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Fashion Industry Press Release

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Ivonne Kinser Dallas, March 15,2012Tel: (214) 4933568Email: Lorem  Website: Praesent     Ipsum  Dolor  THE FASHION INDUSTRY COULD NOT ESCAPE LATINO FEVER congue  sapien  Colombia’s Hottest Fashion Labels Establish Permanent Presence in Dallas Integer  egestas  orci  quis  lorem   feugiat  adipiscing.  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE sit  amet  justo.  A select group of the best-known, high-end Colombian designers will showcase their unique collections in Showroom 15595 in the Dallas MarketCenter starting March 22nd.As of the March Apparel and Accessories Market, seven of the best-known Colombian fashion designers -- Adriana Contreras, Alfonso Mendoca,Argemiro Sierra, Claudia Sabogal, Camilo Alvarez, Elias Peñaloza, Polite, and Paola Dangond -- have established a permanent presence in theUnited States with an exclusive showroom on the 15th floor of the World Trade Center building in Dallas, Texas.This momentous event followed closely on the heels of the US/Colombia Free-Trade agreement signed last year by the presidents of both countries,giving duty-free status to any product sold within the apparel category.These high-end brands are being brought to the United States and will be represented by Ivonne Kinser – former VP of International Marketing ofthe Dallas Market Center – who had the unique opportunity to discover the innovative proposal presented by Colombian designers during hernumerous industry excursions to the most important fashion shows in this South American country invited by Proexport, while she was part of theMarket Center Management Company organization.According to Kinser, Latin America has been an incubator for some the greatest fashion designers from around the world, but it was not until ForRecently that fashion critics worldwide discovered the best-kept secret of the industry: A superb talent pool and unique creative style that fuseshand-craft and fabrics, hand-painted techniques, with a Latin-American style influenced by European trends.  
  2. 2. So, what’s driving the Colombian Fashion Fever?There are actually several factors fueling the popularity of Colombian designers. Lorem   Praesent     Ipsum  Dolor  On one side there’s the group of Hispanic celebrities who’ve succeeded in bringing the “Latino Fashion Style” into the spotlight. congue  sapien  From the “red carpet” to runways, fashion magazines to TV shows, Carolina Herrera, Jennifer Lopez, Zoe Saldana, Penelope, Cruz, SalmaqHayek, Integer  egestas  orci   uis  lorem  Eva Longoria, Camila Belle, Jessica Alba, Christina Milian, Camila Alves, Eva Mendez, and Sofia Vergara -- among many -- have feugiat  adipiscing.   greatly influenced sit  amet  justo.   the world of fashion. And although each comes from a different Hispanic background, they all share one thing: an extraordinary eye for fashion and aflair for style that makes critics’ and fashionistas’ heads turn toward the outfits they wear. In other words, they’ve made Hispanic fashion HOT!On the other side, under the Free Trade Agreement signed in 2011 between Colombia and the United States, any product within the apparel categoryis excepted of duty payment when imported from Colombia to the US, and vice versa.The eight designers pioneering what Kinser anticipates will be a strong trend following the implementation of FTA (Free Trade Agreement) represent a very unique sample reflecting the best of the Latin American fashion world. Each proposal is rooted in key elements that make them different fromany other:Tradition – Most of these brands started as family businesses that later became international brands that have walked the runways from Latin America to Paris to Italy.Crafting Latin culture – Some of these brands hire entire communities of Colombian craft-workers to create the elaborate and authentically uniquedetails of the pieces for their collections.Latest fashion trends -- Colombia, as well as Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela are the trendiest and most fashionable markets in the region, and reflect amelding of influences from North America, Spain, London, Paris, and Italy.Uniqueness -- From genuine crocodile leather bags with very edgy shapes, forms and designs, to hand-painted, spectacular cocktail dresses in silks and linen,the combination of Latin-American styles showcased in Dallas is a one-of-a-kind proposal. ForAdditionally, Tata Jolie, a Venezuelan designer headquartered in the US with a presence in the market dating back almost a decade, accompanies theColombian group in Showroom 15595 at the Dallas Market Center. Together, they encompass one of the most beautiful arrangements of LatinoFashion permanently showcased in any US venue.For further information, please contact Ivonne Kinser or call (214) 4933568.  
  3. 3. SHOWROOM #15595 Lorem   Praesent     Ipsum  Dolor   congue  sapien   Integer  egestas  orci  quis  lorem   feugiat  adipiscing.   sit  amet  justo.   Adriana Contreras - Women’s / high-end apparel (Colombia)Designers Argemiro Sierra – Women’s / high-end (Colombia) Alfonso Mendoca – Hand-painted accessories (Colombia) Camilo Alvarez - Women’s / urban high-end apparel (Colombia) Claudia Sabogal -Women’s / high-end apparel (Colombia) Paola Dangond – Crocodile & python high-end bags (Colombia) Polite – Women’s / high-end apparel (Colombia) Tata Jolie – Women’s / high-end apparel (Venezuela) Dallas Market Center
  4. 4. Showroom #15595
  5. 5. Hand-­‐painted  spectacular  Suspendisse   accessories.  The  designer   SHOWROOM #15595potenti.   individually  signs  each  piece  by   hand.     Colombian  high-­‐end  fashion.  Vestibulum  mi.  Nam  malesuada  consectetuer  erat.  Quisque  nulla.  Maecenas  eget  justo.  Duis  sagittis  
  6. 6. SHOWROOM #15595Vestibulum  mi.  Nam  malesuada  consectetuer  erat.  Quisque  nulla.  
  7. 7. Showroom #15595
  8. 8. SHOWROOM #15595
  9. 9. SHOWROOM #15595
  10. 10. Showroom #15595
  11. 11. Suspendisse  potenti.   Showroom #15595Vestibulum  mi.  Nam  malesuada  consectetuer  erat.  Quisque  nulla.  Maecenas  eget  
  12. 12.   Dallas  Market  Center   Dallas,  Texas   15th  Floor   Showroom  #15595   Phone:  (214)  4933568   Twitter:  showroom15595