Case Study The Pinky Show Reproducible I Completed Pdf


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Case Study The Pinky Show Reproducible I Completed Pdf

  1. 1. REPRODUCIBLE I Assessing the Authority and Validity of Internet Information Name Mrs. Waite Date March 17th 2009 Internet Information Checklist Web Site Name and URL The Pinky Show Authority Is the source of the information Not really – Associated Animals Inc? identified? Pinky, Mimi & Kim – curious cats, many sources seem to be Wikipedia…. Does the creator have knowledge of Seems to! the subject? Are qualifications provided? No, hard to find out who the authors are, let alone why they are writing what they are. Does the URL provide clues to help No. you assess the information? Objectivity Does the site state facts or opinions? Claims to be facts, is really full of opinions. The lack of readily available sources and author information leads me to believe that it is mostly a light overview of the facts, and then a statement of opinions. Do you suspect bias? If so, why? Yes, again, hard to find information on sources and authors. All content is anti-globalization, with no discussion of possible alternative views. Is the source of information clearly No. I had to dig and dig to find stated? sources. Disappointed to find Wikipedia… Copyright © 2007 McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited. May be reproduced for classroom use only.
  2. 2. REPRODUCIBLE I CONTINUED Does the site include advertising? If No. Only advertising for the Pinky so, does this affect the reliability of Show (donations, merchandise.) If the information? anything this increases the reliability of the information ,at least on the surface. Comprehensiveness Does the content meet your Good as an additional, but not main, research needs? source. Does the content cover a specific Covers a lot of topics, generally period or an aspect of the topic — or anti-establishment. (i.e. Joke on is it comprehensive? main page) Do you need to find additional Absolutely. sources to add to the information provided? Currency If it matters to your topic, has the Yes, it is updated regularly. site been updated recently? Links Are links to other sources provided? Yes. Have to search for them though. Under the title ”Fight” and subheading “Special” (huh?) Do the links work? Yes. Are they useful? Yes. My Rating of This Web Site 1_________________________________ 7_ ____________________10 Not authoritative at all Highly authoritative Copyright © 2007 McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited. May be reproduced for classroom use only.