Promoting Your Business Using Professional Business Printing


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Find out how you can use professional printing techniques to market your business easier. Use posters, leaflets, flyers and business cards to promote your business.

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Promoting Your Business Using Professional Business Printing

  1. 1. PROMOTING YOURBUSINESS USINGPROFESSIONALBUSINESS PRINTINGEffective ways of promoting andadvertising your business throughprofessional business printing.
  2. 2. GETTINGSTARTED• Whether you’re setting up your business or you’ve been operating for some time now, you need to think about advertising and promoting your business through the use of printing services. Advertising your business can increase revenue and footfall to your business whatever it might be, the key thing to remember is your audience.
  3. 3. DO YOUR RESEARCH• It’s important to know who your audience are and what they’re interested in. Do your research, are there any types of advertising that immediately lend themselves to your audience and their interests?WHO ARE YOUR COMPETITORS?• Check out your competitors and how they advertise, does their business have any gaps in the market in which you can fill and how can you go about accomplishing this?BUDGET PLANNING• Set out a clear and practical plan about how your advertising campaign is going to work and what kind of result you want to see from it. Even if you don’t have the biggest budget in the world you don’t have to splash out on billboards and television adverts, often the simplest types of advertising are the most effective. With a clear and concise message and a good design you can make a difference to your company by using business printing services.
  4. 4. FLYERS• Flyers are great for advertising your business. You can stick all the information you’ll need on your flyers and leave them in popular local places (your research will be key here) and through doors so your customers can find you and use your service.INFORMATION TO BE PUT ON FLYERS• Brief introduction to your business and the service you provide – Contact Information – Email – Phone number – Logo and tag line – Price of services and special offers
  5. 5. FLYERS VS. POSTERS• Posters differ from flyers in certain ways. They are often larger and contain less contact information. Flyers are more useful for picking up and keeping hold off until you need to use the information contained on them. Posters on the other hand are often large and can be tacked on walls in order to bring attention to your business.• Using posters as a form of advertisement allows you to be creative. If you have a catchy slogan or tag line this is your chance to put it to use. The more vibrant and eye catching your posters are the more likely it is that you will be noticed and have your service used. Your posters don’t have to be overly complicated; often the simplest of designs are the most affective.• Once again your research is important here. Are there similar businesses to yours that also have posters? If so what do they look like and what inspiration from them can you take to make your own poster? Place your posters in town centers, coffee shops and popular places where you think your customers might be in order to appeal to a wider audience.
  6. 6. BUSINESS CARDS • If you want to look a little more professional , business cards are perfect for putting your name out on the street. Business cards come in all shapes, sizes and designs, so once again it’s your chance to get creative and design a business card as individual as your business is. The better the design of your business card the more likely it is that the person you give it to will keep hold of it. Its always important to keep a number of business cards on your person at all times. You never know when you could meet a potential customer or investor, so keep a couple in your purse or wallet.
  7. 7. INFORMATION TO BEPUT ON BUSINESSCARDS• Your name• Company position• Telephone• Website address• Email address• Business address
  9. 9. BROCHURES ORBOOKLETS• If you feel that you have too much information to be placed on a flyer or poster you might want to think about producing a brochure or booklet. This allows you to go into much more detail about the ins and outs of your business and the services you wish to provide to the general public. You can introduce yourself and your business to the local public and show them what you can do for them.• A brochure allows you to go into great detail about your business but you shouldn’t get bogged down in the details of things. The customer isn’t interested in how you got your business going and where you started out, what they want is the best possible product for the best possible price. With a booklet you can show exactly that. You can post photos of all your products within the booklet so the customer can see exactly what they’re getting for their money.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION• It’s clear that advertising makes a huge difference to businesses large and small. Whether you’re a multibillion pound pharmaceutical company or a local café, advertising is integral to the success of your business.• What’s important to get right is the style and tone of your advertising campaign right and to place your adverts in the right place in order to be picked up by potential customers.• Research is always key in getting this right first time, be sure to know your market. Spend a few weeks talking to customers and their buying habits and scout out your competitors. Combine this research with good design and you’ll be sure to increase your revenue and the success of your business.