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Automate Your Social Media All In One Platform


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Hootsuite is an app that manages all your social media accounts. It supports multiple social media platforms. Its core network includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.

Learn how you can manage you social media in one platform with this step-by-step tutorial.

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Automate Your Social Media All In One Platform

  1. 1. Get Started: Hootsuite Tutorial
  2. 2. What is Hootsuite?
  3. 3. Hootsuite is a social media management platform
  4. 4. Why use Hootsuite?
  5. 5. #1 Engage with your audience effectively
  6. 6. #2 Grow audience and generate lead using social media campaigns
  7. 7. #3 Simplify social media publishing
  8. 8. #4 Measure effectiveness of social media outreach through analytics
  9. 9. #5 Understand conversations around your brand using analytics solutions
  10. 10. #6 Effectively manage social media securely and safely
  11. 11. #7 Let employees easily and safely share your content to boost reach
  12. 12. #8 Manage social media on your phones/tablets
  13. 13. #9 Integrate social media with other tools
  14. 14. Creating an Account
  15. 15. Search for Hootsuite
  16. 16. Click the link for Hootsuite
  17. 17. Choose among Twitter, Facebook, Hoogle or create
  18. 18. Or get Hootsuite for enterprise/business
  19. 19. Select a Plan
  20. 20. Sign-up using Facebook Fill out the form
  21. 21. Sign-up using Facebook Click Log In
  22. 22. Sign-up using Twitter Fill out the form
  23. 23. Sign-up using Twitter m Click Authorize app
  24. 24. Sign-up using Gmail sampleemail Add Gmail and click Next
  25. 25. Sign-up using Gmail Add Password then click Sign In
  26. 26. No google account? Click Create account
  27. 27. Sign-up using Email Fill out the form First name Last name
  28. 28. Sign-up using Email First name Last name Click Sign up
  29. 29. Sign in using your Hootsuite account Type Email & Password
  30. 30. Sign in using your Hootsuite account Click Sign In
  31. 31. Add social networks or add later
  32. 32. Log in to a social network
  33. 33. Select an account and click Add Selected Accounts
  34. 34. Click Continue
  35. 35. Click Done adding social network
  36. 36. Start using Hootsuite to manage your social media accounts
  37. 37. Know the basics
  38. 38. Hootsuitedashboard Account Name, email & Settings
  39. 39. Hootsuitedashboard Change or add details then click Save Account Info
  40. 40. Hootsuitedashboard Quick social media publisher
  41. 41. Hootsuitedashboard Lists of social medias
  42. 42. Hootsuitedashboard Add a social network
  43. 43. Hootsuitedashboard Select a social network then click Connect
  44. 44. Hootsuitedashboard Log In to a social network
  45. 45. Hootsuitedashboard Click Authorize to connect it to Hootsuite
  46. 46. Hootsuitedashboard Upgrade to a paid account
  47. 47. Hootsuitedashboard Make a quick search in Twitter and Instagram
  48. 48. Hootsuitedashboard Select Instagram or Twitter and search
  49. 49. Hootsuitedashboard Collaborate with others, create teams
  50. 50. Hootsuitedashboard Click Start collaborating with others
  51. 51. Hootsuitedashboard Edit Name, Upload photo then click Create Organization
  52. 52. Hootsuitedashboard Start adding Teams, Members & Social Networks
  53. 53. Hootsuitedashboard Side menu
  54. 54. Hootsuite side menu
  55. 55. Sidemenu Drag the cursor to left bar to view the Side menu
  56. 56. Streams Streams organizes your dashboard for listening and monitoring
  57. 57. Streams indieivyTabs separates and categorizes personal and business social networks and apps
  58. 58. Streams indieivy Click the plus (+) sign and rename
  59. 59. Streams indieivy Click Streams or Social Network under each tab to add
  60. 60. Streams indieivy Streams help breakdown each tab according to social networks, apps, functionality, keyword searches
  61. 61. Streams indieivy Click plus (+) to add
  62. 62. Streams indieivy Add more streams or delete. Manage social networks using streams - comment, like, share, etc.
  63. 63. Publisher Publisher - see drafts, scheduled, or past posts
  64. 64. Publisher Edit saved posts in Drafts
  65. 65. Publisher Manage Scheduled posts
  66. 66. Publisher Green colored past schedules means that it was successfully posted
  67. 67. Sidemenu Red colored past schedules means that it wasn’t posted. Click it to fix.
  68. 68. Publisher Required Approval and Expired Approval are additional features for Enterprise accounts that lets the admin reviews scheduled post
  69. 69. Publisher Rejected, RSS Feeds and Bulk Message Uploads are features of Enterprise accounts
  70. 70. Analytics Analytics lets you track social network engagement and growth over time
  71. 71. Analytics Click from the templates and connect to the social network
  72. 72. Analytics Build Custom Reports from scratch
  73. 73. Analytics After creating a report, you can Share, Export to PDF or CSV, or Download
  74. 74. Analytics Or Duplicate, Edit, and Delete
  75. 75. Assignments Assignments is a team Collaboration feature
  76. 76. Assignments These are the features for team collaboration
  77. 77. Campaigns Campaigns helps to generate leads and grow audience
  78. 78. Campaigns Click on the following campaigns
  79. 79. Contacts Click Contacts
  80. 80. Contacts Add contacts from a Twitter account or Google+
  81. 81. AppDirectory App Directory are extension added to the dashboard to create a customized experience
  82. 82. AppDirectory Select from a list of App Directory to install or delete
  83. 83. Settings Modify your account from the Settings
  84. 84. Tools Click Tools
  85. 85. Tools Get certified through Hootsuite University
  86. 86. Tools Partner Programs - be a solution, platform and affiliate partner
  87. 87. Tools Mobile Apps are available for android and apple
  88. 88. Tools Extensions and Downloads integrates social media with other tools
  89. 89. Help Click Help for technical support
  90. 90. Help Select from Help Desk, Feedback & Wise Guide
  91. 91. SignOut Sign Out when you’re done
  92. 92. Broadcast a single message to different social networks easily
  93. 93. Click the top most bar
  94. 94. Select the social networks you want your post to appear Twitter Facebook
  95. 95. Add a message Twitter Facebook
  96. 96. Share articles. Copy the link and click Shrink Twitter Facebook
  97. 97. The link is now shortened and a preview of the post will appear below Twitter Facebook
  98. 98. You can change the image by clicking the camera icon Twitter Facebook
  99. 99. Select an image from your folder. Click Open Twitter Facebook
  100. 100. The image will appear here Twitter Facebook
  101. 101. Upload files or connect to YouTube or Dropbox to upload videos and files
  102. 102. Select a file or an image from your folder. Click Open
  103. 103. Manually schedule a post
  104. 104. Or turn AutoSchedule on
  105. 105. AutoSchedule schedules each message once within the timeframe selected in your AutoSchedule settings.
  106. 106. Click settings to customize AutoSchedule
  107. 107. Customize the number of posts, time and days
  108. 108. Click Save Settings
  109. 109. Click AutoSchedule once you’ve set a schedule
  110. 110. Click Clear to remove post, Save to drafts or Send Now to publish
  111. 111. Hootsuite successfully published a post for you
  112. 112. Congratulations! You saved time by smartly managing your social media.
  113. 113. “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” - Seth Godin
  114. 114. Thanks! Ivy T. Virtual Professional