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Presentation1music vid


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A2 media planning and research coursework - in progress.

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Presentation1music vid

  1. 1. Questionnaires Results for Planning & Research (Music Video)For my planning and research I created a questionnaire to determine the target andsecondary audience for my chosen genre on music. The questionnaires were in-depth andfeatured mainly qualitative questioning, for example, the sample audience were asked tolist things i.e. lifestyle factors and their associations with their chosen genre(s). When collating the results I have used pie charts when collating results fromquantitative questioning, but due to the qualitative questioning and the list style answers, Ihave opted to display some of the answers given in spider diagrams supported by statisticsand analysis. As my music video fits into the Indie/Alternative Rock genres I have focusedmy presentation around the sample audience of nine people. I have however identified theconventions of other genre’s in order to avoid crossing over in the planning and productionof my music video.From these questionnaires I have been able to narrow down and specifically target theprimary and secondary audiences in a way that allows me to question things previouslystated in the original questionnaire in a more in-depth manner.
  2. 2. Audience Research - Questionnaire ResultsFavourite/most watched Genre of music video?For this question I only took one answer per questionnaire, but took into account the other‘favourite genres, in attempt of identifying some links between genres.9 of the 20 asked, watched and preferredIndie/Alternative music videos, and nonestated that they had another ‘favourite genre’ RnBof music video. Whereas the 2 ‘R’n’B’ fans Rockboth circled Hip Hop/Rap, and likewise from Metal Grimethe 2 Hip Hop/Rap fans. This tells me that the Indietarget audience for my music video are Alternativepeople that know what they like and can Poppossibly be guilty of ignoring or blocking out Hip Hop/Rapother genre’s. with this considered I have Trancedecided that the video should conform to thesocial ideals and the sub-culture’s own viewof their genres.
  3. 3. Audience Research - Questionnaire Resultscontinued… The ‘Sample Audience’Of the 9, that make up the sampleaudience, 6 are male, 3 female, 7 arestudents in higher education, 2 work male Higherfull time, all enjoy live music, socialise Educationregularly and 6 can be considered as female Employmentpart of a interactive audience as theyregularly share music links via socialnetworking sites, promoting new andexisting artists. 64% 100%
  4. 4. Audience Research - Questionnaire ResultsOther than the music. Why do you prefer the chosen genre(s) of music videos?I asked this question to gain insight into what the sample audience looked for in their choice ofmusic video i.e. attire, performance, role models etc.In the Indie/Alternative categories sample audience of 9 stated the following: ‘the clothes worn in music ‘seeing the band 5 out of 9 of the ‘Attitude, lik video’s’ – ‘Dress sense and perform’ – ‘the Sample audience e in oasis style’ instruments’ stated that the videos’ attitude of the band84% of the sample audience /lead singer wasstated that the clothing worn 76% of the sample important. For oasis to bein a music video is important. audience sated mentioned I feel that this elementThis shows that performers that they liked to is important as Liam Gallaghersare seen as style icons by fans see the band stance on stage is almost iconic andand sub-cultures alike. performing and this can be seen consistently the instruments. through music video’s This leads to regardless of genre or thoughts that in when it was produced, further planning i.e. Serge Pizzorno – the performance Kasabian and Jimmie shots should Hendrix, iconic shots of include close up’s his performances are all of instruments. over the world.
  5. 5. Audience Research - Questionnaire ResultsCan you list things that you associate with your chosen genre?I asked this question to understand the factors that support the music and help define thegenre. 100% of the sample audience said that clothing was important. the clothing worn identifies the genre of music and the sub-culture that follows. When ‘Clothing ‘ these results are compared with the results from the previous question it can be seen that clothing is a fundamental part of this genre and should be a prominent feature in the music video. ‘Lyrics about society and life ‘Gigs’ and ‘Bands ‘women’ and ‘relationships’ in general’ performing’66% stated that the lyrics in 66% stated that the lyrics in 92% stated that livethe songs should have the songs should have performance and seeing themeaning and focus on society meaning and focus on society bands perform are importantand life. Although I can not and life. Although I can not for the fans of thealter the lyrics of the song I alter the lyrics of the song I Alternative/ indie genres, thiscan emphasise selected lyrics can emphasise selected lyrics can be used in theand their meaning through and their meaning through production of the music videoelements of mise-en-scene. elements of mise-en-scene. when considering how much band performance should be included.
