Communicate with Brazil


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Communicate with Brazil

  1. 1. BRAND FICTION The power of storytelling behind a Marketing Communications strategy © Busking Intelligent Communications – All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. The power of a story • The use of fiction to enhance a brand – known as Brand Fiction – is a valuable Marketing tool because it encourages consumers to develop an in-depth and long-term relationship with a brand, product or service
  3. 3. Messages in the story are associated with affective and real memory, where facts, places and experiences interact with positive emotions connecting and engaging with the brand
  4. 4. Emotional Relationship • An original storyline can be developed around some ideas, needs, or even desires, especially to connect your Marketing Communications strategy to your target audience through an original piece of fiction
  5. 5. For example, what consumers read in a book or see in a movie can often trigger the desire to experience the same emotions of the character in the story and to visit the same places Remember: Human beings are consumed by wanderlust!
  6. 6. The last episode of “Sex And The City” was aired in 2004. Then, two movies were launched and… Girls from around the world until now go to New York to experience the famous “Cupcake Tour”
  7. 7. A worldwide success, the “44 Scotland Street” series attracts book lovers that want to walk on the same streets where Alexander McCall Smith's main characters often wander, in Edinburgh – the first “UNESCO City of Literature”
  8. 8. But… is Brand Fiction the same as Storytelling? • Brand Fiction certainly uses Storytelling techniques • But not all Storytelling techniques refer to Brand Fiction
  9. 9. • In storytelling usually the focus is the reality, for example, the true story of a company or a brand being told through a creative narrative • In brand ficcion subliminal emotions and other concepts of a brand, company or place will be presented through a fictional story Storytelling Brand Fiction
  10. 10. The narrative can be… Non-fiction Fiction
  11. 11. It is related to an original story that will embrace the brand and present it to the audience Brand Fiction is more specific
  12. 12. Brand Fiction can help you to develop the triggers that will open the emotional windows, and help to associate your brand to places, scents, flavours, images or experiences Open, please
  13. 13. And when the eyes of the world are looking at a potential market called Your brand can fly with us on top of the wings of fiction!
  14. 14. Busking - Intelligent Communications creates engaging content (fiction or non-fiction) in Portuguese to promote your brand, your organisation or a particular product/service to the vast Brazilian audience Our services include: • Fiction writing & storytelling • Copywriting & ghostwriting • Social media campaigns • Structural review for books and e-books • Translation • Proofreading
  15. 15. For more information please visit