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Valmiki ramayana self test questions


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Valmiki ramayana self test questions

  1. 1. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010  My   lovely children of Sri Suprabatha Sabha , ( who are my treasure ) !  I am immensely grateful to my GURU for giving me this excellent opportunity of sharing the morals of the great epic SriRamayana with you for more than one year in the SS SABHA. By this work I am sure, we have collectively pleased our mostloved and respected HANUMANJI who loves those who read, write, preach, follow, hear the ‘PATH OF RAMA that is SRIRAMAYANAThis is only a beginning in our life to follow the footsteps of Sri Rama which is followed by great men, saints of our nation andsometimes this world too. The benefits of hearing, reading Ramayana would be reaped in our life at appropriate times.I want to share with you, those questions I have used so far to handle quiz programs! The whole purpose of making a list ofquestions with answers was to facilitate all of you to focus and prepare for the quiz. Had I repeated the same questions, itwould look like an examination rather than a quiz program. So I tried my best to prepare relevant questions for quizzing. Now ,those questions are open for all to read and learn and it is not a secret anymore! There are no tough or easy questions as longas we prepare well or do not prepare well! I leave the choice to you to decide. In our life we see people who blame others fortheir own mistakes and as little children we should learn to realise what we should improve and correct ourselves. Please gothrough these questions and use it for your preparations for any quiz. For sure, there are many more questions still left out inthe Ramayana for which do not blame me. I recommend that you spend time to read widely and deeply into this epic. Anyspelling mistakes, doubts, corrections, suggestions please clarify with me directly.By the grace of GOD, I tried my best to schedule to visit SSS every Sunday for sharing the stories of Ramayana and inSaturdays for parents. Those who attended these classes and prepared with their own efforts have done very well so far.Please convey my ‘namaskarams’ to each one of your parent for encouraging you to participate in this program and thoseparents who also participate themselves. Please realise, we are successful today because of our parents and purely due to theblessings of our ‘Sadh Guru “ .When you go through these questions, you will realise how much time I would have spent for this noble cause! Of course, it ismy duty .Still I have to spare time in my busy work – family cycle like your own father or mother. This is done purely to showmy love and affection towards YOU CHILDREN and as my service to Sri Rama – as the ‘little squirrel did for bridge construction“across the ocean to get noticed by SRI RAM!One last word … of wisdom! Whatever good things you do, do it for your own liking and with passion and not for others toappreciate! Most important is not to get upset if others criticize. Our work if sincere would be noticed by GOD after all HERESIDES IN ALL OUR HEARTS.We are deeply indebted to SS Sabha for this golden opportunity and encouragement to all of us . See you soon through thestories from SRI BHAGAWATHAM !Radhe Krishna !Anand DayanidhiPrepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 1  
  2. 2. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010    •1. Who wrote Sankshepa Ramayana ?2. Most important principle of life which Rama stood for in his life ?3. What do we mean by ‘ Ramayanam’ ?4. Name the river flowing along Ayodhya ?5. Who is the ‘kulaguru’ of Janaka ?6. Who burnt SAGARA PUTRAS to ashes?7. In an asva metha yagna , which is sent around the world to prove the power of the king ?8. Who is the father of Sugriva ?9. Which rakshasa came as a golden deer , which Sita liked very much ?10. Name two rishis met by Sri Rama during his journey through Dhandakaranya ?11. Who gave all divine arrows ( asthras) to Rama when he was young ?12. Ramavtar took place in which Yuga ?13. Which is the town of Guha ?14. Which Guna did Vibhisan represent among three Gunas referred in Gita ?15. Who married Mandavi ?16. Who was Meganath ?17. How did Hanuman gain Sita’s confidence in Asoka Vanam ? What was the idea or method ?18. Where did Bharatan live when Ram was in forest ?19. Name the avtar in which Vishnu came as a PYGMI and for whom ?20. Which is the river in Pachavati ?21. Who is the daughter of Vibeeshanan ?22. Who wrote Raghuvamsam ?23. Where did Rama meet Sugriva first ?24. Among monkeys ,Who was nominated by Sri Rama for bridge construction ? why ?25. Who killed Aksha Kumar ?26. How many slokas are in PRESNT DAY Valmeeki Ramayanam ?27. What made Bagheerthan to bring Holy Ganga into earth and below ?28. What was Sabari chanting when she waited for Sri Ram ?29. Who hit Hanuman when he jumped to swallow Sun God when he was a new born ?30. Which minister of Dasaratha rode the chariot of Rama when he went into forest ?31. Where did Rama meet Jatayu ?32. Who was Mareesans’s mother ?33. Who is the minister of Sugriva ?34. Who is Bhagheertahy ? why ?35. Who is Mayan ?36. By which Asthra did Rama kill Ravana ?37. In Ramayan, Indra came as whom among monkeys?38. Who asked Rama to go and make friendship with Sugriva to search for Sita ?39. Who is the wife of Vibishana ? Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 2   
