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  1. 1. Abstracts…………………… We claimwe do have more than 700 universities across the land, including privately funded and governed by so called academicians, who are not ready to follow the guidelines provided by as many as more than thirty different regulatory authorities, which resulted in to inferior knowledge provider with a quality neither reckoned to become employable either in National or International forum of after qualification job market, more unfortunately our none of the institutions even of the category of National importance, so far been recognized and adducted in the rank and file of 275 serials of most favored and prestigious institution in and around the globe. The following piece of writing has attempted to make a comparative studies of the present state of our management education systemand how it could of improved as global standard MANAGEMENT EDUCATION The major problemwithourEducationsystem is;we don’tknow,ratheryetto define the meaningof educated.Howa personcouldbe reckonedasan educatedmemberinthe society,still dependsonhow much numberof degreesorpostdoctoral fellowshipbeingpossessedbythe concernedperson, noton her/hisperfectioninthe role of behavioral attitudes,eitherinprofessional orpersonal activitiesinthe same societywhere youandI act as an educatedthanaverage population. Who iseducated?If a taxi driverreturnsthe valuables,unconsciously orconsciously leftbyhis passengerand co-passenger,assoonaslocatedor evenafteryearof the incidentoran oderlywho prefers toserve his “Saheb”witha spotlessglass of water,withoutfail andmaintainthe performanceas an essential partof hisduty till retirement!!Are notadequatelyeducatedthananyothercolleague?Or those whoholdspostdoctoral and doctoral degreesandprefertoremainunderthe bracketof six and sevenfigure salaryandalwaysactive ingrabbingthe share of Governmentexchequerthroughother monitorybenefitsbutkeptsilentonthe issuesinchangingthe workingconditionsandsituationsof class room environment,rathersupportthe illegalities,provokedandmisleadthe immature andencourage to insertsanitarynapkinswithinthe wallsmade forstudynotonthe wallsof theirownresidence, similarlythe exchange of full mouthkissinfullpublicview inacampus builtbythe publicmoneyforthe scholarlyaswell asskilledbasedgrowthof the communityandthe arrestof higherauthorityevenafter normal dutyhours as the symbolicblowof protest onthe issues,unable toenlistanycampusof Indiain the listof most prestigious,notevengradedamongst1-275 ranked institutionacrossthe land. Howto differentiateaneducatedanduneducatedare the matterof furtherdebate but, Educationprovidesus p knowledge andknowledge givesus the powerof differentiation;whichone wrongandwhichaction wouldbe destructive toanindividual,dyads,team,societyandfinallytothe entire nation.A taxi driveror ordinarypeonsbothof themare able to justifytheirdutiesandresponsibilitieswhichmade them perfectandabove than an average socalledprotestor,wholovestotake all the advantagesof governmentschemesbyplacingthe representativesof the governmentinall possible disadvantageous position.
  2. 2. Educationto us actuallymeans;whocanlure the personwith falsehoods,whocanmake the promise to be broken at immature state or the personwhocan suspendhighlyrankedpolice officials,punishany honestauthorityandeventransferhimmore than50 timeswithoutreasonable cause andthe person whocoulddistribute the share of plunderingasa corporate typhoonsbydestitutionsof 9crore 45lakhs population,livingunderthreatwith36 differentlanguage inmerelygroupof 461 sects withinthe land knownas Indiaandtheyare popularlyknownas Tribal inthe schedule of Governmentregister. The educationsystemhasnotgivenusthe knowledge abouthow tosustaininan inclusivegrowthmode ,howto buildaculture to mouldandredesignthe fate of farmerswhoproduce eatablesbutnot authorizedtofix the rate of theirownproducts,as equallyasproducersof eventoxicitieshave been allowed.Todaywe have totake lessonhow tosave the livesandlivelihoodsof ourfarmers,mostlyholds lessthan2.5 acres landperhead.Time isknockingat the door and series of suicide have beengivingus strongsignal of the negativityof ourirrigatingsystem,45% of the existingfarmershave left their traditional professionandcompel toadaptthe demandof changesbychangingas the unskilledforce in an alreadyuncertainandlabourintensive competitions. The blowof uncertainreturnevenafterborrowingheftyamountof loanatthe rate of 25 paisaper rupee or 40 paisawas sopatheticthat we educateddidnothing,plannedanything,otherthandanced on the corpse of theironlybreadearner. We didnotfoundourselvesmucheducatedwhenwe mutelywatch70% of the existingsellingare done underopenairwithoutanysafetyand securityof boththe productsand the buyerswhichincludes: pavements,footpaths,parks,publictransport,standsandevenatthe buildings of highsecurity zone as well.The conceptof makingIndiawouldbe neversee successunlesswe educatedcouldconvertthe scenariointo 80-20 not 88 and 12. Presentlythe ratioof unorganizedandorganized sectorunitsinIndia is;88:12. There are only17% populationsbeingrecognizedasorganizedremaining87% strengthof our laborersknownasunorganizedandnotallowedtogetthe benefitsof theireffortsastheirluckiest17% have dulybeen. We can claimour educationhave broughtusinthe queue of billionaires,there are more than112 billionaire,holdsworthof 1500 crore of wealthandoftenbeenpostedinthe leadingbusinesschatting magazinesbutwe behave wretchedlywhenourbudgetaryfigure showsthatthere are only10 lakh personinIndiawhoearns1 lakhor above per monthas perrecord. The presenteducationsystemhasgivenusapolice force whoare engagedinsettlingthe judicial, domestic,social,religiousaswell aspoliticalandapolitical unrestnessasthe custodianof law of the land where populationalreadytouchedthe figure of 130 crores buttheywere confinedtotackle those issues witha mere strengthof 30,000 against1.5 crore population.The hourof digitalizationof policing elapsedandwe educatedare boundtowitnessthe situationof 26/11 mutely.There are only1 physician inIndiaper 1900 patients.The role of pharmaceutical manufacturerisnothingbuthow tomake Indiaas the most favourable laboratoryof experimentsand we educatedallowedtoperformthemwithmore than 87,000 differentkinduselessmedicinal products,where asthe factis inIndiathere isneedof only
  3. 3. 27,000 differentproducts,whichcouldprotectandpreventourpopulationasequallyaswestern countrieshave been. We educatedyettothinkandact on the ongoingpoliciesandoptionmustbe clearon how to change the life of remainingtrailingpopulation maybe 70 or 80 % of the existingpopulationstrengthinorderto provide themadignifiedlifenot asthe burdenof our demography.The factis if we lookat the teacher pupil ratioinany campusespeciallyrunandownedbygovernment,inferiorthananysouthAsiannation, it variesbetween55:1 or 75:1 across the fourcornersand where 40:1 beingmaintainedthe campusis not opentoall,beyondthe reachof ordinaries,butwhenmasseswere taughtatthe universitiesowned by eithercentral orstate governmentinparticular70% pupil don’tshow inretainingtheirskillor academicexcellence andunable tostandeveninthe competitionof theirownlocality.There are more than 700 universitiesinIndia,regulatedbyasmany as 30 differentregulatoryauthoritywhohave got the specializationhowtoimpendthe growthof advancementbyobjectingthe academicandnon academicactivitiesinthe middleof everysession.Their bureaucracy,role of immature decisionslikeno pass or fail gradationupto 8th standardand denouncementof regionallanguage asanimportant communicationupto1th standardhave de positionedthe institutionlike IIM&IITs , finallywe are nowhere inthe listrecognizedand adaptedonglobal pattern.Oureducationdoesn’tlearnusrather advocate us howto followthe valuesandattitudesof obsolete nature,whichconfirmsrigidityand rigidnesscan’tbringanyprosperity,nonflexibilityalwaystrendtonosustainabilityto organization for example Post&Telegraph,popularlyknownasP&T. Adventof informationandtechnologyhasgivenus the opportunitytosee the worldbeyondknownlandscapes;similarlyithasproducedfurtherscope abouthow to make the individual life more comfortable andfasterthanremainingwhoyetto acquaintedwithtechniquesof globallyacceptedmethodology.Thesedifferenceshave beencreating,no congruence andneitheranycoherentscenariowithinoursociety. Therefore beinganeducated we have to thinkhow our valuescouldbe translatedintoactionfor socio-economicaswell ascultural development.There isanurgentneedof Tribal Research developmentinstitutionandorganizationforthe developmentof religiousminorities,sotheycouldfeel the importance of participatoryactivityinthe mainstreamfunctionsandprogramsandcouldtake a breathof relief andshyasmajoritieshave been.Ithasbeenfoundyouthentrepreneurs;Muslimsin particulardon’tfoundgazettedofficerwhocouldserve theirpurpose of identificationingettingthe loan amountas the mode of workingcapital, fromrecognized financial institution,where otherthanthem were able tostart theirventure, discriminationgivesusasense of identitylosswhichculminatesinto biasedattitudesandultimatelyentrepreneurturnsinviolentmob andmobsare all alongbeen defocusedeasilymislead.The presentscenarioeitherwithinor outside of the campushave been provideduswithsuchbatchesafterbatch and we educatedpeopleare busyinhow to accommodate not howto contribute forinclusivegrowthof entire nation,because the conceptof nationand nationalismyetbe adapted,becausewe don’tcarryuniformcivil code andbecause of there isno universal ornational language asourneighborsdocarry.Hence thisis the dutyof youand me to promulgate amechanism,redesignthe formulaeof educationsystemwithoutthrashingthe sentiments and beliefsof none andmake thiscountry at leastpresentableinanyinternational forum
  4. 4. Today, most challenging task before the academicians are, how to keep class rooms under learnable atmosphere and maintain them invariably, around the campus, to get the brigade of sound humane for entire society. Until the promulgations of Liberalization, Privatizations and Globalization (L.P.G.), such duties were entrusted to available experimental knowledge and carefully restricted under the paraphernalia as and when implemented by the Government agencies concerned therewith. L.P.G. has given us the opportunity to rethink and react globally beyond the traditions of known landscapes; it provides a scope of multi cultural and multi functional exchange, an auspicious feeling and experiences of success as well. The effect of Liberalization, has Liberated us in many ways but compel to behave responsibly, a sense of inclusive growth through sustainable excellence became the mantra and adapted in the throes of changing. Let us examine how, we as a practitioner, really want to be focused on the urgency of Global parameters. This is the high time, to analyze and compare the role of existing model of Education system. How long deformity over bear priority? We have been attaining the figure of largest population volume, but none of our institution has so far been enlisted among the 20 