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  2. 2. Tag Line: « MADE BY ORIGINALS »Nowadays most hotels feature an element of contemporary design. “Design hotels”have become a hotel segment. So, what makes our member hotels so special? Eachoffers far more than a designer chair in the lobby; every hotel in our collectionprovides a specific experience. Architecture, design, service, gastronomy and otherspecial qualities such as the perfect location come together like interlocking pieces ofa puzzle to form a consistent and coherent concept. Every single member provides anindividual, aesthetic and service-driven hotel experience and reflects the vision of anindependent hotelier - an "Original" with a passion for cultural authenticity and genuinehospitality that is rooted and enhanced by thought-provoking design and architecture.Each of our member hotels was “Made by Originals”!

Member selection has remainedan extraordinary process throughout the history of Design Hotels™. Whenever wechoose a member, we always look for its distinguishing factor - the originality in itsconcept. A set list of selection criteria does not exist - deliberately!

 It is aboutscrutinizing key areas to find exactly the right members: holistic concepts, location,architecture, design, local integration, corporate ethics and - most importantly - thepeople behind the concept and their commitment towards their hotel. Naturally, thepeople behind every hotel and their guests play a very large role because theybreathe life and a distinctive energy into the hotel. The architecture and interior designmust create the right ambience for interaction. When like-minded people cometogether in the right environment, the result is a fascinating place to be.
  3. 3. Market segmentation• Each hotelier is an ambassador of his country/city in a foreign country/city• More than 200 hotels are refered on• Every hotels are independent and unique• « They consider authenticity to be a very real value in today’s world » Daniele KIHLGREN
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