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Presentation by Casey Trujillo and Ivor Davies on Tuesday May 15th 2012 at the Share

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  • CaseyAdded last bullet point for me – Social Media EnthusiastUpdated the 2nd bullet point for me.
  • Casey
  • IvorReview Agenda:SharePoint 2010 OverviewUpgrade & Migration Resources“Must Have” elements“Killer Applications”Three Audiences and PerspectivesIT ProsDevelopersEnd UsersEnd-User Readiness
  • Show the video – 4 minutes and 51 seconds
  • IvorDefining the adoption need: From Word 1.0 to Word 2003 functionality increased from 50 to 300 menu items and 100 to 1,500 commands.Explain that only about 13% of desktop software features are used (Microsoft 2003 to 2006)Customers submitted feature requests for Office 2003 – of which 80% were already present in the product (IDC – 2001)Office 2007 overhauled the user interface in all applications – introduced the ribbon (but to most it was confusing) (Microsoft – 2007 to 2010)
  • Ivor“The SharePoint Wheel”Explain the feature areas in SharePoint 2010 (explain what the features are in each area)SitesCommunitiesContentSearchInsightsComposites
  • IvorFor adoption to succeed you must consider the following:A Communications Plan – how will you communicate the project to the enterprise?A Training Plan – how will employees be trained and what methods will you consider (video / documents / online help)A Content Conversion Plan – How will you migrate existing data into SharePoint? Are you considering third-party tools to assist with the migration? Have you even investigated available tools?A User Support Plan – Once implemented, How will you support your users (Help Desk / Online Help )Have you thought about incentives and a reward plan?Do you have executive sponsorship and buy-in (this is very important in order to succeed) 4 Tips on executive sponsorship?Do you have an architecture plan (what is your server configuration / number of servers / their function – SQL / WebServer / Application Server) – Joel Olson has some great information?Do you have a governance plan? Look at the many resources available - TechNet
  • IvorExplain why killer SharePoint applications matter for adoption.People must want to USE SharePoint – just using it as a file share is not enoughEmployees must be engaged during the implementation and rolloutSharePoint should be made a part of critical business processes and workflow – they must need to use SharePoint.Why does the adoption curve look like – what is the tipping point for adoption.SharePoint will allow everyday business users to develop their own technology solutions without the need for IT (and the wait … and wait…)
  • IvorSo – How do you identify YOUR killer application?Setup internal user / focus groupsIdentify user champions in key functional areas. Who are those keen users who embrace change?Identify key executive sponsors – ones who will support and champion SharePoint 2010.Create online user surveys and get real feedback.Visit the Microsoft Experience Center.
  • Play Video – 1 minute and 14 seconds
  • IvorExplain SharePoint scorecards and dashboardsIdentify “low-hanging fruit” – pick a key performance indicator and publish it to SharePoint for executives and sponsors to see what SharePoint 2010 can do.Talk about “what’s new” in SharePoint 2010:PowerPivot (Excel 2010 and Excel Web Services)Performance Point Services (once an extra cost item now included in SharePoint 2010)Visio Services – NEW in SharePoint 2010 (create interactive flow charts / diagrams)Access Services – NEW in SharePoint 2010 (publish legacy databases to SharePoint)Business Intelligence – NEW in SharePoint 2010
  • Show the Microsoft Video on Business Intelligence – 3 minutes & 32 seconds
  • Ivor
  • IvorEnterprise Search – FAST SearchCheckout Agnes Molnar session – 10.2 (300 Advanced Track) from 4:30 to 5:45 PM for great information on how enterprise search assists in user adoption.
  • Show the video on Enterprise Search – 4 minutes & 50 seconds
  • IvorExplain what Enterprise Search can do for your adoptionHow to use SharePoint to discover and unlock hidden content in the organization and serve it for user consumption – content stored in file shares, other intranet sites or legacy portalsHow to user Enterprise Search in SharePointTIPS:Be sure to invest in search:Best betsScopesReporting
  • IvorIdea and Innovation management in SharePoint 2010:
  • IvorWhat – Solution for soliciting user feedback / responses to current corporate challengesWhy – You need employee / customer / partner engagement for NEW ideas in the pipelineHow – Drive adoption by streamlining the process for posting ideas – how to share those ideas and have user’s rate and make comments on them using SharePoint 2010.Action – Point them to the URL for innovation management solutions that leverage SharePoint 2010 (Chris Bortnik’s blog and Microsoft’s article)
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  • IvorReview the list of additional resources that are available to assist in user adoption:SharePoint 2010 Adoption Best Practices White PaperSharePoint 2010 Usage Best Practices White (Mark Miller) - Maturity ModelSharePoint 2010 User GroupsSharePoint Saturdays – Toronto on July 7th see FaceBook pageGetting Started with SharePoint 2010
  • IvorReview the list of additional resources in Social Media that are available to assist in user adoption:SharePoint 2010 Group on LinkedInSharePoint 2013 Group on LinkedInTwitter – Hashtags - #sp2010 / #sharepointFollow us on Twitter - @BrainStormInc / @IvorDavies59BrainStorm on FaceBook (Company Page)
  • IvorReview the list of additional resources that are available to assist in user adoption:SharePoint Adoption Kit – That’s Why I Use SharePoint (Microsoft Site) site contains:Show me how vVdeosSharePoint WebisodesLunch “N” Learn sessionsTemplatesTips $ Tricks PDFQuick Reference CardsPoster TemplateEmail TemplateTable Tent TemplateBest Practices PDF
  • IvorFinal Thoughts…Understand the challenges for user adoptionHave A planTraining & Communication planning is critical for success – Do your homework first then execute!Credits to Scott Jamison and Chris Bortlik for the original presentation.
  • Ivor
  • Ivor
  • Share point summit may 2012 revised may 15th 2012

    1. 1. SharePoint 2010 Adoption Best PracticesBy Ivor Davies And Casey Trujillo with BrainStorm
    2. 2. SharePoint 2010 Adoption Best Practices Ivor Davies: 10 Years of SharePoint experience 22 Years of IT work within the Province of Ontario (30 years with company) Seasoned IT Professional in SharePoint / Business Intelligence / Project Server / Microsoft Office / Virtualization Social Media Enthusiast (Twitter / LinkedIn / FaceBook / Pinterest) Casey: BrainStorm Account Manager Canada 14 years of experience in end user training ITIL Certified Lover of all things bacon
    3. 3. Microsoft Partnership Facilitators & Trainers Microsoft Experience Center (MEC/CIE) Partner MEC Program Curriculum and Content Contributors Help in Office product Office 2010 Buzz Day curriculum Ribbon Hero content Productivity Hub
    4. 4. SharePoint 2010 Adoption Agenda SharePoint 2010 Overview Upgrade & Migration Resource Centers Must Have Elements Killer Applications Three Audiences & Perspectives IT Pros Developers End Users End-user Readiness
    5. 5. SharePoint Adoption Video
    6. 6. Defining the Adoption NeedFrom introduction of Word 1.0 to Word On2003, functionality increased from 50to 300 menu items and from 100 to average, only1,500 commands. 13% of desktop- Microsoft, 2007 software features are Customers submit feature used. requests for Office - IDC, 2001 2003, 80% of which are already in the product. - Microsoft, 2003-2006 Office applications overhaul UI and introduce a Ribbon. - Microsoft, 2007-2010 Longevity is confused with familiarity
    7. 7. SharePoint 2010 Feature Areas Business Connectivity Ribbon UI Services SharePoint Workspace InfoPath® Form SharePoint Mobile Services Office Client and Office Web App Integra Access Services Standards Support External Lists Workflow SharePoint Designer Visual Studio Composites Tagging, Tag Cloud, Ratings API Enhancements Social Bookmarking REST/ATOM/RSS/AJAX Blogs and Wikis /Silverlight My Sites Activity Feeds PerformancePoint™ Profiles and Expertise Services Org Browser Microsoft Excel® Services Chart Web Part Microsoft Visio® Services Enterprise Content Types Web Analytics Metadata and Navigation Microsoft SQL Server® Integration Document Sets PowerPivot Multi-stage Disposition Social Relevance Audio and Video Content Types Phonetic Search Remote Blob Storage Navigation List Enhancements FAST Integration Enhanced Pipeline
    8. 8. Must-Have Elements Communication Plan Training Plan Content Conversion Plan User Support Plan Incentives and Reward Plan Executive Sponsorship Plan admins-devs--industry-observers-23/sharepoint/4-tips- engaging-executives-sharepoint-141690 Information Architecture Plan n-architecture-and-the-information-architect.aspx Governance Plan
    9. 9. Why Killer Applications Matter? Make people want to use SharePoint Remember – most times they have a choice Hint: just using SharePoint as a file share replacement is not a good reason Make SharePoint part of critical business process/flow So they need to use SharePoint Adoption curve & tipping point Point of implementing SharePoint is to eventually allow Business Users to develop technology solutions without IT.
