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New presentation Cossmic Product Pvt Ltd.


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New presentation Cossmic Product Pvt Ltd.

Hygienic Products.

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New presentation Cossmic Product Pvt Ltd.

  1. 1. Introduction Cossmic Products is a fast growing FMCG company incorporated three decades ago, in the mid 80s to cater to the one most important need of the common man. “To get good quality products at a reasonable price”. The Company has become a true FMCG company having a huge range of products ranging from personal care products to hair care, to household. It is a completely integrated company, right from manufacturing to marketing of our products. Our products are manufactured under the most stringent quality controls, using the best of raw materials and manufacturing process. Some of our brands are mentioned below
  2. 2. WIZ HAND WASH Peach, Blossom, Cream, Lemon, Cherry, Lavender, Green Apple, Bouquet, Orange. WIZ HAND WASH MRP/Pcs Wiz Hand Wash 250ml 70 Wiz Hand Wash 450ml Peach 110 Wiz Hand Wash 900ml 170 Wiz Hand Wash 180ml pouch Single 39 Wiz hand wash 900ml pouch 170 Wiz Hand Wash 5 Litre 650 Wiz Foaming Hand Wash 5 Littre 725
  3. 3. WIZ HAND SANITIZER Peach, Blossom, Cream, Lemon, Strawberries, Lavender, Green Apple, Bouquet, Orange. WIZ HAND SANITIZER  MRP/PCS Wiz Hand Sanitizer 30ml 40 Wiz Hand Sanitizer 50ml 70 Wiz Hand Sanitizer 100ml 110 Wiz Hand Sanitizer 200ml dispenser 150 Wiz Hand Sanitizer 250ml dispenser 185 Wiz Hand Sanitizer + Wiz Hand Wash 200ml Combo 195 Wiz Hand Sanitizer 5 Littre 1000
  4. 4. WIZ PAN HAND SANITIZER WIZ PAN HAND SANITIZER MRP Orange 60 Strawberries 60 Aloe Vera 60 Blossom 60 Lemon 60 Sandal 60 Peach 60
  5. 5. SILLKKY SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER Silky Herbal Extracts SHAMPOO  MRP/PCS Shampoo 200ml HE 70 Shampoo 450ml HE 130 Shampoo 900ml HE 225 Shampoo 5 Litre 850
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