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  1. 1. INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA DISTRITAL TÉCNICA SIMÓN BOLÍVAR DE MAMATOCO SECOND PERIODE FINAL ENGLISH TEST Student´s Name: _____javier perez_________________________________10-5__________ Código____________________ Teacher´s Name: LUIS JOSÉ RODRÍGUEZ GARAY __________________ I. READING COMPREHENSION PRACTICE Directions: Read the story. Use the information in the story to answer the questions below. When you go to a restaurant you often think that the food you are ordering is good for you. But many restaurants serve healthy food, like fish or salad, with a sauce or dressing that uses a lot of oil, fat, or sugar. The British Food Standards Agency wants all restaurants to say in their menus exactly what is in each dish, how many calories, how much fat, and what additives. They think that restaurants don't give their customers enough information, and that this new plan could help people to have a healthier diet. But chefs are not happy with the Agency's plan. One top chef said, 'people are not stupid. They know that many sauces have butter and cream in them. But if we put on a menu that a dish has 1,000 calories, nobody is going to order it!'. However, many doctors agree with the plan. Bruce Ward, Professor of Medicine, said, 'people know that cigarettes are bad for them, because it tells you on the packet. But when they go to a restaurant they often have no idea if the food is healthy or not. Food products that have a lot of calories, fat, and sugar need a health warning, exactly like cigarettes.' Documento tomado con fines estrictamente didácticos y sin ningún ánimo de lucro. En: COMPREHENSION CHECK QUESTIONS Q-1: Which is the main idea presented by the text? Write it in Spanish. El texto trata sobre los restaurants que venden comida, la mayoría de veces son saludables debido al platillo que sirven. Una agencia británica quiere que los clientes tengan una información nutricional acerca de la comida que el cliente apetece; los médicos están de acuerdo con este, plan pero los cocineros y chef no comparten esta propuesta ya que así el cliente ,por ejemplo: por la cantidad de calorías no va a pedir la comida debido al cuidado de su salud. Q-2: Which title would be the best one for this passage? Write it in English The foot and nutrients
  2. 2. Q-3 Check Your Understanding. Choose the correct answer based on the Reading Q-3-1. Many restaurants …. (A). serve healthy food. B. only serve fish and salad. C. serve healthy food but with unhealthy sauces. Q-3-2. The British Food Standards Agency wants restaurants.... A . to serve healthy food. B. to give more information about their dishes. C. not to use fat and additives. Q-3-3. Chefs think that.... A. people are not going to order their dishes. B. people are stupid. C. cream and butter are good for you. Q-3-4. Doctors think that people... A. need more information about cigarettes. B. need more information about food. C. need to stop eating in restaurants. II. ENGLISH GRAMMAR EVALUATION Exercise # 2.1. The simple present / past of the verb to be 2.1.1. Choose the correct answer (negative or affirmative form of to be): 1. Is Julia Robert French? No, she _______________ French. 2. What about Robert de Nero? Is he an American actor? Yes, he ____________ . 3. Are New York and Los Angeles Spanish Cities? No, they _________ Spanish cities. 4. Is Big Ben in Paris? No, it _____________________in Paris. 5. Is Mount Everest in Africa? No, it _________________ in Africa. It is in Asia. 2.1.2. Put the verb "to be" into the simple past: 1. I ________________ in Canada last summer holiday. 2. My sister ________________ with me. 3. We _____________________ in Montreal. 4. She ____________________very happy. 5. I ______________________ happy, too. 2.1.3. Put the verb "to be" into the simple present or the simple past: 1. I ______ an engineer. 2. Last year I ______ a student in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 3. I ________ in love with a beautiful girl at that time. We ________ friends 4. Now, I live in New York and I ____________married to her. 5. We _____ very happy because we are waiting for our first baby. Exercise # 2.2. The simple present / past of verbs other than the verb to be 2.2.1. Put the sentences into simple past.
  3. 3. Simple present Simple past 1. We open the door. We opened the door 2. You write poems. You wrote poems 3. Richard plays in the garden. Richard played In the garden Kerry does not speak English. Kerry did not speak English 4. Do you see the bird? Did you see the bird 2.2.1. Write down the missing sentences (Escriba las oraciones que faltan) Positive Negative Question We move house we do not move house Do we move house? They catch the ball They didn´t catch the ball Did they catch the ball? Does she practice her English? He crosses the street Does he cross the street? They did not share a room Did they share a room? Exercise # 2.2.3. Wh - Questions Instructions: Turn the following sentences into question using the correct question word (Who / Where / When / How / What / What time / Why) Write question about the underlined words. Example: Given statement: The girls watched a serial. Question: What did the girls watch? Given statemnts Qustions He likes to eat pizza. What he like to cat? We went to Cali last Monday. When we wont to cali? She works in London. Where she work? We are listening to the best Shakira´s song What we are listening? John decided to quit his job. Who decided to quit his job? III. WRITING PRACTICE: DAILY ROUTINES Write a short text (10 or 15 ideas) about what you usually do on Saturday. Use complete and well structured statements. 1)wake up
  4. 4. I wake up at 6:00 am 2)go to the bathroom I take a shower at 7:00 am 3)get dressed 4)eat my break fast I break fast at 8:00 am 5) go for a walk I bonda river at 12:00 pm 6)drive to home I going at 4:30 pm 7) get distracted I see tv 7:00 pm 8)dine I dine at 8:45 pm 9) going for a walk I walk at 9:00 pm 10)go to bed I go to bed at 11:00 pm GOOD LUCK!!!!!