Open source this! Social media strategy for crowdfunding—Big Flip example


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Inspired by the SF Film Society chief's call to filmmakers to share and learn from each other, we want to share our marketing know-how with other indie makers and entrepreneurs. Here's a simple social media strategy deck with commentary that folks can use to craft and plan their social media strategy.

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Open source this! Social media strategy for crowdfunding—Big Flip example

  1. 1. SocialMediaStrategyPaving the way toCrowdfundingMay 2013Pre-Crowdfunding CampaignMay 20131
  2. 2. WHAT’S OUR ULTIMATE GOAL?PAVE THE WAY TO A SUCCESSFUL CROWDFUNDINGWe want to identify and engage with audiences for the Big Flip,and rally their support for getting the Big Flip made.2I try to be as focused and clear as possible. If I find myself juggling many disparate goals, that usuallymeans I need to prioritize, and clarify what I want to accomplish by the end of the campaign.
  3. 3. WHAT ARE OUR KEY SOCIAL MEDIAAUDIENCE CIRCLES?1WOMEN OF INFLUENCECareer-driven professionals and breadwinner wiveswho pay attention to “women in leadership” topicsWhy should they care?To thrive at work, women have to thrive at home. Theirhusbands, their children, and their marriages must thrive.That’s what the Big Flip is about.2STAY-AT-HOME DADSMen who have embraced their roles as stay-at-home dads,and are connected to other SAHDsWhy should they care?The Big Flip wants to profile positive new archetypes of theModern Husband and Modern Dad—and overturn thestereotypes of Mr. Mom and the Bumbling Dad3WORKING PARENTSWorking moms and dads—especially in dual-incomefamilies—striving to be good parents while holding a jobWhy should they care?What if one parent—maybe the husband—stayed homewith the kids, by choice or by economic force? The Big Flipshows families the pros and cons of such a switch.4INDIE FILMMAKERSEager to be successful in the new era of indie filmmakingwhere entrepreneurial skills are just as important as creativeWhy should they care?The Big Flip’s core team are seasoned marketing pros whoare openly sharing strategic tools and tips that otherfilmmakers can use and learn from.3While part of our social media mission is to discover and identify our target audience communities, wedon’t want to start blind! So we began with some hypotheses. Some of these are based on earlyexperiences—in talking to my circle of friends and peers about the project, I noticed that professional,career women are the most passionate.We understand that, as we progress on our social media journey, we’ll be learning and refining ourunderstanding of our audiences and their care-abouts. When we started, we didn’t have a good beaton why the filmmaker community would care about us—until we read about Ted Hope’s “Artist toEntrepreneur” initiatives at the SF Film Society. That’s when we realize our marketing know-how is anasset we can share.Note—make sure your audience definitions are “find-able” and “action-able” from a social mediatargeting perspective.
  4. 4. WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMSSHOULD WE FOCUS ON?CONVERSATION / ENGAGEMENT OUTREACH / EYEBALLS / DRAW INALL AUDIENCES1WOMEN OFINFLUENCE2STAY-AT-HOME DADS3WORKING PARENTS4INDIE FILMMAKERSBig Flip BlogEmail listPRGoogle+LinkedIn GroupsBlogs: breadwinner wives, leadershipSlideShareProfessional organizations: e.g. 85 BroadsTwitter: #femalebreadwinners,#breadwinnerwives, #womenleadersBlogs: daddy bloggersFacebookTwitter: #SAHDs, #househusbandsMeetup: daddy groupsFacebookMeetup: parent groupsBlogs: parenting-focusedFlickr: children/family-cooking pixVimeo Twitter: #indiefilm4Be thoughtful about which social media platforms make the most sense for your audiences. For us, werealize that it’s not going to be the hippest and sexiest places like Tumblr and Pinterest! We knew earlyon that LinkedIn was going to be key. An unexpected platform for us is SlideShare, as we neverthought of it as a social media channel but just a tool for hosting and sharing our keynotepresentations. To our surprise, our keynote deck there got 4000+ views. One of our best allies in thebreadwinner wife leadership circle, Jenny Garrett, came to us through SlideShare.
  5. 5. WHAT’S OUR ROLLOUT STRATEGY?MAY JULYJUNEPHASE 1—LAY THE GROUNDWORKBuild the network—explore, identify andcreate a network of potential supportersBuild relationships and createawareness—show up, contribute, and geton the radar of audiencesPHASE 2—ROLLING THUNDER TOCROWDFUNDING LAUNCHEngage champions—convert them intoactive stakeholders in the Big Flip’s successCreate anticipation—generate buzz andstoke excitement for crowdfunding launchPHASE 3—CROWDFUNDING LAUNCHStart with abang!Start strong,start withenergyFuel themomentumLeverageearlysupporters toextend reachand spreadtheir fervorPushbeyondgoalMid/latecampaignpush toexceed goals5Whenever we feel tempted to rush this, we remember this—we have to create and bring our ownsupporters to our crowdfunding platform. Whether it’s Indiegogo or Kickstarter, they’re just a fundingmechanism—like Visa or American Express. People aren’t just hanging out on those platforms lookingfor projects to put their money in. We have to bring the people there ourselves.We think of this process like dating. Don’t rush it. Romance it. Choreograph the dance. If we’re notwilling to invest time and creativity to woo and wow our potential partners and supporters, show themsome love and respect, why should they invest in us?
  6. 6. WHAT’S AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR (CONTENT STRATEGY)THAT WILL SUPPORT OUR ROLLOUT STRATEGY?PHASE 1—LAY THE GROUNDWORKBuild the network, create relationships and generateawarenessPHASE 2—ROLLING THUNDEREngage champions and create anticipationPHASE 3—CROWDFUNDINGStart strong, fuel momentum,and push beyond goalw/o May 6 w/o May 13 w/o May 20 w/o May 27 w/o Jun 3 w/o Jun 10 w/o Jun 17 w/o Jun 24 w/o Jul 1 w/o Jul 8 w/o Jul 15 w/o Jul 22• Family 1—VIDEO• Biomimicrydesignthought-starters—TEXT &SKETCHES• Family 2—VIDEO• “Opensource”strategytools• What welearned inLA—PHOTO-ESSAY(In Portlandfor SunflowerFestival shoot)• Portlandfield update—PHOTOSNAPSHOT• Family 3—VIDEO• ExpertInterview 1—VIDEO• Bread-winnerwivesroundtable—VIDEO• TheModernWife/MomGallery—PHOTO-ESSAY(New websitelaunch?)• Design/brandingideas—TEXT &GRAPHICS• Family 4—VIDEO• Sharecrowd-fundingrewardideas withcommunity,and getfeedback?• Stay-at-home-Dads’roundtable—VIDEO• The ModernHusband/Dad Gallery—PHOTO-ESSAY• Family 5—VIDEO• Leakcrowd-fundingrewardphotos (e.g.posters,books) tokeyinfluencers?• ExpertInterview 2—divorcelawyer—VIDEO• Talking tothe ModernFamily—POSTERS &AD-LIKEIDEAS• Family 6—VIDEO• Pitch/sizzlevideo“sneakpeek” andGoogle+hangout forkeyinfluencers?• Leak keypages of“thinkpiece” tokeyinfluencers?**LAUNCH**• Pitch/sizzlevideo• Big Flipcore team“loveletter”video• Buzz-worthy“badges ofhonor/thanks” forfunders• PR!• High-designeditorial“thinkpiece”(earlylearnings,designthought-starters,photogallery ofnew Men-at-Homearchetypes)MAY JULYJUNE6This is where the rubber hits the road. This is where we put in stakes, set goals and deadlines for us tomeet, and realize how much work we need to do! It’s not all going to pan out smoothly, we know.Things will get pushed around. But at least, we have an idea of where we want to go and how to getthere. This allows us to aim high, take a deep breath, leap, and see where we land!
  7. 7. Platforms Engagement Strategy Success means... Who’s responsibleBlog/TumblrFlickrVimeoLinkedInSlideShareFacebookBloggersTwitterYouTubeGoogle+PR oppsEmail listBOARDTACTICSCONTENTREPOSITORYCREATEDIALOGUEOUTREACH/CONTENTPUSHPurpose/Role7We ended up not using this page, as it was starting to get too granular and not very useful for our verysmall team. But we left it here for larger teams who may find this useful for clear delegation of tasks.In our role as indie entrepreneurs, we realize that not all the tools from our trade are going to be useful.Some of them are just overkill for what we need. The key is to use the tools when they’re sharpeningour thinking and focusing our efforts—and to stop when we feel like we’re just doing “busy work” that’sno longer helping us move forward.
  8. 8. Come visit us atBigFlipDocumentary.comfor more tools and information—or just to say hello!8