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Discover accessibility-ready WordPress themes created by

Discover accessibility-ready WordPress themes created by
More and more customers appreciate our projects and that means a lot to our team!

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is a collection of documents relating to the availability of Internet services and since 2012 has the status of international standard ISO.
More and more countries establish the law that obliges entities performing public duties (such as ministries, regional offices, offices of cities and municipalities, police, fire brigade, hospitals and many other institutions) to customize their websites to meet WCAG 2.0 requirements.

Principles of availability document v. 2.0 has been divided into 4 groups:
and 3 levels of availability:
A Criteria - must be fulfilled
AA criteria - should be complied
AAA criteria - can be met

Given the need for providing user friendly accessibility to websites for the largest number of users, we can not forget about people with disabilities such as the blind or visually impaired. Such people are exposed to the "Digital Exclusion" which means no or limited ability to use modern forms of communication, for example websites.

It can’t be easier! Simply login to the admin panel, go to theme options and switch on features and let site visitors change the site contrast mode, width, font size and navigate the site using the keyboard.

We are the first company who started to create the professional accessible Joomla templates! After a great success we started creating the professional accessible WordPress themes!
We create the best accessible themes.
We are the company who had a speech about WCAG compatibility at the Joomla conference, we really know the matter!
We keep getting messages with appreciation of our accessible themes.

Better choose accessible theme created by , visit us and try.

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