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MusucBag Lite


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MusucBag Lite

  1. 1. Musuc Bag Suits
  2. 2. Ever looked at your old sleeping bag and thought “I definitely need a new one”?Or ever thought “That Musuc bag as so much more potential than just sleeping in”, well you’d be right! Sleeping bags are epic fun as a kid or an adult; you can literally do a hundred and one things with them…
  3. 3. wild, stupid, funnyand even out darn right unusual. Thep o s s i b i l i t i e s arewhat you make of it! But if you can’tsee past the already awesomeness ofthe sleeping bag then take a look atthese…
  4. 4. F a n c y Dress PARTY !The ultimatelaziness infancy dress…simply say you’vecome as acamper. Worksevery time!
  5. 5. The Park BenchSleep on a park bench when drunk becausewith a sleeping bag everywherebecomes a sleeping opportunity. We allknow that’s a winning option!
  6. 6. The Final FrontierPretendyou are spray itan Astronaut! silver andGet act like youryour walking on thewannabespacesuit… moon!
  7. 7. PaintballingThe next time you wantto shoot paint at yourfriends with tiny ballswhy not take yoursleeping bag forultimate protection?
  8. 8. Pretend You Are A Super Hero – Get into your special super suit,make an emblem for it and go savethe world as S u p e r Sl e e p i n gBa gL a d y or S u p e r Sl e e p i n gB a g Ma n !
  9. 9. Festivals Who needs a t e n t !? A sleeping bag is just a one basically person t e n t anyway. You know it make sense !
  10. 10. Parachuting Keep cosy in your sleeping bag as you parachute and impress your mates with your serious skills!
  11. 11. Camping
  12. 12. There are so many options when it comes tosleeping bags! You could spend hourscoming up with new and beguiler ways to reallyexplore the full range of the magical sleeping bag!With so many different shapes, designs and texturesout there you will easily find some seriously coolsleeping contraptions! You can even take it to awhole other level by coming up with new ideasyourself. Or you could just use it for camping…but heyone trip down those stairs and you’ll be thinkingotherwise. Trust me!
  13. 13. Musuc Bags Brought To You By: