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  1. 1. Mrówki Atta sp.
  2. 2. The potential role of predation as a factor underlying variation in leaf-cutter ant (Atta sp.) densities was investigated on recently isolated land-bridge islands in Lago Guri, Venezuela
  3. 3. Występowanie A survey of mature Atta colonies revealed a sharp increase in densities on small and medium islands (5.6 and 2.3 colonies ha−1 respectively) compared to large islands (0.72 colonies ha−1) and the mainland (0 nests in 5.5 ha). Incipient colonies showed the reverse trend with higher densities on larger landmasses. Cage experiments were conducted to test the impacts of predation on the survival of incipient and young Atta colonies.
  4. 4. Królowa Atta sp.
  5. 5. Bibliografia źródła Variation in leaf-cutter ant (Atta sp.) densities in forest isolates: the potential role of predation Autor- Madhu Rao