most favorite campuses, as Dubai, Singapore, Japan even Thai based institution success fully been. Back Ground: The last report of Ministry of Human Resource Development has provided us a clear scenario, covers from early 50’s and finishes up to 2012. During early 50’s (1950-51) the number of Primary school were 209671, Upper Primary,13596,Higher Secondary or Intermediate or Pre/Jr.Colleges were 7416,Colleges for General education was 370,Colleges for Technical/Professional Courses were 208 and the gross strength of University was only 270 Today, most challenging task before the academicians are, how to keep class rooms under learnable atmosphere and maintain them invariably, around the campus, to get the brigade of sound humane for entire society. Until the promulgations of Liberalization, Privatizations and Globalization (L.P.G.), such duties were entrusted to available experimental knowledge and carefully restricted under the paraphernalia as and when implemented by the Government agencies concerned therewith. L.P.G. has given us the opportunity to rethink and react globally beyond the traditions of known landscapes; it provides a scope of multi cultural and multi functional exchange, an auspicious feeling and experiences of success as well.
  5. 5. The effect of Liberalization, has Liberated us in many ways but compel to behave responsibly, a sense of inclusive growth through sustainable excellence became the mantra and adapted in the throes of changing. Let us examine how, we as a practitioner, really want to be focused on the urgency of Global parameters. This is the high time, to analyze and compare the role of existing model of Education system. How long deformity over bear priority? We have been attaining the figure of largest population volume, but none of our institution has so far been enlisted among the 20 most favorite campuses, as Dubai, Singapore, Japan even Thai based institution success fully been. Back Ground: The last report of Ministry of Human Resource Development has provided us a clear scenario, covers from early 50’s and finishes up to 2012. During early 50’s (1950-51) the number of Primary school were 209671, Upper Primary,13596,Higher Secondary or Intermediate or Pre/Jr.Colleges were 7416,Colleges for General education was 370,Colleges for Technical/Professional Courses were 208 and the gross strength of University was only 27. If we look back at the ratio of enrolments by stages in school then it was 19.2 in Primary, 3.1 in Middle/Upper primary and 1.5 in higher secondary/Intermediate Level colleges. Notably, pupil- teacher ratio was 24 in Primary level, 20 in Middle and Upper primary and 21 in High/Higher Secondary/Intermediate institution. The promising figure, drop out rates of all students from class I to X was nil. In comparison of aforementioned facts and figures with last year figure, we found disappointing picture. Some how we managed to manifold them than those accounted and left 62 year ago! But unable to develop and design a level full qualitative measures which uninterruptedly followed and thoroughly practiced by the most educative countries. The statistical figure could not even cross the bracket of 30% in Quantity, rather degenerated above than 60% in Quality. During 2011-12 the total strength of Primary school was 824852(Incensement: 3.93%) Upper primary school 310584(Incr: 22.84%) Higher secondary/Intermediate college 170268(Incr: 22.95%) Colleges for general education 11458(Incr: 32.41) Colleges for Tech/Professional education 37274(Incr: 17.9%) and the number of Government/Privately owned University was 377 only (Incr: 13.96%) {Respecting of 1950-51 data}. Results, emerging out from the extant data are not so impressive to put forward them for reckonable consideration in any forum. Education sector is badly lacking with rigorous reformation. Since 1950 various projects and programs have been undertaken in experimental
  6. 6. manner, through different methodology, in order to create an interest full exercise and favorable situation among the beneficiaries. Unfortunately most of them either prematurely lifted or have failed to gather positive response. The fate of state sponsored program was so pitiable that the data related with school drop-out rates or proportionate variation between pupil and teacher became wide open than ever before. The schools drop out rate (from class I to X) crossed above 60% and the pupil-teacher ratio was 73 in primary level 46 in Middle/Upper primary level and 52 in High or Intermediate Institution. Warning bell has already alarmed us, every one must realize the fact, even after elapse of 56 long years, our academic cum intellectual growth rate is halted around 30% only. Recently, Government has announced another 15 point new programs and out of them 5 programs were identified and proposed for mass literacy promotion across the four corners of this land. Earlier we witnessed the impact of L.P.G. which prompted the Government to introduce a series of educational program including a separate bill, namely Education for all by 2020. (Though, it was envisaged by G.k.Gokhle, very before the appearance of L.P.G., almost one hundred and one year ago!!). Programs and project would appear again and again as pointedly been suggested in the last month also. But moot question is how the proposed agenda would be translated into action? Are we adequately armed to face and deliver the things as per Global criterion!! Unfortunately not, because the emergence of AGANWADI, SHARVA