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Other ways of supporting learners


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Published in: Education
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Other ways of supporting learners

  1. 1. Other ways of supporting learners Luis David García Solano Diana Ivette Tapia Fernández
  2. 2. While promoting learner´s autonomy• Teachers have an important role in supporting learners.
  3. 3. Self instruction• Learners’ autonomy: – Self help groups – Study buddy – Learning exchanges
  4. 4. Self study groups• Self instruction does not entail isolation• Students working with peers toward similar ends, struggling with similar problems.
  5. 5. Self study groups• Learners prefer to be members of an identifiable group with a tutor in change of such group.• Easy to get sub-groups for activities such as essay writing or oral interaction activities.
  6. 6. A study group won´t work for:• Seminars• On specific needs analysis• Completing personal learning contracts• Learner training• Students with different schedules
  7. 7. Study buddy• Student with similar objectives and level• Support• Interaction tasks
  8. 8. Learner exchanges• Contact with a native speaker of the target language.
  9. 9. References• Dickinson, Leslie. 1987. “Self-instruction in Language Learning”.