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Ivoice Usa

  2. 2. VALUE PROPOSITION iVoice, is a state of the art call center, that enables communication and business outsourcing solutions for the Spanish speaking population living in the US. By combining cutting edge technology, with highly trained college graduates from Mexico, we provide our clients with services that add value to the fastest growing segment in the US market.
  3. 3. ABOUT US iVoice is a full service provider of strategic inbound and outbound customer communications, data collection and business outsourcing solutions Targets its services to US Spanish Speaking population by offering superior quality via the exclusive utilization of highly trained, college graduates from Mexico on all client programs Offers ample experience in developing contact center solutions designed to improve the productivity and effectiveness of companies Part of TechBA program, our accelerated growth and technological innovation gave us the key to enter TechBA`s program
  4. 4. ALLIANCES AND PARTNERSHIPS iVoice is part of the iFone group, a telecommunications company that offers communications services and products for contact centers. Our group is the exclusive distributor of Altigen in Mexico, Latin America and Spain. This alliance allow us to have access to all the infrastructure needed to support call center activities. iVoice is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. This partnership guarantees the optimal implementation of client solutions. Is our partner in telecommunications. Our partnership allows us to offer unique prices to our customers.
  5. 5. CALL CENTER SERVICES iVoice concentrates on identifying their customers’ needs and satisfying them, by attending, listening and giving quality solutions offers Inbound customer services, telemarketing, collection programs, inbound and outbound sales programs, client retention programs, help desk and product support. focuses on customers` core competencies, making their business more efficient and profitable. regardless the size of the company or program, offers personalized service and unique technological implementation, for each of our customers. agents are highly trained, college graduates from Mexico, on all clients programs.
  6. 6. OUR TECHNOLOGY We offer the most recent advances in technology PBX services are provided through Altigen Communications equipment and iKTK software. ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) provides switching technology to assure the most efficient and accurate use of our staff and your time.
  7. 7. OUR TECHNOLOGY CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) assures customer satisfaction by providing personalized customer information to the service representative’s desktop. Software our in-house developed software reflects the ability to analyze, meet and personalize our customers´ needs. It provides monitoring, call and screen recording, scripting and reporting capabilities to assure efficiency and productivity of every call and every service representative.
  8. 8. iKTK features software provides collection, evaluation and measurement of: Inbound calls answered and outbound calls made Log-in and log-out time Total not-ready time and DND / FWD time Average of dialed calls, total of wrap-up, total wrap-up time Total of calls on hold; total and average on hold duration time  Calls distribution by hour  Calls attended by agent  Sales by agent  Daily service level and monthly average This valuable information predicts volume of trafficcto develop an efficient infrastructure of service for our clients.
  9. 9. Operación SAMPLE REPORT Sample Report. Prepared for airline customer showing call traffic.
  10. 10. EXAMPLE OF CLASSIFICATION CALL CLASSIFICATION (SUMMARY) CLASSIFICATION NUMBER OF CALLS % Booking 18266 42.4 Confirmation 2246 5.2 Information 19662 45.6 Claims 312 0.7 Changes 763 1.8 Cancellations 1642 3.8 Other (Customer Hang up call, Wrong Call, New Destinies) 193 0.4 TOTAL 43084 100 Cancelations Changes 4% Other 2% 0% Claims 1% Booking 42% Information 46% Confirmation 5% * August 1st to 31 st 2007
  11. 11. RECOVERY POLICIES Resource or Service Productive Environment Acceptable in Contingency Digital Trunks 240digital trunks (8 T1s) 60 digital trunks (T1) Dedicated connection of 2 Mbps Access 1024 Mbps ADSL of that maintains the connectivity of Internet (Data) restricted communication with the the Call Center with the Corporate Booking System Booking System It supports up to 20 clients It supports up to 150 clients and Electrical Energy equipment (45%) and the Data the Data Center Center (100%)
  13. 13. OUR BENEFITS • iVoice is a state of the art call center, that specializes in serving the Spanish speaking population that live in the US. • iVoice offers superior quality via the exclusive utilization of highly trained, college graduates from Mexico on all client programs. • Our services are implemented via state-of-the-art infrastructure provided by our technology partner Altigen. Together we offer the most comprehensive levels of services available in today’s industry. • Our exclusive software, iKTK , collects, evaluates and measure data to provide specific customer needs.
  14. 14. CONTACT US iVoice USA, Inc. Antonio Treviño CEO atrevino@ivoice-usa.net 1 866 641 0327 www.ivoice-usa.net