SHIKSHA ABHIYAN, or SHIKSHA MITRA as the attribution of trans-continental change yet to deliver any demographic dividend in the society. Most of the agendas are unfulfilled or lifted before maturity. There is no iota of doubt that India took wise decision and became an active partner of globalization process. But wisdom becomes more troublesome and doubtful, when half of the existing population shows their displeasure in nodding the feeling of own state. This non welcoming approach has now taken the shape of well defined protest, caused an irreparable loss to the society and defacement of the nation .Why majority of us hesitant and prefer to behave abnormal on enjoying the minimum benefit of Global Terms, under the respective condition? The answers are laid within the prevailing condition of Elementary Education System .Our policies and attitudes don’t permit us to share same stature what already interacted by industrially developed countries. We are unable to accept the presence of globalization as an agent of social transformer, privatization as a tool for differentiation or liberalization as a source of excellence. Individually we are vivid, culturally timid, role of team are invisible, habitually unorganized and socially bi- furcated and finally we have been placed under “Richer among the poorest “category. Why such a wide gap? There are series of reason, many of them are not valid in practical but most of
  7. 7. them are genuine in nature. The most valid one; scarcity of employable, and knowledgably skilled personnel, more importantly our entire education policies and their roles proved unfit to supply the demand. It has often reminded us; L.P.G. was introduced so hurriedly than actual floor work and jumped in to our deft system or are not we ignorant enough to foresee them properly? Are the matters of further debate? In India, the back ground of Management Studies and their role in employability have a significant history. The meaning of Management Studies, Management, Skill or courses like M.B.A, P.G.D.B.M, are mistakenly equated as similarly as any other stream of Management. But in reality, none of them possess any similarity, each holds separate entity. As a matter of fact, they are interrelated and integrated wing of interdisciplinary function, based on common objective. If we elaborate one after another then, it will be easier to differentiate them more tangibly to erode the misconceptions, advocated and duly considered through out the society. Education: This is a continuous process by a person’s mind and character is improved through teaching, especially formal instruction at a school. Educating bring knowledge, which help us to detect what is wrong, which one suitable to the nation. Study: A periodical event, spent on one or more subject as a part of Educational/Professional course through research. This is a process of meticulous presentation of the situations. Study Scrutinizes the scope of further amelioration in the existing theory. A complete study covers three stages (i) Analysis (ii) Synthesis and (iii) Thesis. Skill: An Extra ordinary ability, which motivates the person to accomplish the tasks before the action of competitors. Skill could not teach rather gained through in-depth learning and regular practices. Management: This is an art or practice of managing the money, also a science when it assists as an acquirer of newest thing either tangible or conceptual formation. M.B.A: A post graduate and post experience academic curricula, offers courses in business administration, like; Business Economics, Strategy, Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, Operation Mgmt., O.B, Soft skill, Leadership& negotiation or Internet (e-commerce),and Globalization also. Two Great War, popularly known as first and second World War, did introduce us with destruction and their ruins are remembered and reseeded to get an alternative path of wealth accommodation. Resources can be relocated with out being confrontation or challenges could be met in scarcity by restricting the chances of physical battle, such ideas came from the
  8. 8. aftermath of war and became a popular agenda to all. A new concept has emerged, in favour of the genuine growth of the mankind; growth is possible, even if, with out killing or facing the agonies of destruction, this feeling, strive to take the shape of future development policies. People at large and nation in particular, adapt the theory of “Less fight more might”. Legacies of war, Role of commanders, their skilful techniques and strategically approached decisions, managed to add a modern chapter in the professional course and a subject took birth, with ultramodern shape under constructive formation. In early days, the study of Management was, theory oriented, expansive, not implicative in action but talkative in nature. Thanks to Second World War, the techniques of how to gain by minimizing the loss through a mathematical calculation and their application in the field were the gift of Second World War. It was proved that, commander who had been follower of calculus theory in action, became more gainer than their competitor. How to survive in the battle field or how to sustain in the market are not tough tasks, but how to win the battle and kept the country in safe or convert the product in to choice able brand and win the hearts of million with out doubt, are the real challenge for every professionals. An individual can not be a good professional, until he discovers the