  6. 6. The Sample Audienceregularly attend gigs SocialisingMore malethan female Clothing Attitude andHairstyle lifestyle Internet/ Social networking Alcohol
  7. 7. Audience Research - Questionnaire ResultsIn the second part of the questionnaire I focused on what audiences would like to see in a musicvideo, the questioning is more quantitative and I have used this to put in place a framework forthe planning and production of the video.Do you like to see an intro in a music video? 8 66 out of the 9 prefer a small intro into a music video therefore 4I feel that the music video should feature an introduction that 2conforms with the genre conventions and instantly establishes 0the genre and the band. yes no8How much artist performance and storyline do you like 6 to see in a musicvideo? 47 of the 9 stated that they prefer band performance to 2 0 storyline, this may be down to the fact that the sub-culture of the genre are heavily influenced by the bands they follow in terms of appearance storyline performanceand attitude and enjoy live music, showing that the performance is possibly of greaterimportance than it would be in other genres. I think that the mixture of performance andstoryline may be a better option than having a clear divide between the two. 10How do you mainly watch music videos? 8The majority of the sample audience watch music videos via the 6Internet, only 1 of the 9 watch them mainly on television. When 4Creating the video and looking for feedback, I will use the internet 2 0To gather feedback. internet tv
  8. 8. Audience Research - Questionnaire ResultsFavourite current music video? I asked this question in order to gain a starting point for myanalysis of other music videos (product research). I asked for current videos as these will havethe current conventions for the genre. I chose the 4 most matched to the music by O.K. Corraland will analyse 1 area of production i.e. camera, per video. Kasabian – Switchblade Smile Arctic Monkeys – A View From Kings of Leon – the Afternoon Charmer
  9. 9. Camera Editing Mise-en-scene RepresentationKasabian High & low Fast cuts, graphic Lighting– the lighting in the video is The band are seen to be aggressive, confident and angles, zoom, pa matches, fade. artificial, high contrast and suits the black and laree. All of this conforms to stereotypes of the genre nning Diagetic white style well. and the sub-culture that follows. These ideas ofSwitchblade shots, group sound, synchronous Props – for the video all of the instruments were aggressive attitudes and confidence are supported by shots, close with drum beat and sprayed matt black in order to keep the black the black and white theme, the band being dressed insmiles up, medium and lyrics. Bold red copy and white theme consistent. black shows power but at the same time unites them extreme long is placed in the Performance – the bands performance reflects in the eyes of fans and audiences, the instruments are shots. Varied video to accent the the attitude of the song and hold the audience’s given ‘pride of place’ also as they are all speed of zoom word move and is attention. black, showing the importance of them. The video as and panning synchronous with Costume – the clothing is typical of the genre a whole seems to embrace ideologies rather than shots. the lyrics and would appeal to the target audience. conforming or subverting them.Arctic High & low The editing that Lighting – the video features ambient and There is very little representation of the band angles, panning features is, as the artificial lighting. There is a change in lighting themselves in the video. But the audience can drawMonkeys shots, group camera, quite basic, that almost signals the start of the song and the from the video that the band arent afraid to point out shots, close however the speed drum. the cracks in society and that they will make music up, medium of synchronous cuts Props – there is little use of props in the video, about social circumstances, this in a way conformsA view from shots and master holds the audiences instead the location is used for mater shots etc. with the genre whilst subverting social ideals. thethe shots. The video attention and is Performance – a member of the band features video is subtly rebellious and symbolic of theafternoon features the appropriate for the throughout and this maintains both performance problems that appear in the lower classes and least in terms of tempo of the song. and narrative at the same time. The video is deprived areas of the country. Examples of this variation of symbolic and has more meaning in terms of symbolism can be seen throughout the video, the camera shots but references to society and life than any of the wheel running over the cracks in the pavement, was shot on the others. The performance in the video is possibly reflecting cracks in society. The use of master lowest important and is the key feature in the video’s shots on a sign that states ‘do not throw sharp objects budget, the success. into the childrens playground’ with the ‘not’ video is still Costume – the clothing worn in the video is scrubbed out shows another aspect of living in a effective and is stereotypical of genre and of the different people deprived area. The song title has a literal meaning and idolised by fans. seen i.e. The lads that are seen throwing chips the video shows ‘a view from the afternoon’ on a are dressed in a way that conforms to council estate in Sheffield. stereotypes.
