Sps toronto lcbo uncorks share point governance


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Sps toronto lcbo uncorks share point governance

  1. 1. LCBO Uncorks SharePoint Governance A Case Study into Governance Ivor Davies – Systems Analyst, LCBO
  2. 2. www.sharepointsummit.org About the LCBO  Established in1927 by Lieutenant Governor William Donald Ross.  It is the single largest purchaser of beverage alcohol in the world.  Has over 634 stores in the province of Ontario with 219 Agency Stores in smaller communities.  LCBO’s net sales in 2012-2013 was $4.89 Billion.  Transferred over $13.7 Billion to the Ontario Treasury during the last 10 fiscal years.  Returned $1.7 Billion in profit to the Ontario Government in the last fiscal year.  Total number of products available in 2012 to 2013 was 17,615.  www.lcbo.com and www.vintages.com are the main websites.
  3. 3. www.sharepointsummit.org My Biography….  10 Years of SharePoint experience  23 Years of IT work with the LCBO - Ontario (32 years with company)  Seasoned IT Professional in SharePoint / Project Server / Microsoft Office / Virtualization  Classified as a SharePoint "Specialist" on Klout with over 1300 Twitter followers,10,000 Pinterest followers and 2,750 LinkedIn connections.  Introduced SharePoint and Project Server to the LCBO back in 2003.  Has been identified as one of the Top 100 SharePoint Influencers (out of 15,000) according to http://www.scratchmm.com/sharepoint/community-vote
  4. 4. www.sharepointsummit.org Agenda: • Project Background • Portal Upgrade Project Objectives • Opportunities for Clients • Why do we care? • What is Governance? • Governance based on “reach” • Governance Process • Governance Teams • The Result?
  5. 5. www.sharepointsummit.org Project Background
  6. 6. www.sharepointsummit.org Project Background One of LCBO’s corporate goals is driving efficiency in the workplace. Issues with the old legacy portal was: • Unable to deliver document management capabilities • Lacks searching of structured and unstructured data • Lacks dashboards and self-service business intelligence • The majority of the work needed to be vetted and performed by IT (EUC Web Services) staff, this caused a major bottleneck due to limited staff and other projects.
  7. 7. www.sharepointsummit.org Portal Upgrade Project Objectives
  8. 8. www.sharepointsummit.org LCBO Corporate Portal (Top) 10
  9. 9. www.sharepointsummit.org LCBO Corporate Portal (Bottom) 11
  10. 10. www.sharepointsummit.org Opportunities for Clients
  11. 11. www.sharepointsummit.org Opportunities for Clients • Improved functionality to enable clients to find information, request information, collaborate and communicate with colleagues • More tool sets for Content Managers to be more self- sufficient in the update and maintenance of portal design and content. • Increase the number of content managers from 30 to ? • SELF-SERVICE! Client will now be able to create sites / sub-sites / pages / folders / document libraries themselves – • NO IT INTERVENTION REQUIRED. 13
  12. 12. www.sharepointsummit.org Why Do We Care?
  13. 13. www.sharepointsummit.org It’s easy to make mistakes … 15
  14. 14. www.sharepointsummit.org … so it’s especially important to plan! • Avoid sprawl • Ensure quality • Deliver a great user experience • Clear decision making authority • Align with business objectives • Comply with record retention policies • Communicate best practices 16 “From Susan Hanley www.susanhanley.com”
  15. 15. www.sharepointsummit.org Why do we care? 17
  16. 16. www.sharepointsummit.org What is Governance?
  17. 17. www.sharepointsummit.org Governance is about taking action to help your organization organize, optimize, and manage your systems and resources.