need of the situations: weakness of the competitors and strength of own team, above all, until he/she could identify the future in uncertainty. The quality of a good commander or real leader is not only to preach and become rich but an approachable reflection of action, to complete the assigned jobs at minimum costs, before the attacking actions from competitors. Therefore, to lead a team or troop is not too easy; it requires certain expertise, more importantly a sense of differentiation must prevail in future course of action. Our managers, economist even financial experts were unknown about actual applications of correct differentiation, till the inclusion of Operation & Research as one of the major subject paper in the studies of Management. This inclusion had changed the earlier concept of Management Studies. The study became more scientific, practical, digitalized and dignified than ever before. During Second World War, as mentioned earlier, the role of calculus became more evident in every affair. Strategist like, professional apart from Defense personnel to Local shopkeepers, took habit of the formulae of dy/dx in their most of the forecasting operations. Integral calculus acquired an importance in Economics and differential calculus in the chapters of Operation and Research Management. People at large started to receive and gather the positive results of correct differentiation of loss and profit at their work. Belatedly, it was introduced in India during the second plan and importance of theory based economic analysis had been replaced by statistics. An assimilation practice through calculus adapted as an essential technique for decision making process.
  9. 9. Phases of Study: It took almost thirty years (1960-80) to transform this course from being Cinderella of professional qualification in to being the sine-quanon for every aspiring manager. There were only two colleges for M.B.A. course, one in London and other in Manchester in 1965. But Japan and Germany did not even introduced M.B.A, they designed a separate but successful sophisticated model of Business Studies by introducing topics like; Organizational culture and relevant tactics on latest economic trends. They reject the traditional path and theoretical ambience and became first runner than the custodians of conventional model till the recession of 1980. The changes of 80’s had a profound impact on Business. Terms like, innovation, e-commerce, soft skill and Negotiation (Lobbying) were introduced and occupied a lion portion in business affairs. Branding in any shape or Positioning in any form became mirror of the time. But lack of qualified teachers and improper teachings in Soft skill, Leadership, globalization and Negotiation create a problem in the training and development of future manager. The level of training was abysmally inferior. Traditional started to feel M.B.A’s are arrogant difficult to put forward in to established career path. The supply of M.B.A. became less than ever before. In 1985 only 30% workforce was in the job training and Industries were opinionated on, “Managers were born, not made”. Recruiters restrict their haunting in a few elite schools. Average and below average had to close their “M.B.A.” fashioned show. M.B.A. program was no more a ladder to conquer lucrative job among bright graduates. But appearance of L.P.G. and its attributives, for example, courses on Hospitality Management, Retailing in Finance brought a fresh air and compel the things to think differently. Western models fostered within the non vocational frame work, were revalued and the entire methodology revamped in late 1980’s. Academic values were added in the course and the chapters on Entrepreneurship, Communication, Leadership, Innovations got an important place in the curriculum with an objective to breed such graduates, who can handle the work in a multi cultural and ever changing commercial environment. ”Leadership comes from foresightness” had become slogan to every campus. Radicalismdramatically replaced by innovation. Subjects those were by-passed earlier, rearranged and applied in the mainstream. Quality took over quantity. In a result, 150 new business schools in U.K. and 5000 in the U.S.A. succeeded to obtain an affiliatory recognisation for promoting the management centre beyond known boundaries. The study of Management got a destination of nurturing. Educators wear down past entity and addressed as techno-savvy citizen around the society. University of Pennsylvania, Wharton school, decided to move away from their traditional identity(Training ground for fast moving wall street based financiers), number crunching specialization in order to create general management courses, which followed by all business schools and M.B.A. courses in creased
  10. 10. dramatically. Now different courses are availed in different campus. Then what signifies leading campus from others? Narrowly, two options: (i) Up-to- date information & (ii) Specialization facility but in elaborative manner, we found ten common determinants, which led the aspirants in choosing the right campus as mentioned below; Sl No. F&Q Percentile Percentile (Cited by aspirants in abroad) (Cited by aspirants in India) 1. Reputation 34% 3% 2. Program content 17% 5% 3. Location 14% 2% 4. Teaching Quality 10% 7% 5. Publicity 9% 4% 6. Recommendation 4% 1% 7. Methodology 5% 5% 8. Placement 3% 34% 9. Fees 2% 27% 10. Starter’s salary 2% 12% Now a days, Management is passing through more critical phase, new subjects yet to be acknowledged as compulsory paper within the study, for example; Environmental science, C.S.R, Negotiation, Internet and Globalization. The introduction of technology in the process of Learning as the inclusion of new subjects, have become essential feature, because the days of lecturing on a topic, with out substantial proof of practical, are vanishing from the class room. Newly subject to be taught by whom? Are the numbers of academic staff wrapped up in Global parameter of the right calibre adequate enough in numbers? Even if sufficient, then how they could be utilized for further absorption, are the major challenges before practitioners like us.
