Add value or go home! - Impacting people's lives with meaningful marketing


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Add value or go home! - Impacting people's lives with meaningful marketing

  1. 1. Add value or go home!impacting people’s lives with meaningful marketingMarketing 3.0 ConferenceWarsaw, PolandDecember 7th, 2011Ivan HernandezStrategic Development Advisor to the Management Board
  2. 2. making amarketing 3.0 = difference
  3. 3. “We’re entering an era of reciprocity. We now have toengage people in a way that’s useful or helpful to their lives.The consumer is looking to satisfy their needs and we haveto be there to help them with that. To put it another way:How can we exchange value instead of just sending amessage?”Kim Kadlec, VP Global Marketing GroupJohnson & Johnson
  4. 4. most people don’t like advertisingBREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWS
  5. 5. meaningfulmarketing
  6. 6. Marketing with meaning has two consistent traits:1. Marketing that people choose to engage with2. Marketing that itself improves people’s livesBob Gilbreath, Chief Strategy OfficerPossible Worldwide
  7. 7. Digital technology is the catalyst
  8. 8. It’s not about newmarketing or new media …It’s about marketing in adigitally enabled world
  9. 9. “If you are not thinking about users, you’llsoon be out of business.”Aaron Shapiro, CEOHUGE
  10. 10. anyone who interacts with a companyUsers = through digital media and technology Source: Aaron Shapiro
  11. 11. “There is no such thing as an offline business.Every company must have a digital strategy tobe succesful.”Aaron Shapiro, CEOHUGE
  12. 12. Source: Google
  13. 13. ZMOT is that moment when you grab your laptop, mobile phone or someother wired device and start learning about a product or service you are thinking about trying or buying Source: Google
  14. 14. Source: Google
  15. 15. • Online comparison shopping• Conducting research with search engines• Reading product reviews online• Visiting a brand’s website• Liking brands on social media platforms
  16. 16. Source: Google
  17. 17. “If you are not visible online when people are doing theirhomework, believe me, they’ll find others who are.Grandma searches online for “how do I know when theturkey’s done?” If turkey is your business, you’d better bethere with a helpful answer (and maybe a demonstration,or a coupon or a stuffing recipe).”Jim Lecinski, MD U.S. Sales & ServiceGoogle
  18. 18. Download free eBook at:
  19. 19. challenge! Photo by: JerOmm
  20. 20. Source: Aaron Shapiro
  21. 21. Source: Google
  22. 22. Thank you!Ivan HernandezStrategic Development Advisor to the Management