Eating out in blackburn – restaurants and food joints


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The Clog and Billycock is one of the best restaurants in Lancashire famous for good food in Lancashire.

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Eating out in blackburn – restaurants and food joints

  1. 1.  Earlier known as the mill town, Blackburn is now a large town located in Lancashire, England. Blackburn got its name from the river blakewater. Blackburn is famous for one of its huge malls, known as the mall Blackburn which consists of around 130 shops and over 400 outlets that are located around it. A few of the landmark monuments and sigh seeing places in Blackburn include Ewood park, cathedral, corporation park, wainwright bridge, king George’s hall, Witton country park and more.
  2. 2.  If you are an avid reader then Blackburn central library is the place you would love to be. In case you are planning a gateway, then Blackburn Lancashire is a lovely destination to be. It is very well connected by roads and railway. And for the food there, you need not worry at all, there is a variety of restaurants and good food joints in Lancashire where you can pamper your taste buds. Here’s a run down few of the places to dine in, when in Blackburn.
  3. 3.  CLOG AND BILLYCOCK–If you are looking out for a place that has a rural touch and feel then Clog and Billycock is a place for you. Point to be noted is that this place serves a menu that is completely gluten free. The food here is extremely good as they utilize produce from local farmers with emphasis on high quality and freshness. Even if you are looking to treat your family and friends, this is an apt destination offering you a capacity of 150 diners.
  4. 4.  O’ MARLEYS RED LION- Want to visit a restaurant that is more like a monument of history? Then, O Marleys red lion is the place. This is known to be the oldest pub in Blackburn. Earlier it was a Jacobean house and later on got converted into a restaurant. The best part of this place being the interiors, which are just as they were when it was built, very well maintained place. The ambience is very pleasing and cozy with a merry mix of leather and wood. If you are a person fond of history then this is your place surely as you will find pictures of local history pasted all over the walls of the Red Lion.
  5. 5.  AUBERGE – If you love contemporary English food then Auberge is a place you may choose for an evening dinner. The place has a beautiful and cozy ambience and the menu includes cheese soups and risottos and wild berries or rosemary as main course and to end the scrumptious journey, you have wine, chocolate based desserts and much more. If you are in a mood of having a coffee then you may well, go in for the coffee lounge downstairs.
  6. 6.  There are many more good restaurants in Blackburn offering of variety of delicious delicacies, so just pack your bags and start off to this amazing destination and enjoy the food, places and beauty here.
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