Disruptive Innovation and The Future Of Digital Transformation


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Presentation given during the DigitalK Conference organized on May 29th-30th 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria; as well as at the Spark.me Conference organized on June 19th-20th 2014 in Budva, Montenegro

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  • as discrete entities, each force is already part of our lives
    together, they have created conditions for an unstoppable perfect storm of epic proportions
  • Disruptive Innovation and The Future Of Digital Transformation

    1. 1. "The safest thing you can do is take risks. The riskiest thing you can do is play it safe." Seth Godin
    2. 2. Photo by Perrenque
    3. 3. you are where you are not because of luck … you are where you are because you took risks others were not willing to take
    4. 4. the world has changed is changing
    5. 5. change is imminent and essential to survival
    6. 6. „we are at a critical point where rapid change is forcing us to look not just at new ways of solving problems but to new problems to solve” Tim Brown, CEO, IDEO
    7. 7. we need…
    8. 8. new strategies new ideas new products
    9. 9. innovation
    10. 10. incremental ideas
    11. 11. better! bigger! faster! smaller! thinner! ...
    12. 12. owning products accessing experiences
    13. 13. disruptive thinking
    14. 14. changing the way you think about competition and the business you are in
    15. 15. disruptive innovation
    16. 16. taking your product/service/business in a different direction
    17. 17. winning not by doing it “better”, but winning by doing it differently
    18. 18. business model Source: Business Model Generation
    19. 19. ”Design is learning how to see. It’s figuring out where the opportunities really are. It’s seeing the gap and visualizing in advance what is going to work." Seth Godin
    20. 20. putting people first
    21. 21. human centered design
    22. 22. behaviors
    23. 23. behaviors are never right or wrong, but they are always meaningful
    24. 24. don’t focus on technology focus on customer needs, wants and behavior
    25. 25. WTF is “digital”?
    26. 26. “Digital is not a medium. It is the era we are in.” Greg Johnson, Global Creative Director, Hewlett Packard
    27. 27. disruptive forces
    28. 28. warm air cool air tropical moisture
    29. 29. our pefect storm Photo by Ranpict.com
    30. 30. mobile social media data sensors location
    31. 31. disruptive technologies
    32. 32. Source: Brian Solis
    33. 33. Houston, we have a problem! Photo by Euclid vanderKroew Houston, we have a problem!
    34. 34. it all comes down to how we embrace disruption that allows us to better understand, and in turn, react to it
    35. 35. opportunity to integrate these digital technologies to your products / services / business by creating new value
    36. 36. *check out video on YouTube as: COKE HAPPINESS REFILL
    37. 37. Source: 99U
    38. 38. develop a sense of urgency
    39. 39. this is your time!
    40. 40. experiment!
    41. 41. 70% proven 20% proving 10% testing new models
    42. 42. “If you don’t like change, you are going to like irrelevance even less.” General (Ret.) Eric Shinseki
    43. 43. Ivan Hernandez Digital Strategy and Development @IvanHernandez_ thedigitalloop.co