  11. 11. Role: According to Taylor, “Manager should gather traditional knowledge possessed by workmen after that clarify and reduce them to laws, rules, and formulae, in a scientific form for each of element of main work to replace old values and thumb methods. Followed by Scientific selection and training under new methods are the roles of manager in order to set the house in order, by formatting a schedule to cope with men as best possible way they could be”. Unfortunately, this theory seldomenly applied, therefore could not produce proven record of success in majority of the Indian organization. In India, benefits of the theory forcibly occupied and enjoyed by the white colored forces. M.B.A. graduate means an officer with out specific duty, but to officiate them satisfactorily as a bridge to fill gap and establish a clear communication between superior and subordinate. Management study has two contributory roles in breeding the future performer as an asset, valuable partner for organization and by training a success full player, to perform the duties on behalf, through soft dealings with clients, not half heartedly, by jeopardizing the cultural ethics of the organization, under the pressure of global impact. This is hard to presume, how many M.B.A. programs are offered, probably 700 programs in U.S.A. and 200 in Europe, which provide 100,000 M.B.A graduates in a year and 1,000 to 2,000 graduates from else where, including India. Important of all is not so much whether a candidate has an M.B.A. But from where such graduations are coming from? Facts are, M.B.A. itself, is no longer a passport to a six figure salary world, management institutions are, no longer capable to supply the demands of multinational or production houses of national repute. Today the decisive factor for aspiring candidates is; which course and institution provide the best value for their money and time. But in our country, Employer—School relationship yet to establish an open amicability, to compete the respective mutual interests, as promptly been carried and shared between, abroad based colleges and Mc Kinsey, Gold man sach, Kellogg, Nestle, Alcan, Enron e.t.c. With an objective of strengthening the “Give and Take” relationship further more, North western University’s highly respected Kellogg graduate school of management joined up with the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton school to support a new Indian school of management, just outskirt of Hyderabad. Now they are indisposition of their 12th batch, ready
  12. 12. to take the load of worries of next day. A climate of Global class room environment through video conferencing via satellite, had taken place due to their active participation. It has been realized by the global educators that, employers are increasingly looking for skill and that can be transformed in to another part through technology, long before the launching of executive programs in any premier institution. There is few more business school that did develop in continental Europe, grew not from territorial educational pattern but from the demands of industry e.g.; INSEAD in Fontainebleau, (France) was started by a like minded group of businessmen with the help from Paris Chamber of Commerce. Similarly, I.M.D., in Lausanne, (Switzerland) is the results of merger between IMI & IMEDE, later two schools started as in- house training centre by a couple of multinationals ALCAN and NESTLE respectively. At the beginning of 2000 INSEAD took brave steps and their new campus in Singapore, 55 students enrolled on its one year M.B.A. program and 8 of its faculty moved permanently to south East Asian island state. The scarcity internationally famed manager was allocated. Though it was an expensive exercise, not applicable rather possibly acceptable to every one, there was a chance of disruption in the existing organizational culture and implications on their children and parents due to movable career were also, unknown, as the situation was uncertain. A demand of structural formation was in the air, to avoid confrontation with other culture both in and out side of the organization. In 1990, the role was appreciated and duly acknowledged as the route to upper echelons of Finance & Consulting like; Gold man sachs, Mckinsey or farms of their equivalents. Ten years ago Mckinsay hired almost all M.B.As but last year they prefer to recruit Lawyers, Doctors, Economists, Scientist, Military officer, or Former Govt. officials. Contrarily, most of the U.S. based accounting firms, hired 1/3 of their employee from a leading Indian school and Enron, a fast growing utility provider preferred to select retired defense personnel, with a hope, people from the armed forces are travel friendly and easily meet the employers target, as they have been habitual of the assigned duties.
  13. 13. What ails India: Teacher is being replaced by technology without proportionate figure. Devices are adapted as the tools to accommodate the essential features like; syllabus, materials of living case study, audio-visualization and their impact full responses are too short to apply them in action. In India, capacity of building, maintenance of class room environment and effortlessness in the attainment of academic excellence has deliberately been ignored. The pupil and teacher, who are genuinely interested on discovering the causes of the problem and love their job as an opportunity for innovative exercise, are thoroughly neglected through out the career, the norms of All India Council for Technical Education and their level of selection are much more inferior to regulations of most ordinary business school of Singapore. The policies and age old dictating styles of A.I.C.T.E. have been encouraging the academician to perform their duties within the written and circulated norms, not beyond the known and depicted guide lines, which made the studies of business management more impractical and did hamper the further prospective as immensely as never before. The most ailing part which has been active as main hurdle in educating the Indian graduates at par other developed country is, irrelevant syllabus and their nodding through out country. We and our policy maker did not show a caring attitude to jump over future, unable to think and act in accordance the demand of the day. Teachers are regarded and recruited as the theorist more than a real performer of business terms. Unwillingness, lack of accountability, misutilisation of funds have been common and rampant in program and practice. There is no presence of monitoring at every level of education and placing the country out of the universally accepted orbit. Indian organization and their working culture are dependable on the presence full activity of men at the work. It has been witnessed that organization who prefer to complete their work through the resources other than human are more productive than the giants, who feel proud to claimthousand figure strength as their man power. The chances of Entrepreneurial initiative, communication & Leadership and opportunity of further implications in the working place are forbidden due to the negative attitudes so far been exhibited in the curriculum prescribed by A.I.C.T.E. and duly encouraged by overpopulated staff strength. In India, non issues are taken more promptly, pity matters are highlighted swiftly and working conditions are converted in to tense full situations in and
  14. 14. around the organization by none other than employers who love to enjoy the corporate planning by neglecting the minimum norms of corporate governance. In JAPAN & GERMANY, Employees and Banks have greater say in the future of their organization, which prevent hostile take over. But in India, such options are rarely applied, even if applied after the fulfillment of demands, those already intensified and raised from employers group not considering the grievances of the employees. An organization, totally dependable on the behavior and culture of employees and unable to bear the installation of latest technology has to face and suffer from non issues, like absenteeism, inefficiency, interference, or in amicable relationships within the working premises, even the chances of sabotage cant be ignored too easily to streamline the operational costs under control. Indian working force doesn’t posses a uniform culture, neither any feeling of such sensitivity, what generally found around educated group. Our managers are bound to sort out additional duties to keep the subordinates in performing mode. Most of the organizations are lacking with in-house training facility, which increases the chances of disloyalty among the working force and absence of transparency at the work. To handle an uneducated force smoothly requires spontaneous decision and if the culture is full of disparity rather covered under avoiding tactics of real issues then the chance of non issues become more evident in the entire process. Unfortunately a section of employers are too busy to engineer the financial applications in to personal benefit, feel comfortable to denounce the corporate as well as employees responsibility in their entire innings,their intentions are gladly encouraged due to the absence of educated working force in their organization. Policy maker like A.I.C.T.E, D.D.E, I.L.O and forum like ASSOCHEM, FICCI, C.I.I. have kept mum over the issues how an employee could be brought as a performer and to be refrained from extra engagement with proper training and development of personality to lead a dignified life. Similarly our employers have exploited the situation as an advantage of further discrimination. There are many more ailing factors which don’t permit us to translate the meaning of KAIZEN in Indian language. Industries for example; Tea, Cement, Leather, Jute, Brass, Glass, Brick clins and locally owned Steel manufacturing units are the worst sufferer and people have thoroughly been discriminated employed therewith. Non Issues like; Gender discrimination, Wages, Ethics, and Retrenchment got more importance than the real issues of Training and development.