  3. 3. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   40. Where did Sri Rama protected the Yaga done by Viswamitra (place ) ?41. What did Rama applied against KAKASURA ?42. Name the Rama’s story written by Tulsidas ? in which language ?43. Who rode the chariot for Rama against final battle against Ravana ?44. Name the mountain which came in the way of Hanuman while crossing the sea r ?45. Who recited Aditya Hrudhayam to whom ?46. In whose Ashram area , Sugriva was hiding without fear of Vali ?47. Which sons of Dasaratha were living / studying in Kekaya when he died ?48. Who did Putrakameshti yaga for Dasaratha ?49. Who reminded Hanuman about his birth and his credentials before jumping the ocean ?50. Who is called Tripathaka ?51. Which was the divine horse came out of milk ocean during churning ?52. Who cursed Akalya ? How did she live for many years before Rama came ?53. Sri Rama’ represented which Veda among four ?54. Name the hill where Hanuman was born ?55. Which Rishi requested Indra to go back as Sri Rama was waiting in his Ashram?56. What is the incident called when Vibheeshan joined Sri Rama’s camp ?57. Name the bird who was referred as his ‘chitappa ‘ by Sri Ram ?58. Which is the place where Ganga and Sarayu meet ?59. Who is the wife of Vasihsta ?60. Which is the VAMSAM of Janaka ?61. Who is Janhavi ? why is she called so ?62. Which are the rivers meeting in Prayag ?63. Who is the daughter of Vibhesshanan ?64. Who chanted the Suprabatham first ? to whom ?65. Who was the wife of Vali , considered as ‘wisest ‘ of all ladies ?66. From whom Hanuman learnt all his education? Who is Hanuman’s Guru ?67. Who went to moksham by chanting ‘rama nama’ while Sri Rama was witnessing?68. Who is praised by Sri Rama himself as the best orator , most knowledgeable in all Vedas ?69. Name two divine items given by Agastiar to Sri Rama ?70. What was the name of the arrow of Dasaratha which hit Shravan Kumar ?71. Who tried to create Trisangu Swargam ?72. How was the son of Lord Siva referred in Ramayana ?73. Who was the grandfather of Sri Rama ?74. From where did Dhanvantri Bhagwan originated ?75. Who was the oldest in the Vanara’s camp ?76. Who is the wife of Sugriva ?77. Rama was born on which tithi and which star ?78. Who are the twins among the sons of Dasaratha ?79. Where did Rama settled first after leaving Ayodhi ?80. In Sanskhepa ramayana , which tow risis are talking ? Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 3   
  4. 4. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010    81. Who is the Pativratha met by Sita during Aranyakandam ? or wife of Athri Maharishi ? 82. In the entire Ramayana , which chapter ( kandam) talks only about fame of baktha ? 83. Who is the bother of Mareesan killed by Sri Ram ? 84. Rishiasringer was taken to which Kingdom for getting rain , by which king ? 85. Who killed Inderjit ? 86. Where did the ashram of Rishi Bhartwaj located ? 87. In Ramayana , whom did Kousikar considered as an enemy and fought with ? 88. In which place during exile , Rama and Sita spent maximum part of 14 years ? 89. Who were the twins among Dasaratha’ sons ? 90. Who tried to conduct yaga at Nikumbala ? 91. Name the two ambassadors ( dhoodharkal) of Sri Rama who met Ravana without any fear ? 92. In today India , where is Panchavati located ? 93. Name the kingdom in forest ruled by KARAN ? 94. Who was against the killing a dhoodha in Ravana’s court when Hanuman was caught? 95. Who was Sabari’s Guru ? 96. Under which tree ( vriksham) Sita mata was praying Rama in Asoka Vanam ? 97. In which state Ayodhya is located in present day India ? 98. Which God is called RAMESHWAR ? where did Sri Rama prayed him ? 99. Which is the divine elephant used by Indra ?100. Where did Ganga land on earth when she came from heavens ?101. To whom did Rama said that ‘ I cannot repay my debt ‘102. What was the most important output taken by Sri Vishnu himself - Churning of milky ocean ?103. Who married Urmila, daughter of Janaka ?104. Who was the garden keeper who informed the return of south bound monkeys to Sugriva ?105. Name one medicinal herb brought by Hanuman to cure Rama and Lakshmana ?106. Who had the job of watching / protecting the entrance to Lanka city ?107. What was the distance in the ocean jumped by Hanuman?108. Who are the two daughters of Himavan as per Ramayana ?109. To whom did Valmiki teach Ramayan for singing ?110. Who is called ‘siriya thiruvadi’ and who is ‘Periya thiruvadi’111. Who advised Ravana against killing Hanuman when he was caught ?112. What did Hanuman do when Inderjith used Bramashtra ?113. Where did Sri Rama made the design for the dam with his bow ?114. Who killed the asura Vatapi and Illavan ? Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 4   
  5. 5. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   115. Who was the mother of snakes sent by devas to test Hanuman ?116. Who is the Guru of Asuras ?117. Team of Hanuman went in which direction in search of Sita ?118. Who was called Raghavan & why ?119. What was the divine bow given by Parasuram to Sri Ram ?120. Who discovered GAYATHRI mantra?121. Name the two ‘feasts’ in Ramayana in recognition of Bakthi ?122. Name the cave into which southbound vanaras were caught during search of Sita ?123. Who is the King of wealth and elder brother of Ravana ? What is his city called ?124. What is the city of Devas called ?125. Who is the incarnation of Vishu who came out of Milky ocean while churning ?126. Who took the ‘ kosthubamani ‘ which came out of Milky ocean while churning ?127. For what purpose Rishia sringer was invited by Dasaratha ?128. How did Kamadhenu originated ? Who kept it ?129. Where did Bharatwajar ashram located ?130. Which river did Rama cross first while starting Vanavasm ?131. Who are the parents of Parasuramar ?132. Who was Himavan as per Ramayana ?133. Who is the father of Mandodhari ?134. Who was King AJAN ?135. Which two ashrams did Rama visited while travelling to Mithilapuri ?136. Who was the husband of Thataka?137. Who was Thataka originally ? ( belongs to which type )138. How is the son of Lord Siva called in Ramayana ? What was the purpose of his birth?139. In which Avtar of Vishnu did Ganga originated?140. Who came as the brother of Indra ( Upendra) to gain three worlds from the Asura Chakravarthy?141. Who is called as RAGHAVAN ? Why ?142. Who killed Kumbhakarna finally ?143. Why did Inderjith conduct yaga at Nikumbhala ?144. By which bow did Rama killed KARAN ?145. Where was Sampathi living after losing its wings ? Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 5   
