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Increase Conversion By Driving Traffic Back To Your Website


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We can't avoid sharing a good content, because we like to spread useful information. The downside is that people leave our site and this results to less traffic and conversion. The good thing is, there's an app that helps us drive traffic back to our website. We can add a call-to-action even when the website is not ours using Sniply.

This tutorial covers the basics and step-by-step guide on how to add a call-to-action to websites you do not own.

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Increase Conversion By Driving Traffic Back To Your Website

  1. 1. Tutorial Get Started: Sniply
  2. 2. What is Sniply?
  3. 3. is a tool that allows you to add your own custom message onto any piece of content.
  4. 4. Why use Sniply?
  5. 5. #1 Get conversions from curated content
  6. 6. #1Attach your own brand to every links you share
  7. 7. #2 Get conversions from your own content
  8. 8. #2Add call-to-actions to links on your own content for followers to take action.
  9. 9. #3Get conversions from earned media
  10. 10. #3 Add call-to-actions for shared articles/publications that features you
  11. 11. Creating an Account
  12. 12. Search for Sniply
  13. 13. Click the link for Sniply
  14. 14. Click Get Started for Free
  15. 15. Or click Sign up for free account
  16. 16. Or click Sign up for free account
  17. 17. Click Pricing for paid plans
  18. 18. Choose a plan
  19. 19. Sign-up using Facebook or Twitter m Fill out the form
  20. 20. Sign-up using Facebook Fill out the form and click Log In
  21. 21. Sign-up using Twitter Fill out the form
  22. 22. Sign-up using Twitter Click Sign in
  23. 23. Sign-up using Email Full Name Fill out the form
  24. 24. Sign-up using Email Full Name Click CREATE ACCOUNT
  25. 25. Start using Sniply
  26. 26. Know the basics
  27. 27. What is a Snip/Sniply Link? A special link that contains your call-to-action along with a webpage
  28. 28. Sniply Types: Button Snip Attaches a button that redirects visitors to your website
  29. 29. Sniply types: Text Link Attaches a hyperlink text that redirects to your website
  30. 30. Sniply types: Form Snip creates an email capture form for visitors to signup
  31. 31. Sniply types: Image Snip Creates a custom banner image that visitors can click on to visit your page
  32. 32. Sniply types: Hidden Snip Visually hides the Sniply bar while still making use of other functionality
  33. 33. Sniply dashboard
  34. 34. Sniply dashboard: Manage Consists of Brand Profiles, Call-to-Actions, and Sniply Links
  35. 35. Sniply dashboard: Manage Brand Profiles contains all the brands attached in snips
  36. 36. Sniply dashboard: Manage Brand Profiles
  37. 37. Sniply dashboard: Manage Call-to-Actions organizes snips and segmenting the analytics for different marketing initiatives
  38. 38. Sniply dashboard: Manage Call-to-Actions
  39. 39. Sniply dashboard: Manage Sniply Links groups links that contain your call-to-action along with a webpage
  40. 40. Sniply dashboard: Manage Sniply links
  41. 41. Sniply dashboard: Integrations Includes App Directory, RSS Feeds, Embed on Website
  42. 42. Sniply dashboard: Integrations App Directory list all applications that can be integrated with Sniply
  43. 43. Sniply dashboard: Integrations App Directory
  44. 44. Sniply dashboard: Integrations RSS Feeds create entire sets of automatically snipped links
  45. 45. Sniply dashboard: Integrations Embed on Website – optimize website for Sniply by adding a Sniply code
  46. 46. Sniply dashboard: Integrations Embed on Website
  47. 47. Sniply dashboard: Account Includes Team, Publisher Tools, UTM Tags, Affiliate, Billing, Settings
  48. 48. Sniply dashboard: Account Team lets members work together
  49. 49. Sniply dashboard: Account Team
  50. 50. Sniply dashboard: Account Publisher Tools helps to view and manage snips of your site
  51. 51. Sniply dashboard: Account Publisher Tools
  52. 52. Sniply dashboard: Account UTM Tags - track visitor sources and segment campaign traffic in your analytics
  53. 53. Sniply dashboard: Account UTM Tags
  54. 54. Sniply dashboard: Account Affiliate allows you to get commissions buy promoting sniply
  55. 55. Sniply dashboard: Account Billing shows your Sniply account plans and payment details
  56. 56. Sniply dashboard: Account Change Password and Email in the Settings
  57. 57. Sniply dashboard: Account Settings
  58. 58. Sniply dashboard: Support Includes Helpdesk, Learn the Basics, and Tips & Strategies
  59. 59. Sniply dashboard: Support Helpdesk lists FAQs, definitions and manuals
  60. 60. Sniply dashboard: Support Helpdesk
  61. 61. Sniply dashboard: Support Learn the Basics includes tutorials
  62. 62. Sniply dashboard: Support Learn the basics Learn the Basics
  63. 63. Sniply dashboard: Support Tips & Strategies others techniques in optimizing Sniply
  64. 64. Sniply dashboard: Support Tips & Strategies
  65. 65. Adding a brand
  66. 66. Brand contains a photo, name, home URL, and custom domain
  67. 67. Visitors can also click on your profile photo or name, and where that links to is determined by the home URL
  68. 68. If promoting a person, add the person’s full name and upload a photo of a person as the Brand
  69. 69. If promoting a company, add the company name and upload a logo of the business.
  70. 70. Create a Brand Click here
  71. 71. or go to Brand Profiles
  72. 72. Click +New Brand
  73. 73. Click Upload a photo
  74. 74. Type a name/brand
  75. 75. Type a URL
  76. 76. Click Save
  77. 77. Create a Snip
  78. 78. Click here
  79. 79. Click here
  80. 80. Select a brand
  81. 81. Select a Sniply Type
  82. 82. Personalize your message
  83. 83. Add Call-to-Action
  84. 84. Add your URL link
  85. 85. Click Continue
  86. 86. Customize the snip
  87. 87. Change Theme
  88. 88. Edit Colors* *upgrade to unlock
  89. 89. Change the position of the Snip* *upgrade to unlock
  90. 90. Show/remove the Sniply logo* *upgrade to unlock
  91. 91. Click Finish CTA when done
  92. 92. Preview Snip
  93. 93. Preview Snip
  94. 94. Click Create a Link
  95. 95. Click Snio
  96. 96. Copy the Sniply link
  97. 97. Visit the link and see the preview of the snip
  98. 98. Visit the link
  99. 99. Share to other social media
  100. 100. Example: Share on Facebook
  101. 101. Click Post to Facebook
  102. 102. Click the post to check the Snip
  103. 103. A snip of your brand can be seen at the bottom
  104. 104. Now, share content using Snips to other social media platforms
  105. 105. “It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” - Jeff Eisenberg
  106. 106. Thanks for watching! Ivy T. Virtual Professional