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How to get what you want this Christmas: Helpful hint dropping tips


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Find some of the best hint dropping tips to help you get what you want this Christmas.
Some may question why I have created this kind of guide?
Would you rather not be told what to get someone? It saves time, brain ache and your feet from walking around the shops on Christmas eve looking for something to buy.
So, drop these hints and get exactly want you want and need this year.

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How to get what you want this Christmas: Helpful hint dropping tips

  1. 1. HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT THIS CHRISTMAS…HELPFUL HINT DROPPING TIPSKnow how to get what you want forChristmas this year.
  2. 2. WHY?• Some may question why I have created this kind of guide? Is it not a bit rude to do these hint dropping things? Should you not leave it to chance and see what you get?• Its painful enough to have to spend lots of money at Christmas, but to think that you have bought someone something they do not want and will go to waste can be even more frustrating.• Would you rather not be told what to get someone? It saves time, brain ache and your feet from walking around the shops on Christmas eve looking for something to buy.• So lets get to it, lets drop those hints and get ourselves exactly want we want and need this year.
  3. 3. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT• First, its no good for the people who need to buy for you if you yourself do not know what you want for Christmas.• There are a lot of people who may have to buy for you, so having an idea of what you want each of them to get you, or telling them different things is a good idea so you don’t double up on gifts this year.• Stuck for ideas? Find yourself a gift finder this year to help you pick out your favourite beauty Christmas gifts, unique fashion jewellery, unusual fashion clothing, gadgets and gizmos, special toys and games.
  4. 4. CREATE A LIST• Everyone has an idea as to what they want for Christmas, usually a list will include a whole bunch of luxury beauty products, jewellery, fashion clothing and other bits and bobs that you know no one will get you for Christmas unless you tell them you want them.• Create a list and leave it on your fridge so that anyone can find it. Hey presto, everyone knows what you want and you could just end up with some smashing gifts in your stocking above the fireplace on Christmas day.
  5. 5. KNOW HOW THEY WORK• Most people whether they think they do or not, have trouble getting gifts not only for Christmas, but for Birthdays and any other special occasion throughout the year.• Most women learn the hard way that some men simply need to be told what to buy, otherwise they risk ending up with a coat hanger or microwave as their Christmas gift because the have moaned about the old one for months.• If you have never had trouble with the gifts your partner has bought you previously, either you know each other well or your already probably dropping the right hints for them to pick up.
  6. 6. TELL IT TO THEM STRAIGHT• For most, the only way to get what you want is to tell your friends and family outright what to buy.• Write a list of everything you want and ask for a couple of items from it, this leaves it open so you still get a little surprise at Christmas as your not exactly certain which they chose, and it means you don’t have to return anything in the January sales.• If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to know what anyone has got you, give them ideas as to what you want, leave it open for them to decide the exact gift they will give.
  7. 7. ASK FOR THEIR OPINION • Usually when someone asks about a specific product “What do you think about this?” or “Wow, I really like this, what do you think?” , its because they really like a product and want it for themselves. • Putting something under someones nose will both help them to pay attention to what you like and when they come to buy something for you, they can go back to what you said you liked and buy it.
  8. 8. LEAVE HINTS ON FRIDGES AND MAGAZINES• It’s the same principle as little kids looking in the Argos catalogue near to Christmas and circling all of the toys and games they want to get that year from the grand parents.• Casually leave magazines open on the pages you like with little notes next to the images. It can usually work a treat.
  9. 9. GO SHOPPING TOGETHER• So your partner has been asking for two months, “What do you want for Christmas this year?” and you still havent given them an answer because you want them to decide for themselves.• If anyone is unsure of what to buy you, offer to go shopping together. Its amazing as to just how much attention someone will pay to you when you go shopping and its close to the time when they need to buy you a gift. Be careful not to say you like any kind of mop, cleaning product or electrical kitchen appliance that you don’t want, you may get it under the tree.
  10. 10. DROPPING HINTS• The usual, “I need a new pair of boots” is usually sufficient with some men. Within minutes they can be on their phone and within a few clicks have it ordered online. Easy for him, easy for you.
  11. 11. CREATE A BOOKMARKS FOLDER IN YOUR WEB BROWSER• Why make your family at home sit at their computer for hours trawling through webpages looking for things to buy you when you can make his life easier by adding a big bookmarks folder called “Jeff ’s Christmas Gifts Ideas”.• I think that when most of us are online we make a note of the little things we like and things we want to buy. Stick them in a folder and see what happens…
  12. 12. I hope you are able to get all the wonderful gifts you want atChristmas. Happy Shopping, andremember – keep calm, it’s only Christmas…