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Pelagios OU Open Access Week 2015


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Presentation on the Pelagios Project, delivered by Elton Barker for the Open University's Open Access Week 2015.

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Pelagios OU Open Access Week 2015

  1. 1. Pelagios : enabling discoverability, enriching context, promoting reuse   Elton Barker (The Open University) Twitter: @Pelagiosproject 20 October 2015 | Open Access Week: Open Data, Library Services, Library Seminar Room 1
  2. 2. Linking together the places of our past through the documents that refer to them InscriptionsInscriptions TextsTexts Archaeological Finds Archaeological Finds Museum Objects Museum Objects Archaeological Sites Archaeological Sites The Challenge of Discovery | Linking online data, openly 45+ partners from 10 countries ca. 1,000,000+ annotations
  3. 3. 3  Data aggregation X  Standard data representation X  MEGA search portal X Connectivity through common references rather than a common schemaConnectivity through common references rather than a common schema What Pelagios isn’t | One ring to rule them all
  4. 4. The concept | Don’t Unify the Model – Annotate! 4 pleiades:579885 (Athenae) pleiades:570685 (Sparta)
  5. 5. Pleiades Ancient World Resources Pelagios Pelagios network | Interlinking different knowledge communities
  6. 6. Towards a digital scholarship | Bottomless Maps
  7. 7. Towards a digital scholarship | Future Footnotes
  8. 8. Pelagios 3 | Annotation (texts and maps), gazetteer interoperability
  9. 9. Making annotation easy | developing a Web-based Open Source tool
  10. 10. Text Annotation (The “Target”) | Marking places in texts
  11. 11. Image Annotation (The “Target”) | Marking toponyms on maps
  12. 12. Georesolution (The “Body”) | Matching places to the gazetteer(s)
  13. 13. Toponym detail | Finding the right gazetteer match
  14. 14. Pelagios 3 outcomes | Browser-based maps of geographic data
  15. 15. Pelagios 3 outcomes | Download CSV GIS to query the data
  16. 16. Pelagios 3 outcomes | Overlaying verified toponymy with original
  17. 17. The Pelagios API v.3 | A “google” style search with bells
  18. 18. API v.3 query (‘Peripleo’) | Searching by object + filtering results
  19. 19. API v.3 query (‘Peripleo’) | Searching by object + exploring the area
  20. 20. Pleiades PastPlace Getty Thesauri PeriodO ChronOntology Canonical Text Services SENSCHAL SNAP OCRE … Google Ancient Places (OU, Soton) Perseus Digital Library (Tufts) Arachne (Cologne) SPQR (King's College, London) Digital Memory Engineering (AIT) Open Context (UC Berkeley) CLAROS (Oxford) PtolemyMachine (Holy Cross) Ure Museum (Reading) FastiOnline (AIAC) Nomisma (ANS) Regnum Francorum Online (ISAW/NYU) Ports Antiques Oracc (U. Penn.) Meketre (Vienna) OCRE (ANS/ISAW) Squinchpix ORBIS (Stanford) MJBC (Cambridge) ISAW Papers (ISAW) Totenbuch (Bonn/Cologne) PAS (The British Museum) SAWS (KCL/Uppsala/Stockholm/Vienna) Trismegistos (K. U. Leuven) AWMC (Chapel Hill) Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World DM Project (Drew) Ancient History Encyclopedia Dickinson College Commentaries Edinburgh Geoparser (Edinburgh) EDH (Heidelberg) EAGLE LGPN (Oxford) ... 50+ projects The Digital Ecosystem | Linking places, people, time… | An Emerging Ecosystem Resource Curators Concept Schemes Infrastructure & Support Linked Pasts – 20th & 21st July @KCL Linked Pasts – 20th & 21st July @KCL
  21. 21. Blog: Twitter: @Pelagiosproject Annotation: Search: Code: Thanks to JISC, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the AHRC, the Onassis Foundation, and all our partners Thank you for your attention! Pelagios are: Elton Barker, Classical Studies, The Open University Leif Isaksen, Dept. of History, University of Southampton Rainer Simon, Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna Pau de Soto Cañ amares, Institute of Catalan Studies, Barcelona