  15. 15. Time has come to think and act on how to compile them properly, because further more inequality would not allow us to sustain in the market. Full time appointment of expert people on Environment, Finance, Quality control and Innovative operations re the demand of the day, every one must realize the reality. Reality is an improved working condition could only be possible, when there is an ample scope of transparency, a sense of sincerity in the work would be possible, when there is accountability and honesty comes when there is an adequacy. The role of expert is to bring an equal responsibility and to establish an atmosphere of integrity, among both employee and employer. Finally if we look at the past performance of our national and state level authority for technical education then unable to see any positive steps initiated by any of them to breed a manager or people as subordinate, who can tackle such non issues mainly influenced by external environment. The influence of external environment could have been avoided under the same model, followed and applied in developed country, but in India which is impossible unless our working force including aspiring mangers are industrially educated. We are still indulged and confronted on most ordinary issues, which shows the immaturity and fail to show the results despite prosperity. There is a hope and our policy maker could take note of the booming situation, recently MYHIRINGCLUB.COM has announced openings of 1.2 million fresh jobs in 2013, surveyed on 45,459 companies around the world . ------------Jaideep Chatterjee, Teacher &Thinker of Management Studies. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONCLUSION I attempted to identify the on going ambiguities in management education system, particularly in employable skill generation as per global prescription within the Indian based management schools in this paper. Unfortunately, the role of majority business schools have been confined as the producer of technical clerks in stead a performer with an ability of learned learners, as a brigade for future action, beyond the acquainted practices of their known landscapes. The ironic part of our management education system is; there are more than one authoraritive and regulatory bodies and variety of
  16. 16. curricula approved and maintained by them for same course with out any productive purpose which placed the institutions like; I.I.M. & I.I.T.s much inferior position than ever. Our business schools must obeyed by the demands of global scenario, not as the abided campus for the regulators, still believes management means another subject of studies not as the learning practices for the future market. There fore time is knocking for amelioration of the entire syllabus and the methods of teaching if we ignore them as Unfortunately been, then the chances of future good managers could not be availed through the present policy. We are aware that essence of management education is; to provide practical knowledge and training which makes a graduate employable than average. But in India, Further more regulatory intervention and stereo typed adoption of different methodology by different university in the final approval of courses of studies, set asides them permanently. The contents of syllabus should be a reflection of employability must be appropriate for the ever changing situational conditions not according to the laws and methodology prescribed by the 19th centurion thinkers of different schools management thought. Two great wars have managed to play as the major changing source of managerial practices around the world and theory based knowledge was replaced by the practical formulas of calculus. A new chapter appeared before the managers and operation research took the lead role in decision, mangers at work became known with new techniques and repeated them in the field of production, learned how to save the time, money and how to control the wastages, during urgency with out compromising quality. Today customers are ready to spent, market is free to open but condition is; quality must be intact, qualitative education not only produce better things in the market but it brings dignified life in the society as well. INDEX (1)Insead, page No1 ------famous b school in France (2)Aganvadi, page 1, (3)Sarva shiksha abhiyan page 2
  17. 17. (4)Shiksha mitra page 1,2 (5)m.b.a. guide page 4 (6)aicte page 5 REFERENCES (1)AIMA journal july, 2013,vol 3 (2)INSEAD news letter june,2013,vol xxv (3)Kamala prasad:Globalisation and its impact pp 253 (4)IMJ:August 2012 dir 41, (5)Yojna: september 203 pp 42 KEY WORDS PAGE 1 L.P.G…………Liberlisation,Privatisation and Globalization, introduction of L.P.G in the management education. PAGE2 Back ground………….. it covers the genuine scenario of our elementary and technical education system, across the country. PAGE 3 M.BA. ….this not a subject to reinstitute and establish further theory but this is a practice to implement and acquire practical sense to handle the assigned job. PAGE 4 Mckinsey……….World famous consultant engaged in design and develop the process of technical, particularly marketing and business management studies. Author: Jaideep Chatterjee
  18. 18. Teacher &Thinker of Management Studies M.B.A,LLB IIMS,Kolkata 09475320550 Member: AIMA,NIPM,IIPA,NHRDN & BENGAL NATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY