Valid Values Nonunion Program Plan 1 Plan 2 Union Program Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4 Benefit Plan Table Key Description Field Field Plan 1 Plan 2 Health Life ... ... ... ... Plan 3 Plan 4 Savings Health-Union ... ... ... ...
  7. 7. TableSets PeopleTools enables us to share sets of values in a control table through TableSets.
  8. 8. Rather than having six different companies maintaining separate copies of this common data, you can reduce the number to three sets
  9. 10. Setid It is key identifies the sets of information in the table that are shared by multiple companies or business units under your corporate umbrella
  10. 11. Table Sharing For exmaple, the PeopleTools database holds data for three companies: U.S.-based parent company (PST) and two sister companies (CCB in the U.S. and VNB in Canada)
  11. 12. Table Sharing 1.Modify the Account Code table, which will be shared, and the Company table, the values of which (CCB, PST, VNB) control the TableSets that are used. 2.Create two TableSet IDs: USA: For U.S. companies. CAN: For Canadian companies. Set Control Field The set control field determines which set of values appears, based on how we define table sharing.
  12. 14. Sharing Tables 1.Add the SetID field to record definitions. 2.Define set control fields as the fields controlling the assignment of TableSets. 3.Modify set control fields. 4.Create setIDs. 5.Define record groups to identify the tables and subordinate (child) tables that are affected. 6.Define TableSet controls. 7.Share trees.



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