  18. 18. www.sharepointsummit.org A governance strategy is never static – it is a living, breathing process and a set of rules that you should live by, not die by! Your governance strategy needs to be adaptable to meet the growing, changing needs of your business. “From Susan Hanley www.susanhanley.com”
  19. 19. www.sharepointsummit.org Governance is based on reach
  20. 20. www.sharepointsummit.org Governance is based on “reach” Home Page Functional Areas Divisions – “Public” Departments – “Public” Team Sites Personal Sites – My Sites / My Store “PUBLIC” SITES: Open to all employees TEAM SITES: Generally open to team members Tightly controlled, formal governance Looser control, less formal governance Some control, some formal governance “PRIVATE” SITES: Open to business group members 22 “From Susan Hanley www.susanhanley.com”
  21. 21. www.sharepointsummit.org Governance Process
  22. 22. www.sharepointsummit.org Governance planning starts at the beginning Business goals – what are we trying to accomplish?  Because that will drive how strict you need to enforce your rules Existing policies – information assurance/records management  Because you shouldn’t have to invent everything new and you may need to “design it in” Existing teams and roles  Because people already have jobs and you want to be sure that your solution is going to be successful if you are going to need to define new roles or relationships 25 “From Susan Hanley www.susanhanley.com”
  23. 23. www.sharepointsummit.org Governance Teams Small team to frame (under 10) – Working Team  Team must be able to make decisions!  Reach out where appropriate Then, engage a larger governance committee to review decisions – Executive Team IT Finance HR Executive Office Sales, Merchandising & Insights Logistics Retail Operations 26“From Susan Hanley www.susanhanley.com”
  24. 24. www.sharepointsummit.org Governance Plan Must Have a Clear Vision Business Goals  Improve collaboration  Share best practices  Replace shared drives & email attachments Business Outcomes, such as:  Easier information access  Move work between business entities  “One stop shop" for authoritative information  Improve the "time to talent"  Capture knowledge of retiring employees 27 “From Susan Hanley www.susanhanley.com”
  25. 25. www.sharepointsummit.org Governance Plan should define decisions 1. Who creates new sites? 2. Who manages navigation? 3. Can site owners re-design? How much? 4. Who controls branding? 5. Who manages metadata? 6. Who controls security? 7. What is the default access? 8. What happens with non-compliance? 9. Who maintains the Governance Plan? 28
  26. 26. www.sharepointsummit.org Roles and Responsibilities • It takes a village! • Put the right team together… early • Gain consensus – communicate!! • Don’t assume existing resources • Not all “net new” 29 “From Susan Hanley www.susanhanley.com”
  27. 27. www.sharepointsummit.org Governance Teams
  28. 28. www.sharepointsummit.org • SharePoint out of the box is a powerful platform • But many organizations don’t think they have the time, money, people to spend on planning • The same can be said for governance • The result?  Site sprawl  Unfettered content  Process lawlessness Why are we talking about governance?
  29. 29. www.sharepointsummit.org Governance Teams Executive Working 32
  30. 30. www.sharepointsummit.org Executive Team • How do we improve business processes & how do we deliver on that? • What structures need to be in place to deliver this value? • What areas of the business offer the most opportunity for growth? • How can we align our activities with the goals of the business? • Are there synergies that can be created between divisions and departments? • What ways can we reduce inefficiencies and duplication? 33
  31. 31. www.sharepointsummit.org Working Team The tactical team consists of three sub teams all charged with supporting the directives of the strategy team:  Operations  Support  Development 34
  32. 32. www.sharepointsummit.org The Result?
  33. 33. www.sharepointsummit.org LCBO Governance Document
  34. 34. www.sharepointsummit.org LCBO Governance Document Governance Document produced over the course of one year with numerous versions (in SharePoint of course). Document produced was over 29 pages and contained a lot of detail. Document was reviewed by the Governance Working Committee before being published. 37
  35. 35. www.sharepointsummit.org • Executive Summary • Objectives • Vision Statement • Audience • Governance Hierarchy & Model • General Guidelines • Roles & Responsibilities • Processes & Procedures • Content Management • Application Usage Policies 38
  36. 36. www.sharepointsummit.org Executive Summary 39
  37. 37. www.sharepointsummit.org Processes & Procedures 40
  38. 38. www.sharepointsummit.org Policies & Standards 41
  39. 39. www.sharepointsummit.org LCBO Governance Site
  40. 40. www.sharepointsummit.org Governance Document produced over the course of one year with numerous iterations and changes. Document produced was over 25 pages and contained a lot of detail. Dilemma – How do we get our content managers to read and agree to such a large document? Solution – Make it consumable. Create an online version of the document, a living entity. Break up the document into smaller digestible chunks (pages) and link the pages together in a singular website that all can access. Searchable – Entire Governance site is searchable from SharePoint. Accessible – Link to Governance is on the footer of every page. 43
  41. 41. www.sharepointsummit.org Governance Home Page 44
  42. 42. www.sharepointsummit.org Application Usage Policies – Use of Corporate Site 45
  43. 43. www.sharepointsummit.org LCBO Portal Roles & Responsibilities 46
  44. 44. www.sharepointsummit.org Frequently Asked Questions 47
  45. 45. www.sharepointsummit.org Wrapping Up…
  46. 46. www.sharepointsummit.org Best Practices - Service Governance • Define your audience – Know who your users are. • Build trust between you and the people you are providing service for. • Identify stakeholders and champions early. • Operational requirements (i.e., maintenance windows) • Communication plan – it’s crucial to have a good communications plan! • Service elements (scope enabled features) • Service gaps (out of scope) • To Sum it up…Create strong partnerships and a good communication plan.
  47. 47. www.sharepointsummit.org Lessons Learned • It’s really about both assurance and guidance & it takes COMMITMENT – plan, plan, plan • No one cares about governance – until you make it all about them! • Less is more – avoid unnecessary bureaucracy & documents • Create & communicate a roadmap • Build best practices into your site templates & automate everything you can • A governance plan doesn’t replace training • … & training should include the governance plan 50 “From Susan Hanley www.susanhanley.com”
  48. 48. www.sharepointsummit.org Key Points to remember… • Establish a governance plan to ensure quality & relevance of content • Communicate, Communicate, and then Communicate again. • Keep the governance model SIMPLE (Don’t OVER DESIGN) • Think about how we will ensure compliance with the plan over time • “6 month reviews” that we holding right now with each Division’s group of Content Managers – the portal requires continuous “care and feeding”, going beyond the project and being part of general support. • An EFFECTIVE governance plan does not have to constrain every move – it has to provide guidance to users to ensure that the solution remains effective & vibrant over time. • Ensure a strong advocate / Executive Sponsor & Steering Committee.
  49. 49. www.sharepointsummit.org Good SharePoint Resources • SharePoint Server 2010 Plan for Sites and Solutions: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc789336.aspx • SharePoint 2010 Governance White Paper: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff848257.aspx • Planning Guide for Sites and Solutions: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=23613 • Good Books about SharePoint Planning and Implementation, and Governance (quoted above):
  50. 50. www.sharepointsummit.org References: Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/SharePoint/archive/2006/12/13/manage ment-and-governance-resources.aspx Governance overview (SharePoint Server 2010): http://technet.microsoft.com/en- us/library/cc263356(office.14).aspx Plan to share terminology & content types (SharePoint Server 2010): http://technet.microsoft.com/en- us/library/ee519603(office.14).aspx
  51. 51. www.sharepointsummit.org References (continued): Managed metadata service application overview (SharePoint Server 2010): http://technet.microsoft.com/en- us/library/ee424403(office.14).aspx Managed metadata overview (SharePoint Server 2010): http://technet.microsoft.com/en- us/library/ee424402(office.14).aspx Best practices for My Sites: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262706.aspx
  52. 52. www.sharepointsummit.org Additional Resources on Social Media SharePoint 2010 Group on LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/groups/SharePoint-2010- 1869506?trk=myg_ugrp_ovr SharePoint 2013 Group on LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=3854668&trk=my g_ugrp_ovr Twitter Hastags for SharePoint 2010  #sp2010 / #sharepoint / #spsummit 50 Must-Follow Tweeters for SharePoint Enthusiasts http://www.topsharepoint.com/50-must-follow-tweeters-for- sharepoint-enthusiasts Follow Ivor Davies on Twitter  @IvorDavies59
  53. 53. www.sharepointsummit.org Thank You ! @IvorDavies59
  54. 54. Thank you for your attention! This presentation will be available on the Toronto SharePoint Summit web site a few days after the event.
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