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Specialist surfacing in interior design


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A short presentation on of specialist surfacing materials in interior design.

Published in: Design
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Specialist surfacing in interior design

  1. 1. SPECIALIST SURFACING IN INTERIOR DESIGN. How do we use d i f fe r e n t m a te r i a l s to c h a n g e t h e l o o k and feel of our i n te r i o r s ?
  2. 2. INTERIOR DESIGN: SURFACES An interior designer works with clients to remodel and decorate rooms and other indoor spaces to make them functional and attractive to the eye. Unlike a decorator, interior designers place a strong emphasis on making sure the space is used ef fectively. Factors are taken into consideration such as: The available working area, budget and intentions for the use of the space. In new modern interior design there are more innovative ways to use materials, textures, colours and styles to suit specific needs of a room. Here I have discovered a range of dif ferent materials that are being used within interiors today that give a whole dif ferent meaning to the word ‘Style’.
  3. 3. NEW INNOVATIVE MATERIALS: FLEXSTONE Solus Ceramics have some up with a new and innovative textured sur face to use within design. They have created a flexible wall tile that can be applied to both flat and cur ved sur faces helping to create a whole new dimension to an interior. Known as the material Flexstone, this innovation can bend easily around walls, ceilings and floors as a wall covering. Used currently for spiral staircases and rounded ceilings. This material is ideal for both renovation and restoration projects as it can be applied directly to walls of tiles, concrete, plasterboard and wood.
  4. 4. GLASS MOSAICS An Italian glass mosaic tile maker known as Trend have developed a catalogue of silver and silver effect Tesserae ideal for applying to walls, ceilings, alcoves, wet areas and floors. Made out of precious metals (in this case 24 carat white gold) this mosaic is an expensive interior décor material to use. For those interior designers who are looking to spend money, using this material will certainly give you an interior surrounded by a great buzz.
  5. 5. NATURAL STONE: SIMYRA LIMESTONE In need of an idea for a new wall covering? These natural stone wall cladding strips of fer a wealth of design ideas for most interior design spaces. This natural stone called ‘ Beltralinea’ can be laid both horizontally and vertically in randomly stacked joints on walls to give a wonderful stone ef fect.
  6. 6. BAMBOO & NATURAL WOOD Using different textures and materials in dif ferent ways is an area that has been developing and expanding within interior design consistently for many years now. This bamboo has been used on a wall to add texture, depth and a whole different effect to the workspace. As one of the fastest - growing plants in the world, bamboo is considered a sustainable construction and design option for interiors today. With its rapid growth and versatility, bamboo products can introduce a natural tranquillity to living spaces.
  7. 7. INTERESTING TILES Who said tiles should be used just for bathrooms and kitchens? The tile is becoming a new and innovative way to decorate in luxur y. Porcelain tiles have seen a meteoric rise in the tile industry and also when it comes to home interiors. The past few years have witnessed many techniques and methods devised to create new patterns, textures and such additional elements for these tiles. Tiles are proving to be in popular demand with the ability to look and resemble concrete, wood, stone, slate and natural stones, each one giving a dif ferent feel and finish to create a different look.
  8. 8. MOSAIC COVERINGS The mosaic, used for hundreds of thousands of years, and still not a décor trend to die out. Tiles are being used to add colour and texture to the design of almost any room in the house. This old technique is still a growing trend in design and one to consider when using tiles in interiors.
  9. 9. A WEATHERED ST YLE For rooms suited to stay old and ancient, take them into the past with a weathered look.
  10. 10. TEXTURED WALLS Giving walls a bit of texture helps to create an accent wall within a room. Different textures give dif ferent feels.
  11. 11. SPARKLING SOLVERS With the rise of the mosaic becoming the new stylish wall covering, mirrors and reflective sur faces make gorgeous wall mural sur faces and centrepieces for a room. Using mosaic mirrors creates more light and gives your room that little sparkle it needs.
  12. 12. INTERIOR DESIGN: SURFACES Use specialist sur facing ideas in your innovative interior design and create a whole new look for your interior today.