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Cell phone cloning


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Cell phone cloning

  3. 3. INTRODUCTION CELL PHONE CLONING: – copying the identity of one to another – For making fraudulent calls – security data transferred – Other cell phone become exact replica of original
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION – Calls can be made from both – Original is billed – One get huge bill, possibility of cloning – No way the subscriber can detect – Taking programmed information – Service provider has no way to differentiate
  5. 5. WHEN DID CELL CLONING START? • In telecom market since 1990’s-mostly CDMA • Started with Motorola “bag” phones. • Motorola brick● classic, model 800,ultra classic
  6. 6. GSM – Global System for Mobile Communications. – A digital cellular phone technology based on TDMA – Europe, other part of world – Use SIM contain user account information
  7. 7. GSM – Immediately programmed after plugging in the SIM card – Numerous handsets and service providers available in the market – They comes with cheaper call rate, free message facility – Airtel,vodafone
  8. 8. CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access. – Newer technology used in USA,Canada,Australia – Method for transmitting simultaneous signals over a shared portion of the spectrum. – SIM card No – Call cost cheaper – Call quality better – Reliance,tata indicom
  9. 9. GSM vs. CDMA • Both handsets are prone to cloning • it is easier to clone a CDMA handset over a GSM one • Though cloning a GSM cell phone is not impossible
  10. 10. IMPORTANT TERMS • ESN, which stands for Electronic Serial Number. – It is same as the IMEI but is used in CDMA handsets – loaded when the phone number is manufactured – Can’t be change by user or subscriber – If this is known, easily cloned
  11. 11. IMPORTANT TERMS • MIN stands for Mobile Identification Number, – which is the same as the SIM of GSM, can’t be replaced – Min chip is embedded in CDMA handset
  12. 12. HOW IS A PHONE CLONED? • ESN/MIN pair discovered via ● Sniffing the cellular ● Trashing cellular companies ● Hacking cellular companies
  13. 13. HOW IS A PHONE CLONED? • Each phone has MIN/ESN for identify the phone • While placing a call, phone transmit both MSN/ESN to n/w
  14. 14. HOW IS A PHONE CLONED? • Cellular thieves capture MSN/ESN ● cell phone ESN reader ● digital data interpreters (DDI) – Specially manufactured to intercept ESN/MIN pair
  15. 15. HOW IS A PHONE CLONED? • MSN/ESN can be cloned ● electronic scanning device • Cloned one is ready
  16. 16. METHODS TO DETECT CLONED PHONES ON NETWORK • Duplicate detection • Velocity trap • Radio Frequency • Usage profiling • Call counting • PIN codes
  17. 17. METHODS TO DETECT CLONED PHONES ON NETWORK • Duplicate detection – Same phone at several place at same time – Shutting down all of them – Real customer will contact – Cloned user switch to another clone
  18. 18. Duplicate detection
  19. 19. METHODS TO DETECT CLONED PHONES • Velocity trap – Mobile moving at impossible speeds – Example(Idk (5min)Trv) – Must be two phone with same identity on n/w
  20. 20. METHODS TO DETECT CLONED PHONES • RF (Radio Frequency) – Even Nominally identical radio equipment has distinguishing fingerprint, – n/w s/w stores and compares fingerprints of all phones that it sees – This way, it will spot the clones with the same identity but different fingerprints.
  21. 21. METHODS TO DETECT CLONED PHONES • Usage profiling – Keep customer phone usage profile – Discrepancies noticed ,customer is contacted – Example(local call -) foreign ) – Indicates a possible clone
  22. 22. METHODS TO DETECT CLONED PHONES • Call counting – Phone and n/w keep track of call made – If they differ from usually allowed one ,service denied
  23. 23. METHODS TO DETECT CLONED PHONES • PIN codes – to placing a call, the caller unlocks the phone by PIN – After the call completed, the user locks – Operators may share PIN information to enable safer roaming
  24. 24. IMPACT OF CLONING • Loss of revenue • CTIA estimates that financial losses – b/w $600million to $800 million in US
  25. 25. IMPACT OF CLONING • Illegal activities – This phenomenon is especially prevalent in drug crimes
  26. 26. HOW TO PREVENT CLONING? • Uniquely identifies a mobile unit within a wireless carrier's network. • MINs and ESNs can be checked electronically to help prevent fraud. • Service providers have adopted certain measures to prevent fraud, includes – Encryption,blocking,blacklisting,user verification, traffic analysis
  27. 27. HOW TO PREVENT CLONING? • User verification using PIN is one of the customer verification method • Check that all mobile devices are covered by a corporate security policy
  28. 28. CONCLUSION • Presently the cellular phone industry relies on common law – fraud and theft and in-house counter measures to address cellular phone fraud. • Mobile Cloning Is in initial stages in India – Preventive step taken by govt & n/w provider
  29. 29. CONCLUSION • Existing cellular systems have a number of potential weaknesses • It is crucial that businesses and staff take mobile phone security seriously.
  30. 30. REFERENCE • IEEE journal for mobile communication • • • •
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