Visual Storytelling Part 1: PLOT Your Presentation


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Everybody loves a good story, and if we start thinking of our presentations as stories instead of a collection of slides, our audiences will be eternally grateful... and wide awake. :)

In Part 2, we'll discuss how to bring your story to life through the use of visuals to help keep your audience entertained and engaged.

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Visual Storytelling Part 1: PLOT Your Presentation

  1. 1. VISUAL STORYTELLING part I PLOT Your Presentation ce On n a o Up e... im T Prospective clients & professional colleagues are no different. Everybody loves a good story... How can you apply tried & true storytelling techniques to create truly engaging presentations that make meaningful connections with your audience First let’s address the 800lb ? What program should we use? SMOKE WHO CARES! GOOD PRESENTATIONS are software-agnostic! So what makes a good story... PLOT We learned about this in school CLIMAX INTRO 5 Introduction Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution There are Elements of GOOD? FALLING ACTION RISING ACTION RESOLUTION Conflict resolution begins Conflict is resolved The high point The turning point in the story The characters and the setting are introduced Foreshadowing, good or bad, sets the tone for what you are about to see Introduce yourself and the main ideas of your discussion Foreshadow some of what they are about to see Build anticipation The conflict is revealed We learn what makes our characters tick Set up the conflicts, ie: Challenges in the landscape Undefined opportunities Present case studies and insights that hint at how you’ll solve the conflict This is: Your strategy Your product Your big idea This is the game changer that will affect the outcome for your audience. Explain the benefits Sell it! This is how it all comes together Show: Creative Tactics Demos Find ways to illustrate how you have solved similar problems, and how you will solve these Outcome of your story is revealed Describe ways to measure/ validate the success of your strategy, product, or big idea Include testimonials and metrics, and articulate your qualifications How this applies to you Use the 5 Elements of PLOT to Get Your Story Straight In Part II of the series, we’ll discuss how to bring your story to life through the use of visuals that support your talking points and keep your audience entertained and engaged. Source: The Plot Has Five Elements in a Story. Created by English_girl. Created by Ivan Ruiz @IvanRuizDesign Presentation Specialist @OCHWW