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Drone delivery service


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This is a presentation of my senior design project of a Drone Delivery service. The purpose of this service is to help efficiently improve modern day transportation of goods and services through mew technologies.

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Drone delivery service

  1. 1. DRONE DELIVERY SERVICES: An Avenue Towards Future Distribution By Ivann Grande
  2. 2. TOPIC DISCUSSIONS ▪ A Drone Delivery Service ▪ Advantages and Disadvantages ▪ Factors to Consider ▪ Future Implementation ▪ Future Additions
  3. 3. A DRONE DELIVERY SERVICE ▪ What is a drone? ▪ An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ▪ Remotely or Autonomously controlled ▪ Drone Deliveries ▪ Utilizing drones as an efficient alternative to delivering goods ▪ Capable of working with delivery drivers and with each other
  4. 4. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES Advantages ▪ Easy to traverse difficult terrain ▪ Shorter routes ▪ No restrictions with the current transportation infrastructure ▪ No need for “costly” human pilot Disadvantages ▪ Intensive energy requirements drive cost up ▪ Deliveries must be less than 15lbs ▪ The more weight and further the distance, the more energy is used ▪ Could potentially be hacked into
  5. 5. FACTORS TO CONSIDER Collision Detection Inclement Weather Interference Hardware/Software
  6. 6. FUTURE IMPLEMENTATION ▪ Medicine ▪ Consumer Goods ▪ Supplies ▪ Food
  7. 7. FUTURE ADDITIONS ▪ Collision Detection with inanimate objects ▪ Have truck pause and have drones return to truck ▪ Allow drones to maneuver around blocked cells ▪ Incorporate more forces ▪ Gravity ▪ Air resistance ▪ Environmental forces ▪ Include more details to drone ▪ Weight limit ▪ Fuel/Battery life