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Jan7 sample


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powerpoint presentation example

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Jan7 sample

  1. 1. Sample PowerPoint PresentationThis presentation was made using PowerPoint2003. It will work best if your have aPowerPoint program in your computer. If youdon’t have one, you can download a freePowerPoint 2003 viewer.You can also download the correspondingteaching guide for this presentation from ourwebsite. Teach With Power Ministry
  2. 2. A Family of FAMILIES Adult Sabbath School Lesson PowerPoint Presentation January 7, 2006Families in the Family of God ADAPT1st Quarter 2006
  3. 3. ChristianFAMILIE S
  4. 4. Memory Verse“Now therefore, you are nolonger strangers andforeigners, but fellowcitizens with saints andmembers of the householdof God, having built on thefoundation of the apostlesand prophets, Jesus ChristHimself being the chiefcornerstone.”Ephesians 2:19, NKJV Families in the Family of God
  5. 5. Reflecting God’s Love Steps we need to take • Fulfill God’s purposes for the family • Express God’s Love
  6. 6. STEP 1God’s Purposesfor the Family
  7. 7. Purposes of FamilyA. When was the first family established? •Gen. 2:18-25 Creation • A gift of God before the entrance of sin
  8. 8. Purposes of the familyB. What were God’s purposes in establishing the family? Gen. 2:18 • Companionshi p “Help meet” • Community “Procreation”
  9. 9. Purposes of FamilyC. What does the special unity “one flesh” symbolize? Gen. 2:24• It symbolizes the unity of the members of the Godhead—Father, Son, Holy Spirit
  10. 10. FULFILL God’s Purposes Companionship CommunityDo you have time Social Needsfor your family? REMEMBER We reflect God’s love by fulfilling God’s purposes for the family
  11. 11. STEP 2ExpressingGod’s Love
  12. 12. Expressing God’s LoveA. How can the whole family express their love to God? I John 4:12 • Treat family members with love and respect
  13. 13. Expressing God’s Love B. How did Jesus show His love to His mother? John 19:26, 27 • He made sure His mother got the best care • Jesus is our model
  14. 14. Expressing God’s Love C. How does the idea of the church as a household open the doors to include everybody? Eph. 2:19 • Church is a family of families • Provides sense of belonging to all
  15. 15. We express God’s Love By treating family members with respect By treating family members with love By providing sense of belonging to everyone
  16. 16. Expressing God’s LoveDoDo you treat yourGod’s lovesense Does youryour family with respect? you treat reflect family with love?REMEMBERWe church provides by showing love, respect and acceptance of belonging to everyone?
  17. 17. SummaryWe reflect God’s love by• Fulfilling God’s purposes for the family• Expressing God’s Love
  18. 18. ChristianFAMILIE S LOVE RESPEC T ACCEPTANC E Families in the family of God
  19. 19. APPLYHow can this truth aboutChristian families affect mylife today? Do we have the desire to fulfill God’s purposes for our families? Do we have the desire to express God’s love in dealing with family members? Do we have the desire to accept everyone regardless of his/her status in life?
  20. 20. PLANHow can we use this truthabout family this comingweek?• What are the practical ways we can do to show our love and respect to our family members? Discuss.
  21. 21. TRANSFER truth to lifeWhat changes do Ineed in my life?• What biblical principle from the lesson can we use today?
  22. 22. TRANSFER Truth to Life What changes do I need in my life? Let’s make a decision!PRINCIPLE APPLICATION PROBLEM DECISION By treating I am This comingWe need each one with always week I willto reflect respect and busy with appropriateGods love my work special time forlove to By caring for my familyour themfamilies By spending time with our families
  23. 23. Christian FAMILIE SFamilies in the family of God
  24. 24. ADAPT it! Effective for SMALL GROUPS Teaching ApproachASSOCIATE truth – Why should I study this lesson?DISCOVER truth – What does the Bible say about thistruth?APPLY truth – How can this truth affect my life today?PLAN using the truth – How can I use this truth today?TRANSFER truth to life – What changes do I need in mylife ? Teach With Power Ministry Sabbath School Lesson PowerPoint Presentation