Undersink water purifier [호환 모드]


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Undersink water purifier [호환 모드]

  1. 1. Undersink Water Purifier J2@hanmi-international.kr
  2. 2. ● Easy replacement (ER) system ● No tools to be required to change a filter ● Filter specs can be changeable according to customer needs ● Install it as under-sink or counter-top (Case type) Faucet Connecting Hose Undersink Adapter 2) Undersink type User Manual Return Divert valve Connecting Hose Adapters(3x) 1) Counter-top type User Manual 1. Product
  3. 3. What is ‘ ER System ‘ ? New concept of water purification system (ER system) ‘ER System’ is ‘ Easy Replacement of water filters’ In order to hygienically use Water purification system for getting clean and safe water at home and office, consumers will inevitably and continuously need maintenance such as changing filters and cleaning it by service man from local center. Whenever users call a service man, they not only have to pay for filter changing expenses and service charge, but do also feel troublesome to do it. We, AltwellTech, got the ideas from those uncomfortable points that users always feel and launched our water purifiers equipped with ER system, of which filters can be easily and conveniently changed by users without any help of service men. The patented ER system gives users absolutely easy way to change filters and will make users do feel very convenient whenever using their water purifiers.
  4. 4. Filter replacement 1. Step : Close the tap water and open the faucet 2. Step : Rotates the module and filter to user side (Max. 90 degree) 3. Step : Turns the filter to the right and left, and then pulls the filter 4. Step : Connect the new filter and puts in original location 1 2 2. Filter Replacement
  5. 5. Sediment Filter Carbon Block Energy Filter UF Filter 3. Filter Specification (UW-1010)
  6. 6. 1 4th UF Filter3rd Energy Filter2nd Carbon Block Filter1st Sediment Filter 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 5 Step 4 Step 3. Filter Specification (UW-1010)
  7. 7. [ The Scientific 4-Filter 5-Phase Purification System ] Step1 Sediment Filter Step 3 Energy Filter (Alkaline Filter) UF Filter(Silver impregnated Carbon + Ultra-filtration) . Silver impregnated carbon once more manifests its purification functions while implementing antibacterial capabilities within the filters . Ultra-filtration 0.1㎛ or smaller ultra-membranes remove bacteria as well as microscopic impurities while letting through minerals consequently providing fresh water at all times Sediment filter removes suspended solids such as rust residues, mud, and sand lager than 5㎛ Functional carbon block contains 99.9% pure magnesium that plays the role of increasing pH of water and lowering oxidation-reduction potential up to – 400, which makes water to be alkalized and to get rid of free oxygen radicals in body. Carbon block also removes residual chlorine, organic substances, unpleasant Taste and odor, mold spores, and heavy metals Step 2 Step 4,5 Carbon Block Filter Carbon block filter which made from compressed activated carbon has uniform and micro pores(1㎛ ). Removes suspended solids, residual chlorine, unpleasant taste and odor and heavy metals 4. Filter Function
  8. 8. Model Undersink Water Purifier Purification System Ultra Filtration Operating Pressure 1-4 bar Operating temperature 4-25oC Filter replacement time 1st Sediment filter : 4month 2nd Carbon block filter : 8month 3rd Energy Filter : 8month 4th UF filter : 12month Flow rate 1.5L/min(1kgf/cm2) Service life 8months or 2880L whichever comes first ※ it is based on the consumption of 12L daily ■ Specification 5. Product specification