  6. 6. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   146. To whom did Bhagheeratha prayed ( tapas) to gain permission to bring Ganga from heavens ?147. Who is the father of Bhagheerathan ?148. What is the relationship between Vashishta and Trisanku ?149. Which is one of the avtars of Vishnu originated from Milky ocean while churning ?150. Name the Ramabhaktha in Sugriva’s team living from Kritha Yuga ?151. Who made the original plan for the bridge and how ?152. Which is the place where plan for the bridge was drawn ?153. In Dhandakaranyam , which rakshasa was killed by Sri Rama ?154. Which quality of Sabari made her great saint ?155. Name the rishi living in Punjab saras?156. Name the rishi living near Pampa Saras?157. Name the river flowing in Chitrakootam ?158. Who is the most famous pathivratha met by Sita in the forest ?159. What was the proof in Mathanga Ashram that he was living there with Sabari even after mukthi?160. Who is the elder brother of Dasanan as per Ramayana ?161. If Brahmastra cannot harm Hanuman , why did he got defeated by Inderjith ?162. When Hanuman set fire to lanka , one place was not burnt ? what is that place ?163. What did Hanuman say when he met Rama first after having Dharshan of Seetha Matha in Lanka?164. Who was asura punished by Rama for disturbing Sita matha in the forest ? what is his name ?165. Who is the wisest among the wives of Dasaratha ?166. Who was the doctor among the monkeys in Rama’s camp ?167. Where is the Sanjeevi parvatham located ?168. To whom did Hanuman offer prayer first before jumping the ocean?169. Who among the rakshashees sitting around Sita had a dream of Sita Rama as Lakshmi Narayana?170. Who did final rites for Jatayu ?171. Who cursed the Tumburu Ghandharva to become Viradhan ?172. Where did Ganga and Yamuna meet ?173. Who is the mother of Sadhanandahar ?174. Which daughter of Kuthajthavajan married Bharthan ?175. Name the two Vishnu avtars met in Tretha Yuga ?176. Who created the Vishnu Dhanush given by Parasuram to Sri Ram ?177. Name at least two avtars referred in Balakandam apart from Ramavathar? Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 6   
  7. 7. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   178. In which Avtar did Vishnu did Tapas in underground ( pathala logam) as referred by Vishvamithra?179. Who dug the oceans as per Ramayana ?180. Which Apsaras diverted Vishwamithra’s tapas to become Brahma rishi ?181. Who has born as Kshthriya and became a brhamin by meditation ?182. How many Vedhas did Hanuman mastered ?183. Who advised Mainakam to offer food and resting place to Hanuman ?184. Where was Janashthanam located and who ruled it ?185. What was the assistance offered by King of seas to Rama for building bridge ?186. Where did Rama observed ‘dharpa sayanam?187. From where did Ravana taken the pushpaka viman ?188. What is the capital city of Devas ?189. Name the two ladies who had the divine dharsan of Sri Rama as Vishnu himself ?190. Who crowned Vibishanan and Sugrivan with his hands as kings of their kingdoms?191. By which method did Hanuman made friendship between Rama and Sugriva?192. Name two ashrams did Rama visited during his journey through Dhandakaranya ?193. Upon which mountain did Hanuman land after crossing ocean ?194. What was the curse of Brahma on Lankini ?195. Who informed about the return of Sri Rama to Ayodhya to Bharatan ?196. In Chitrakootam which rishi argued with Rama to come back which made him angry?197. Why did Bhartawajar offered feast?198. How many days did Rama fight to defeat Karan and decimate Janasthanam ?199. Who is the gardener for the Madhuvanam ?200. In Ramayana who knows this globe as his palm , even the nook and corner of this earth ?201. Who is the King of Yakshas who came as Gandhamanan among vanaras ?202. Why did Siva use the divine Dhanus originally ( which came to Nimi Vamsam finally)?203. Who witnessed Sabari moksham ?204. What made Sugriva to stay secured in Mathanga Ashram ?205. Who was called as ‘Mahathma ‘ by Sri Rama himself?206. Who was the son of Brahasthan killed by Hanuman ?207. Who is the vanara king father of Hanuman ?208. Who is Maharakshan ?209. What was Sita Matha’s advise to Ravana about Sri Rama ? Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 7   
  8. 8. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   210. Who gave the news to Hanuman that Ashok Vanam was not burnt by fire set by him ?211. How many obstacles did Hanuman face and win while crossing the ocean ?212. Who did Vanaras meet in Rikshabilam ?213. When did Sri Rama hear Ramayana first and from whom ?214. Who wrote Ananda Ramayanam ?215. Who are the sons of Kumbhakharna ?216. When Hanuman entered Ravana’s court , what was Ravanan’s first impression ?217. Who are called Sanagathigal ? Name two atleast ?218. How many planets were exalted when Sri Rama was born ?219. Who is Vishnu Yasas referred in Bhaghavatham ?220. Who is the brother of King Janaka ?221. Where did Bharatha stay during Rama’s exile?222. What was the prayer recited by Rama before killing Ravana ?223. Where is Ayodhya located now ? which state ?224. Who is the son of Riksharajas referred by Kabhandhan ?225. Where did Sugriva meet Rama ?226. What is Mrithyu Sanjeevini ?227. Who wrote Raghuvamsam ?228. In which place during exile , Rama and Sita spent maximum part of 14 years ?229. What wa the diatnce jumped by Hanuman ?230. Which is the birth place of Goddess Laxmi ?231. How did Vishnu saved the amrutham from Asuras and give to Devas ?232. Name the asthra to hit target based on source of sound ?233. Who was Sarama ?234. Who is the father of Kousika?235. Who started Kusi Vamsa ?236. Who narrated ‘Story of Kakasura’ to whom and when ?237. Who is the husband of Surpanaga ?238. When Sri Rama entered Chithrakoodam , they worshipped a banyan tree ? what is its name?239. Who is the father of Tara ? Sushenan240. Who is the father and mother of Mandhodari ?241. Who is the husband of Surpanaga?242. Who is the father of Surpanaga ?243. Who cursed Thataka to be a rakshashi?244. Who gave all divine ashtras to Sri Ram ?245. Who refused to go with Indra when he invited him to come to Swarga ? why ? Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 8   
  9. 9. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   246. Who is called as Upendra ?247. Name the holy river in Chitrkoodam?248. Who set up the city Ayodhya ?249. Who was the wife of Athri maharishi / what was she famous for ?250. Who is the brother of King Janaka?251. Who originated from Brahma’s nose when he yawned?252. Who is considered as ‘Wise ‘ among three wives of Dasaratha ?253. Who else tried to bring Ganga from Heaven before Bhagheeratha ?254. Who crowned Vibheeshana ?255. When Ravana used Shakthi weapon on Laxmana , he almost died ? who saved him ?how ?256. Who married Sruthakeerthi ?257. Who killed Brahasthan ?258. What was the special gift of Sita mata to Hanauman during Sri Rama Pattabhishegam ceremony ?259. Who defeated and finished MOOLABALAM ?260. How many times did Hanuman bring Sanjeevi Hill ? why ?261. How many times did Inderjith won the battle against Ram and Laxman before getting killed ?262. Who was the magician who created maya sita ?263. Where did Inderjith conduct the special yaga to get fresh powers ?264. Why was Brahmasthra required to kill Adikayan ?265. Who was the mother of Adikayan ?266. How did Team of Vanaras get out of Rikshabilam ?267. How did Sympathy help Rama karamu ? What was the blessing he received ?268. Dimensions of Rama sethu ?269. Why was Nalan selected for the job of supervising the bridge construction?270. Name those two who almost Killed Laxman in the Yuddha kandam ?271. Name the rishi who stopped Vindhya mountain from growing and stopping surya’s rotation ?272. Why was the feast in Madhuvanam offered ?273. Who is the father of Sugriva ?274. Why did he get the name Hanuman ?275. By which Asthra , did Laxman kill Inderjith ?276. Who was the lone survivor from Janasthanam ?277. Who actually initiated the evil idea of stealing Sita to Ravana ?278. When Ravanan visited Mareechan , how was he living ? Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 9   
  10. 10. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   279. What happened to Menaka and Ramba when they disturbed Kousika during his tapas ?280. Who established the city of Ayodhya ?281. Name the holy place where Ganga and Sarayu meet ?282. Why was the name Siddhasraman given to it ?283. How many avtars referred in Bhaghavatham ? Name two which is not a part of 10 avtars ?284. Who is Thumburu Gandharva ? Who cursed him ?285. Who is the son of Dilipan ?286. Who advised Amsuman to bring Ganga to salvate the 60000 sagaras ?287. Who is the father of Thataka ?288. Whose amsam is Gandhamanan ?289. Who is Surasa ? who sent her ?290. Who cursed Lankini ?291. When Hanuman entered Ravana’s court , what did Ravana think?292. Who is the minister of Ravana ?293. Who the rishi who argued with Rama wrongly and tried to convince him to come back in Chitrakoota ?294. Why did Rama shift from Chitrakoodam ?295. Who was Kakasuran ?296. Who is called PRANIPATHA PRASIDIKAM ?297. What was the act of Vibishan joining Rama described as famously ?298. How many people came with Vibhishan when he surrendered to Ram ?299. Who showed Punjab saras to Rama ?300. Where did Surpanaga happen to have dharsan of Rama first ?301. One Vanara king defeated Ravana and was also a friend later ? who was he ?302. While milky ocean wad churned , where did Asuras hold Vasygi ?303. What is called Prachethasa’s son in Ramayana ?304. Who gave the ring with rama namam to Hanuman ?305. What did Sugriva showed to Rama when they become friends in relation to Sita ?306. In Sundara kandam , one famous dream is referred ? what is it called ? who had it ?307. When sita heard that Rama was killed by Nagapasam , who encouraged her not to worry & informed that Rama was not dead ?308. When maya sita was killed by magic , who explained this magic to vanaras and Rama and encouraged them to fight ?309. Who relieved Rama and Laxman from Nagapasam ?310. What the papam done by Dasaratha which he himself recalls in his death bed ? Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 10   
  11. 11. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   311. Who was the wife of Rishiya sringer ?312. Who wrote Ram Charitha Manas ?313. Who rode the chariot for Rama when he went to forest ?314. How many ministers did Karan had ?315. Three rakshasas including Karan killed by Ram ?316. Two ashrams visited during yatra for Yagna protection ?317. River in Panchavati ?318. Name the Sons of Lord Aruna in Ramayana ?319. Which is called Nimi vamsam ?320. Who attained the status of a Brahmin by prolonged meditation and penance ?321. Which asram did Rama visit before entering into Dhandakaranyam ?322. Who advised Vali not to fight with Sugriva again as he had befriended Rama and Ram would help Sugriva which Vali ignored and went out ?323. How did Laxman differentiated Sugriva with Vali for Rama to hit Vali ?324. What was the significance of the arrow which hit Vali and what did he see when he pulled it out ?325. Vali threw whose dead body into Mat hangar’s ashram ?326. What did Rama do when Sabari attained moksham ?327. Describe Bhagiratha’s effort in one word ?328. Describe Sabaris’s life in one word ?329. To whom did Vali hand over Angathan personally before he died ?330. When Sugriva started enjoying the life after becoming king , whom did Rama send to him to remind him ?331. When did Sampathi see the team of southbound vanaras first ?332. Name the Sanagathigal ? Who is their father ?333. Name the wife of Vibhishanan ?334. In which stage of war and why did Khumbhakarnan was awakened by Ravana ?335. Who advised Rama to use Brahmashtra again Ravana forkilling him ?336. What did Vibhishanan bring from Ayodhya after Pattabhishagam ?337. What did Anasuya give to sita when she met her ?338. To whom did Rama give the Vishnu dhanush received from Parasuram ?339. Ramayana says Ravana was defeated by whom ( khstriya king before Rama ?340. How did Akambanan fly away /ESCAPE from Rama banam ?341. Who were the mother of Skanda as per Ramayana ?342. Who was Ajan ?343. Who killed Jambhumali ?344. Who killed Brahasthan ? Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 11   
  12. 12. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   345. Who killed Adhikayan ?346. From whose Shoulders did Laxman fight against Inderjith ?347. When Laxman was going towards Nikhumbahala , what did Inderjith do to escape ?348. Who is the guru of Nimi vamsam ?349. Who is the father of Viswamithra ?350. Who owned Khamadhenu ?351. What was Malyavan ‘s advise to Ravana before start of war ?352. Spies sent by Ravana before war ?353. Wife of Mayan ?354. Who did Khumbhakarna carried from battle field and how did he escape him ?355. Who is the father of Dasanana ?356. Who gave the name VALMIKI ?357. What was the name of original Ramayanam written by Valmiki ?358. Who is the wife of Rishia Sringer ?  359. Who relieved Rama and Lakshmana from Nagapasam ? Garudan 360. Who is called Upendra among 10 avtars of Vishnu ? Vamana avtar  361. Name the two divine ashtras which Inderjith used to win war against Rama and Lakshma ?  Nagapasam , Brahmasthram  362. Who advised Dasaratha to bring Rishyasringer to conduct Puthrakameshti Yaga ? Vashiatar  363. Which Rishi all his punya  of tapas to the feet of Sri Rama instead of going to Heaven when  Sri Rama begin the journey through Dhandakaranya –Sarabangar  364. Why Sabari believed that Mathanga Rishi was still with her in the Ashram ? – wet dress ,  incessant holy fire (agni) 365. Where did Rama stay with Lakshmana and Sita for maximum time during exile ? Panchavati 366. Name the two spies sent by Ravana to assess the strength of ‘Vanara sena “ ? Suka Sarana 367. Who are the parents of Adhikayan ? Ravana ,Dhanyamalini  368. In the killing of Karan and Inderjith , there is one difference and one similarity ? what is it ?  Rama /Laxman killed – with Indra asthram  369. Who created Rikshabilam for whom ? Mayan for Hema (apsaras) 370. Who is the father of Jhambhavan ? Brahma 371. Name the two demons / asuras killed by Vali ? Mayavi ,Dhundhubi 372. Who narrated the story of Vishwamithra and when ? Sadanandar /during Sita vivaham  373. Who wanted to go the heaven with physical body ? Trisnagu   Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 12   
  13. 13. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   374. Who was the father of Ganga as per Ramayana ? Himavan  375. Who is the grandfather of King Raghu?Katvangan  376. To salvate 60,000 sgara puthras , to whom did Garuda advised to bring in Ganga from the  heavens ? Amsuman  377. Who set up the holy city of Ayodhya ? Vaiwaswatha manu   378. Who was killed by Dasaratha using his Sapthavedhanam by mistake ? Sravankumar 379. Who killed Brahasthan ? Neelan  380. Who gave the news of ‘ destruction of Janasthanam including Karan and Dhooshanan” to  Ravanan? Akampanan  381. Who is considered as the grand son of Brahaspathi in Ramayana ? Hanuman  382. Who is referred as ‘ buddhimatham sreshtam”? in Ramayana ? Hanuman 383. Who is Tripathaka and why ? Ganga – she is present all the 3 lokas  384. Who is the father of Vishwamithra ? King Kadhi  385. Who married Sathrugan ? Sruthakeerthi 386. Who is the Kula guru of Nimi vamsam ? Sadanandar 387. Why did Sugriva choose Mathanga’s ashram for hiding ? Curse on Vali  388. From whom did Ravana take away the pushpaka viman ? Kubera 389. When Hanuman entered Ravana’s court , what did Ravana think of Hanuman ? Nandhi  Bhagwan 390. In Ramayana , Indra came as which monkey King ? Vali  391. Who is the father of Mandodari ? Mayan  392. Who gave Sri Rama all divine Asthras ? Viswamithra  393. What is the river in Chitrakoodam ? Kalindhi or Mandhakini  394. What is the meaning of AYODHYA?  395. Out of 4 sons DASARATHA, who represent YAJUR VEDAM?  396. During which YAGA, DASARATHA conducted PUTRA KAMESHTI YAGA?  397. Where did Sri Ram protected the YAGNA of Viswamithra ?  398. Who are two daughters of Himavan ?  399. Who is the son of AHALYA and GOWTHAMAR ?  400. What was the purpose of Skanda Jananam ? or aim of his avatar ?  401. Who was KAKASURAN ? 402. Who is called MEGANATH originally ?  403. Who is the father of KHUMBHAKARNA ?  404. Aditya Hrudhayam  is a prayer towards which GOD ? 405. Who was the other  TWO important ASURAS ( apart from KARAN ) killed by RAMA in the  Janasthanam  battle ?  406. Whose son / amsam was NALAN ?  407. Who went as RAMA DHOODHA just before start of YUDDHA to RAVANA ?  408. Who came as SUGRIVA ?   Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 13   
  14. 14. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010    409. Who were the two asuras killed by VALI ?   410. Define BHAGHEERATHA’s life in one word ?   411. Who was VIRADHAN originally? Who cursed him ?   412. Who was the father of Sugriva as per Ramayana ?   413. Who did PRATAKSHINAM of SRI HARI during TRIVIKRAMA avtaram  by chanting nama ?   414. Who did PADA PUJA to BHAGAWAN during TRI VIKRAMA AVATAR which came down as GANGA?  415. Who was the SARATHY for SRI RAMA when he killed RAVANA ?  416. Who informed RAVANA , first , about the beauty and greatness of SITA which made him to abduct her  later?  417. Who were the two asuras who were troubling the YAGNA of VISWAMITHRA ?  418. Who explained the greatness of SURYA vamsa before SITA‐RAMA marriage at Mithilapuri ?  419. Where was Bharatan when DASARATAHA died ?  420. By which method , did HANUAM make  or confirm friendship between RAMA and SUGRIVA ?  421. Who was Sabari’s Guru ?  422. Who  were  two  noble  minded  ladies  in  Sri  Lanka  who  were  comforting  SITA  MATHA  while  in  Asoka  Vanam ?  423. Who  was  the  mother  of  VASUGI  ,  ANATHAN  ,  KARKODAKAN  ,  KALINGAN  ,  THAKSHAKAN  and  other  divine snakes who was requested by DEVAS to test Hanuman’s powers ?  424. How many sons did SAGARAN had in total?  425. Who prayed to LORD SIVA to bear the force of GANGA when she comes down from the heavens?  426. Who took IRAVATHAM elephant which came out of MILKY OCEAN? 427. Who helped Sri Ram to cross Ganga when he went to forest ?  428. Where did the final fight between LAXMAN and inderjith took place ?  429. Who is the father of MANDODARI ?  430.  Who are the two women who had DHARSAN of SRI RAMA has Bhagavan Narayanan ?  431. Who were witnesses to SABARI MOKSHAM? 432. How  many  ministers  of  VIBHESANA    accompanied  him  when  he  came  to  SURRENDER  to  SRI  RAM  (  during his SARANAGATHI)  433. Just before start of war , RAVANA tried to confuse SITA by creating by MAGIC , head of Sri Rama and  shown to her ? Name the magician who helped RAVANA in this ?  434. Who was RAVANA and KHUMBAKANA in their previous birth and who killed them ?  435. Name relation between THREE GUNAS and RAVANA and his brothers ? 436.  Name the bird who did  VACHIKA KAINKARYAM ( helping by using mouth , speaking or words ) in SRI  RAMA ‘s effort to find SITA MATHA ?  437. In RECOGNITION whose selfless BHAKTHI, two feasts (BHARATWAJAR FEAST and MADHUVANA FEAST)  were famous in RAMAYANA?   438. Name the divine arrow ( asthra) used by DASRATHA , which by mistake killed an young Brahmin boy  called SHRAVAN KUMAR ? 439. Name the two avatars of VISHNU during CHURNING of MILKY OCEAN ?  440. Who denied the request of TRISANGU to conduct a yagna to send him to HEAVEN with physical body?   Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 14   
  15. 15. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   441. Who is the king who has the distinction of becoming a BRAHMIN by his meditation though born as a  KSHTRIYA?  442. What did SRI RAMA gave back to HANUMAN in return of his help in finding SITA MATA alive in Lanka?  443. By  which  method  or  route  did  SITA  MATA  advised  RAVANA  to  approach  SRI  RAMA  to  make  peace  though he did a blunder of kidnapping SITA MATHA?  444. When Hanuman burnt Lanka to ashes, who informed him that SITA MATA is not hurt by fire ?  445. What is the tithi and star of Rama?   446. Who is the BRAHMA PUTRA who had the unique distinction of having dharsan of SRI RAMA and SRI  KRISHNA in 2 yugas ?   447. Who created divine bows for SHIVA and VISHNU ?   448.  What was the life style of MAREECHAN when RAVANA met him with the request to help him to  abduct SITA MATHA ?   449. Who ruled AYODHYA when Sri Rama was in Forest ?   450. What was the name of the DESAM or kingdom ruled by DASARATHA ?   451. When did DASARATHA get reminded of the curse of SRAVAN KUMAR’s old parents ?    452. Which desam / kingdom  was blessed with abundant rain fall after the visit of RISHYA SRINGER   453.  Name the PARVAT or hill in which Sugriva was hiding when Sri Rama came to meet him ?  454.Who is VIWASWAN   ?   455.Among VANARAS, who is the  ‘amsam’ of BRAHASPATHI or DEVA GURU ?   456.How many KALYANA GUNAS  of Sri Rama listed / described by VALMIKI in Sanskepa Ramayana  ?  457. Who is the father of Sruthakeerthi ?   458.Who are the parents of AKSHKUMARAN ?   459.Who reminded Sri Rama to use BRAHMASTRA to kill Ravana ?   460.How many ministers accompanied Vibhesan while SARANAGATHI ?   461.Who started the VAMSAM of JANAKA ?   462.Who are the three people who are involved in diverting the TAPAS of KOUSIKAR before he became Brahma Rishi  ?   463.Who advised Sri Rama to settle in Panchavati ?   464.Name the location where Rama drew the design of the dam with his BOW’s tip ?   465.Who in Ramayana stood in front of Lord Surya’s Chariot to learn all VEDAS and SASTHRAS  in the sky ?        466.What was the ‘marriage’ or’ swayamvar ‘ which took place during AMRUTHA MATHANAM?   467. When a monkey beats you , Lanka will be doomed ? – Who said this to whom?   468.Why was VAMANA called UPENDRA?   469.By which DHANUS, did Rama kill KARAN?   470.From whom did Ravana snatched the city of Lanka ?   471.Who was the first RAKSHASAN who snatched SITA from RAMA and ran into the forest?   472.You have to offer  something to this ‘asthram’ in the Vishnu dhanus as it cannot go waste! – Who said this to  whom?   473.“ I am always with you and the proof is that this holy fire will not cease and my cloths would be always wet “      whose said this to whom ?   474.When Laxman was entering KISHKINTHA fort with fuming anger that SUGRIVA did not keep up his words to Sri  Ram , who received him and calmed him ?   475.Who is the mother of ADIKHAYAN ?   476.Who ridiculed Sri Ram’s Sathya Nishta and encouraged him to come back to Ayodhya from Chitrakootam ?   Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 15   
  16. 16. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   477.Before entering Chirakootam , Sita prayed to a holy BANYAN tree ! what is its name ?  478.Who has given an advance warning to Hanuman about a CHAYAGRAHI ( Ghost which pulls the shadow ) in the  sea ?  479.How many lakshnas / CHARACTERISTICS are there for SARANAGATHI which all fit well for VIBHESANA ?  480.Is it true as per Valmiki Ramayana , DASRATAHA comes back in Yuddha  kandam and blesses Sri Rama ?  481.“ANIRVEDAM SRIYO MOOLAM “ means ‘ self motivation is the root cause of all the wealth and success “ who  said this in Sundara Kandam to himself ?  482.Who built a DEVI temple in his mind and kept SITA as the moola vigraham and Ram / Lakshmana as  dwara  palakas ?  483.Who helped MAINAKA PARVAT to fly with wings and escape   from the anger  of Indra ,once upon a time ?  484.What was the reaction of SANJIVI PARVAT DEVETHA ( King of that hill ) when Hanuman  looked for medicinal  herbs?  485.Who gave the boon to SURASA that whatever flies over her sky zone, should be her food or prey? 486.In the third round of war , to confuse and divert attention  of all , what did INDERJITH do ?  487.Who informed Sri Rama that INDERJITH was planning a yaga at Nikhumbala ?  488.To kill INDERJITH , Lakshmana Swamy fixed INDRASTRAM  in his dhanus and took OATH in the name of ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ ‐‐‐‐ ? And sent the arrow?  489.In which way did GARUDAN , related to the wife (Sumathi )of  King SAGARA ?  490.When Amsuman was going in search of the ‘ asvam , the horse , he saw eight ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ ?  491.Who refused to fight with DHUNDHUBI and directed him to fight with VALI ?  492.Who killed his mother by the order of his father and regained her life with father’s blessings ?  493.My vision in my eyes have gone with Sri Rama ! Who said this words ?  494.Who is referred as ‘SIRANJEEVI “ in Ramayana ?  495. As per legends of Ravana , which hill did he carry with his shoulder power with Lord Siva and Parvathi ?  496.  What was the VAMSAM of RAVANA? Is it true that he was a Brahmin ?  497.Ravana used the SHAKTHI weapon / special weapon given by ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ on Lakshmana ?  498.Apart from being the sons of RAVANA ,  what there is a similarity between ADIKAYAN and INDERJITH ?  499.Why was Sri Rama patient and let INDERJITH do all magic in the first two rounds? Though he knew all divine  ashtras , he could have broken INDERJITH into pieces still he kept patient ? why? 500.After which major event in the war , did Ravana decide to wake up Kumbhakarna?  501.When all were hit by Brahmasthra including Rama and Laxmana, who asked  Vibheesana ‘ Is Hanuman alive ? 502.Who are the father and the son , both killed by Sri Rama in Ramayana ?  503.In both RAMA – RAVANA sides, who were responsible for west gate of Lanka to attack and to protect it ?  504.Before reaching Mithila City , Vishwamithra showed a modern town to Rama –Laxmana on the way ? Name it ?  505.Name the three holy names for Ganga ? as per Ramayana ?  506.Show the similarity between Vasihsta – Kousikar and Jamadagni –Kartha Veeryarjuna ?  507.Who recommended and convinced Dasaratha to send Rama and Lakshmana happily with Viswamithra to protect  his yaga? 508.Since the tapas of Lord Siva got fulfilled in a place , that is called as ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐?  509.“Oh Son of Kousalya ! Pl get up early to do your morning duties towards GOD ! ‘ – Who said this ?  510.Oh, Mahatma , I cannot repay my debt to you ! So I give myself to you ! –Who said this to whom ?  511.When Sugriva  showed the ornaments of Sita , Whom did Sri Rama ask to see and verify whether it belongs to  Sita Piratti ?  512.What was the first thought of Ravana upon seeing Hanuman entering his court ?  513. What was the length of Hanuman’s shadow when he was crossing the ocean ? SPECIAL QUESTIONS:  Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 16   
  17. 17. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   514. How many KANDAMS are there in Kamba Ramayanam ?  515. Where did ( In which temple ) KAMBAR stage KAMBA RAMAYANAM first?  516. Rama Natakam – who wrote this RAMAYANA TAMIL DRAMA ? Some of his famous compositions still popular today are Yaro ivar yaro (Bhairavi), Kanden Kanden Sitayai (Vasanta), Ramanai Kannara Kandane (Mohanam).517. Among 12 ALWARS , who sang both in TAMIL & SANSKRIT ?518. Among 108 DIVYA DESAMS, which is called as DARPA SAYANA STALAM?519. Which ALWAR noted the ‘ service of ANIL towards Sri Ram “ while dam building in his PASURAM ?520. Name the Muslim King under whom BADRACHALA RAMADAS worked as TASILDAR and whose tax money he did use for TEMPLE CONSTRUCTION?521. Name the hole river flowing around BADRACHALAM hill ?522. What is the name of the 108 Kritis ( sathakam ) sung by BADRACHALA RAMDAS on Lord Rama ?523. What is the family occupation of Sant Kabir ?524. Which Hold city other than Kasi ( where he lived ) , did Kabir go for DARSHAN of Sri Krishna and for SATSANG ?525. How do we call the COUPLETES of his poem in Hindi ? (name of the two lined poems )526. Name the DIVYA DEASAM where ALWAR sung the LULLABY /thalattu on Sri Rama?527. Where did Saint Thayagaraj born ?528. Who wrote HANUMAN CHALIS?529. Who wrote BHAGAVAN NAMA RASODAYAM?530. Who mentions in his SLOKAM, that in Kasi , Lord Siva chants RAMA RAMA in all those ears when anyone dies in the holy city of Kasi ?531. Who took the TV serial RAMAYANA in Hindi FIRST ? 1. Who is the RAMA BHAKTHA in Maharashtra/Marta  who is also a guru of Vir Shivaji ? How many days  did the total war of Rama and Ravana take place ?   2. How many times did Lanka was burnt by Rama Bhakthas ?   3. Who cursed Trisanku to be come a ‘CHANDALAN “   4. Name the divine sword used to kill JATAYU ?   5. Who gave that sword to Ravana?   6. Which item came up first when Milky ocean was churned ?   Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 17   
  18. 18. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   7. Name the auspicious time (muhurth) fixed by Si Ram for the start of journey towards Lanka by the  Sugriva army  8. Who is the father of Tara Devi ?  9. What was the gift of KAIKEYI to Mantharai when she first heard the news of Rama getting crowned ?  10. When did Sri Rama pray to DIWAKAR in Sri Ramayana ?   Sub-junior Questions ( upto 6 years )1. Who is the mother of Laxmanan ? Sumithra2. In which Vamsam did Rama was born ? Surya vamsa or Ikshvahu Vamsa or Raghu Vamsam3. Who is the kulaguru of Rama ? Vasishtar4. Who wrote Ramayanam first ? Valmeeki Bhagawan5. Who gave the name Valmeeki ? Brahma6. Who is the mother of Bharathan ? Kaikeyi7. How many sons did Dasaratha had ? 48. In which city Rama was born ? Ayodhya9. Whose Avtar is Sri Rama ? Lord Vishnu10. By which Yaga , Sri Rama was born ? Puthrakameshti11. Who is the father of Sita ? King Janaka12. Sita Matha was grown up in which city ? Mithila Puri13. How did Sri Rama married Sita ? Winning a contest of breaking Shiva Dhanush14. Name one holy river mentioned in Ramayana? Ganga , Yamauna , Sarayu ,Godhavari15. Who is Vashistar ? Kula guru of Surya Vamsam16. Who took Rama to marry Sita ? Viswamithra17. What was the real name of Viswamithra ? Kousikar18. Whom did he fight with ? for what ? Vasistar for Kamadhenu19. What is the name of the bow broken by Sri Ram ? Shiv Dhanush20. Who is the mother of Mareechan ? Thataka21. Who killed Subahu ? Sri Ram22. When Sri Rama was travelling with Viswamitra , which rakshashi did he kill ? Thataka23. How many head did Ravana had ? 1024. Why was Anjana Devi considered as very lucky and most fortunate ? Mother of Jai Hanuman25. Who is called as Vayu puthran in Ramayana ? Hanuman26. How many rivers meet in Triveni ? 3 – Ganga ,Yamauna and invisible river called Saraswathi27. Who is the close friend of Ram also a boatman ? Guhan28. Which is the town of Guha ( banks of GANGA ) -Sringiberapuram Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 18   
  19. 19. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   29. How did Sabari attain moksham ? By chanting Rama name and due to ardent Guru Bhakthi30. Who was the money king who helped Rama to search for Sita ? Sugriva31. Who is considered as most knowldgeble , intelligent , orator by Sri Rama ? Hanuman32. Who was the famous minster of Dasaratha ? Sumanthra33. Who is the minister of Sugriva ? Hanuman34. In which language Kambaramayanam is written ?Tamil35. Where did Ravana kept sita ? Asoka vanam in Lanka36. Under which tree Sita was sitting ? Simshuba37. Who is Meghnath ? Inderjith’s original name38. What is Khumbhkharna famous for ? Sleeping and eating39. Who is Vibheeshanan ? Younger brother of Ravana , great devotee of Lord Vishnu40. Who is the sister of Ravana ? Surpanaga41. Who cut the nose of Surpanagha ? Laxman42. Who came as golden deer ? Mareechan43. Who killed Mareechan ? Sri Ram44. Why did Laxman cut the nose of Surpanaga ? She tried to harm Sita matha45. Where did Ravana live ? Lanka46. Ravana was a ardent devotee of which God ? Lord Siva47. Who wanted Rama to go to forest ? Kaikeyi48. Why did Kaikei wanted Rama to go to forest ? to get throne for her son Bharatha49. Who is Angathan ? S/o Vali50. Who is the mother of Angathan ? Wife of Vali ? Tara devi51. The town of moneys is called? Kishkintha52. Who killed Ravana ? Sri Rama53. Who killed Inderjith ? Laxman54. Why did Viswamithra ask for Rama to Dasaratha ? Yaga protection , to teach him divine ashthras and to marry Sita55. Who gave the evil idea of sending Rama to forest to Kaikeyei? Manthara (Kooni)56. What was the significance of the kanaiyazhi ? It has ‘RAMA’ name written on it57. Who killed Vali ? Ram58. Who fought with Ravana when he was carrying Sita ? Jatayu59. Who chanted Suprabhatam first ? Vishwamithra60. Who are sons of Ravana ? Inderjith, Akshakumar61. Who is the wife of Ravana ? Mandhoodari62. What was the name of the bow carried by Sri Rama ? Kothandam63. What was the name of the bow given by Parasurama ? Vishnu Dhanush Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 19   
  20. 20. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010   64. Who was Valmiki before ? A robber65. Who was the oldest person in the army of Sugriva ? Jambhavan66. Which mantra did Valmiki chant to become a great rishi ? Rama namam as ‘mara’67. Who brought Ganga to the earth ? Bhagheerathan68. Which avtar did Vishnu came a pigmy ? Vamana69. Who is the brother of Jatayu ? Sampathi70. Who gave moksham to Jatayu? Sri Ram71. Ravana was killed by which Asthra ? Brahmasthra72. Which Rishi recited Aditya Hrudharyam to Rama ? Agasthiyar73. By which way Sita was carried by Ravana ? air way74. What is the name of the viman used by Ravana ? Pushpaka vimanam75. How many years Rama was sent to forest by Kaikeyi ? 1476. Who gave the boons to Kaikeyi ? To whom did Kaikeyi asked her boons ? Dasaratha77. What is the birthday of Sri Ram called now ? Rama navami78. In which vamsam did Sita born ? Nimi Vamsam ?79. Who is the kula guru of Nimi vamsam ? Sadanandar80. Whom did Gowthama curse to be a stone ? Akalya81. What did Sri Rama give back to Bharatha at Chithrakoodam ? Sri Rama Padhuka82. Who ruled Ayodhya when Rama was in exile ? Sri Rama Padhuka83. Who are the twins among Dasaratha’s sons ? Laxmana and Satrugan84. Who did Putrakameshti for Dasaratha ? Rishya Sringer85. Who conferred the title Brhama Rishi to Vishwamithra finally ? Vasistar86. Who was the rishi for Gayathri manthra ? Viswamithra87. What was the manthra given by Vishwamithra to Rama and Laxman to avoid hunger and sleep ? Balai , Athibalai88. Which mountain came in the way of Hanuman when he was flying over the sea ? Mainakam89. Which rakshashi pulled Hanuman down by catching the shadow ? Simmigai90. Which ‘mother of nagas’ tested Hanuman’s strength while jumping the ocean? Surasa91. Who came for help when RAM and Laxman were hit by Nagapasam ? GARUDAN92. Who went to bring medicine from Sanjeevi parvatham when Ram and Laxman were hit by Brahmasthra ? Hanuman93. What is the name of medicine brought by Hanuman ? Mrithyu SANJEEVINI94. Which is the most important principle did Rama stood firm in his life ? Sathyam95. What is the name of the chapter in praise of Hanuman’s heroics and Bahakthi ? Sundarakandam96. How many wives did Dasaratha had ? Three97. Who married Laxman ? Urmila Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 20   
  21. 21. SRI RAMAYANA QUIZ‐TEST YOURSELF  2010    98. Who married Bharth? Mandovi 99. Who married Satrugan ? Sruthakeerthi100. In which Yuga , Rama avatar took place ? Tretha101. Who is the mother of Sri Rama?102. In which city , Sita was brought up by King Janaka ?103. Who is the boatman , the best friend of Sri Rama ?104. Name the mother who sent Sri Rama to forest?105. How many years did Sri Rama went to forest?106. Who went to forest with Sri Rama for ‘ vanavasam “ from his family ?107. What is the city of Vali and Sugriva ?108. Who is the son of Vali ?109. Who is the brother of Vali who surrendered to Sri Rama ?110. Name the VULTURE king who fought with Ravana to help Sita and died ?111. What was the ‘MANTRA “ given by SABARI’s Guru ?112. How many heads did Ravana have ?113. Name the KING OF MONKEYS who helped Rama to find Sita ?114. What is JAI HANUMAN give to Sita in the Asoka vanam ?115. Name the city of Ravana ?116. Which Rishi took Sri Rama and Lakshmana to protect his yagna / yaga ?117. Which asura came as a magical golden deer ?118. How do we call the place where Ganga , Yamuna , Sarswathi meet ?119. By breaking --------------- dhanus , Sri Rama married Sita ?120. ------------ is Kula Guru of Sri Rama ?121. Who are the twins among the brothers of Sri Rama ?122. Who did Putrakameshti Yaga for Dasaratha ?123. Who is the Guru of Sabari ?124. Who taught ‘BALAI , ATHI BALAI manthra to Sri Rama?125. Who burnt Lanka into ashes ?126. Who was the lady demon who watched the security of Lanka127. Who is the Guru of Hanuman ? Prepared by Anand Dayanidhi on 27‐7‐2010  Page 21