    10. 10. How to Identify Your Killer Application? Internal user/focus groups User Champions Executive Sponsors Surveys Microsoft Experience Center:
    11. 11. How do you Inspire?
    12. 12. Scorecards & Dashboards
    13. 13. ScoreCards & Dashboards
    14. 14. Scorecards & Dashboards What: Solution for managing key programs at multiple levels – executive, program manager, individual Why: Many project delays & cost overruns How: Targeted dashboard views to get more visibility into where & why delays were occurring with actionable steps Action: Learn more about Business Intelligence in SharePoint: Consider Project Server for Portfolio Management:
    15. 15. Enterprise Search & Search 1st Migrations
    16. 16. Enterprise Search
    17. 17. Enterprise Search & Search 1st Migrations What: Enterprise search unifies finding content across various content sources SharePoint, file shares, LOB systems, other content stores Why: People cannot find content “locked up” in various silos How: Implemented FAST for SharePoint 2010, 1st phase for centralized search while longer term consolidation occurs Action: Learn Enterprise Search in SharePoint Tip: Be sure to invest in search: best bets, scopes, reporting, etc.
    18. 18. Idea & Innovation Management
    19. 19. Idea & Innovation Management What: Solution for soliciting feedback & responses to corporate challenges Why: Need employee, customer & partner engagement & new ideas in the pipeline How: Drive adoption by streamlining process for posting ideas, sharing, rating, commenting Action Read about innovation management solutions leveraging SharePoint: management/default.aspx#fbid=0vjXvEP3eJU
    20. 20. Applying Killer Applications with QuickHelp
    21. 21. Users Have Specific Moments of Need Performance support Skill development Deployment Monday Affinity and awareness Training is a process, not an event.
    22. 22. Right time. Right audience. Right medium. QuickHelpT M CBT Training Quick Instructor Start -Led Cards Training Feature s Buzz Change Train-the- Days Benefits Trainer Personalit y
    23. 23. Best Practices For CBTs Video training right in the Ribbon Video clips run 1- 4 min Full search functionality In-product performance support Content is where and when users need it
    24. 24. Best Practices Quick Start Cards Don’t overwhelm the user Step-by-step, full-color instructions Popular features, key board shortcuts Make it easy on the eyes
    25. 25. More Tools to Aid in the Process BrainStorm Adoption Kit for SharePoint 2010: Quick Start Card for SharePoint 2010 6-page quick reference illustrating the primary how-two’s to get your users up and running on their new software Quick Start Cards for Office 2010 A sampling of 6-pages of step-by-step, illustrated instruction cards, available for major Microsoft Office applications Video-Based Training within SharePoint 2010 3-month trial to QuickHelp, the video training solution delivering thousands of short, easy-to-search clips right from Microsoft SharePoint. Video content also available for all Office 2010
    26. 26. Additional Resources SharePoint 2010 Adoption Best Practices white paper: SharePoint 2010 Usage Best Practices white paper: End User SharePoint SharePoint Maturity Model SharePoint User Groups & SharePoint Saturdays (Toronto SharePoint Saturday is July 7th 2012) Getting Started with SharePoint 2010
    27. 27. Additional Resources on Social Media SharePoint 2010 Group on LinkedIn: 1869506?trk=myg_ugrp_ovr SharePoint 2013 Group on LinkedIn: rp_ovr Twitter Hastags for SharePoint 2010 #sp2010 / #sharepoint Follow BrainStorm Inc. on Twitter @BrainStormInc Follow Ivor Davies on Twitter @IvorDavies59 50 Must-Follow Tweeters for SharePoint Enthusiasts tweeters-for-sharepoint-enthusiasts BrainStorm FaceBook Company Page
    28. 28. Additional Resources And finally…. The SharePoint Adoption Kit – That’s why I use SharePoint (from Microsoft): usesharepoint/pages/get-the- kit.aspx
    29. 29. Final Thoughts Understand the Challenges Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come Adoption won’t happen magically (even though you want it to) Users of SharePoint have jobs & other options to get their work done (e.g. email) Have a Plan Not having a plan is planning to fail Use one or more angles Communication, training, user support, etc) Break SharePoint rollout phases down into smaller digestible chunks Crawl, walk and then run Plan for continual long term engagement Training & communication planning is key
    30. 30. And Finally…. Interesting quote: "Dont think outside the box. Think like there is no box.”
    31. 31. Thank You For Attending