  10. 10. Product ResearchKings of Leon – Charmer. video is entirely performance based, however the song has little in terms of storyline whenthe lyrics are analysed. The performance is however shot in a way that interests audiences andfeatures multiple camera and editing techniques. Mise en scene is used in a way that supportswhat the sample audience were saying in terms of clothing and props, i.e. the instruments andthe live performance style video. The camera supports the sample audience also as the lowangles and fast cuts create a idealistic view of the band and their importance.
  11. 11. Analysis – Kings of Leon (Done more in-depth due to this being the closest match to O.K Corralsstyle of music)As with the Kasabian video, songs with few lyrics tend to have little or no narrative in the video.This may be due to the lack of narrative within the song, or to leave the song open tointerpretation to a sub-culture that clearly have strong opinions. This performance based videoallows for the image of the band to be portrayed clearly and this is evident in this video as inthe Kasabian video. The representation of the band as a whole is stereotypical in terms ofattitude, the lead singer is seen to have presence at the front of the stage and as in all thevideos can be seen playing to the camera and is separated from the rest of the band by hisclothing, the two guitarists and the drummer are dressed in dark clothing whereas he has a redshirt on, supporting the attitude displayed. The video features editing techniques that ‘shake’the camera in time with the lead singers voice, this creates a visual impact and generates yetmore impact when used in conjunction with the lyrics. The use of fast cuts and varied camerashots and angles create more intensity within the video and this is suited well to the actualsong. The low angles and panning shots accent the lead singers presence and bring about asense of importance and power to the audience. Finally in terms of lighting, as with theKasabian video and the Arctic Monkeys video, there is a shift in lighting in a section of thevideo, this change in lighting almost breaks the video up and adds another element to the videowhen there is no lyrics to keep the audience’s attention, it’d almost as though the video uses achange in lighting to shift the emphasis from audio to visual. I feel that the video is successful and has many positive areas that conform withinthe genre. In terms of camera and editing I feel the video has got everything right and whenlooking at camera, I feel that using this video would in terms of inspiration would be moreappropriate than any of the other videos based on the fact that of the three videos, this is theclosest in terms of sound and tempo to O.K. Corral’s song.
  12. 12. Editing The use of editing across all 3 videos shows that cuts match the tempo of the song throughout and are used to emphasis certain parts of the song i.e. where there is no lyrics, faster more erratic cuts are used in Camera conjunction with lighting to generate Costume The use of camera shots in the 3 more visual impact. Attire worn in the videos is associated with the videos are pretty standard, from genre in all 3 videos. When looking back at my product research it is the audience research it is evident that costume is editing and how the shots are important as it acts as an inspiration to thecompiled that gives the video’s the sub-culture that follow the genre. sense of disorder not the use of camera . CONVENTIONS OF Performance THE GENRE The band performance should reflect the attitude of the band and the overall feeling of Lighting the song as this is what can be seen in the 3 All of the video’s feature artificial/ videos I have looked at. So when looking at theenhanced lighting, this is a common lyric analysis for ‘Victor’ I feel that themes of trend within the genre and will be confidence and intoxication should be featured in the O.K. Corral Video. Props generated and portrayed to the audience. In terms of props, all 3 videos use the instruments as these are a huge part of the genre and appeal to the fans in a big way. Q magazine described Kasabian’s music as ‘real music’ i.e. they play their instruments and write their own lyrics, a crucial part of gaining appeal to the core fans of this genre. A large percentage of the audience like to see the bass guitar as much as the lead singer.