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Axx2inn Mobile Offering V035


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Axx2inn Mobile Offering V035

  1. 1. an Axxiome Group company.Mobile Solutions for Customers and Employees of Financial Institutions
  2. 2. Axxiome GroupAxxiome Group offers a wide range of consulting services for the financialindustry. We specialize in the areas of Core Banking, Core Insurance, andCorporate Treasury systems with a strong focus on SAP products.2InnovateIT specializes in the development of financial software to complement thecapabilities of legacy systems, focusing on functional areas around the core banking,such as: Payment Systems, BackOffice & Teller Front-End Systems, LoanOrigination Systems, Mobile Solutions and Business Intelligence.
  3. 3. Global Presence Canada Germany Axxiome Canada Ltd. Axxiome Dtl. GmbH UK Axxiome UK Ltd. Poland Axxiome Polska Sp. z o.o. USAAxxiome Americas Inc Software Factory Switzerland Axxiome AG Mexico Office Brazil Colombia OfficeAxxiome Colombia SAS Argentina Uruguay Office Axxiome Uruguay SA 2innovate IT Software Factory Software Factory
  4. 4. Strong focus on financial institutions. Banking Insurance CorporatesSAP Consulting Services ● ● ●SAP Technology Services ● ● ● Software Products ● ● Application Support ● ●
  5. 5. 2innovate IT - Services Consulting and Development:  Payment Systems.  BackOffice & Teller Front-End Systems.  Phone & Web Channels, integration – EAI.  Loan Origination Systems.  Business Intelligence.  Mobile Solutions for Customers and Employees.
  6. 6. What does mobility mean for the financial world ?
  7. 7. Why is mobile banking a good business ? Enables banks to deliver existing services  Improves security by adding another via mobile phones, so customers can security layer (customers use the or a access to their accounts anytime, message as an alternative to the one-time anywhere. Personal Identification Number generator or tokens). Reduces cost of customer service  Enhances marketing opportunities by delivery over more expensive introducing more immediate and channels, such as call center, branch personalized communication over mobile personnel and ATMs. phones.
  8. 8. What does mobility mean for financial institutions ? Accelerated banking business by mobilizing workflows and business data. Support of field activities, such as sales and operations and decision support at all levels. Improved customer loyalty. Improved customer service at the branches. Increased transaction volumes through remote (mobile) channels. Reduced time cycle of the banking processes. For example: loan origination, blocking of a credit card, credit card limit increase. A cost efficient channel for low value transactions. Integration of unbanked population through their mobile transactions. Getting into areas of business where they are not present yet (remittances, payment of utilities, payment of taxes and services) by using the mobile channel.
  9. 9. an Axxiome Group company.Mobile Offer for Customers & Employees M-Banking 4 Employees
  10. 10. Service Offer - Mobility for Financial Institutions. Consulting services and strategies to mobilize the bank. Experts on the financial business and on technologies aimed at increasing profitability with mobile solutions. Tailored made development and deployment of mobile solutions on Sybase Unwired Platform & Afaria (MADP & MDM). Software factories in Uruguay, Argentina and Poland. On site architects and functional analyst. Integration of Sybase 365 with any core banking. Customization and deployment using Sybase 365. Mobile solutions for customers and corporatebanking. Maintenance and support 7x24.
  11. 11. Product Offer - Mobility for Financial Institutions. MOBILE for Employees MOBILE for Employees Mobile for CUSTOMERS Mobile for CUSTOMERS Axxiome. M-Banking4E is a mobile  Sybase. Mobile for mCommerce 365 is a banking app for employees aimed at suite of mobile services that enables supporting activities of account officers, Retail and Corporate customers to sales force staff and decision makers of access and operate their accounts, the bank enabling them to work anywhere and anytime. anywhere and anytime.  Origination process for the  mBanking 365 – Mobile Banking Sales Force. Customers.  Specialized dashboards for the  mPayment 365 – Mobile Payments. CEO, COO, CFO and CTO.  mRemmitance 365 – Mobile  Foreign Trade. Remmitances. M-Banking 4 Employees
  12. 12. Mobile for Employees – M-Banking4E. Sales Force Empowerment Key Functions List of assigned customers. Loan Origination Process (Loans, Credit Cards). List of products clients do NOT have and may be offered. Query on the customer’s Total Commitment. Customer Data, Contact Data, View on Map. Interest rates per product and currency exchange rates. Alerts on accounts receivable to call. Alerts on renewals of fixed term deposits. Requests/Response for approvals. (overdraft check, etc). .............................. Executive Dashboards Key Functions Executive Dashboard with a Real Time overview of the health of the organization. Dashboards for the CEO, CFO, COO and CTO. Approval and authorization request capabilities. Notifications about relevant events that affect the company so as to react in real time to dynamic business conditions. Alerts. …………………………………
  13. 13. Enterprise Mobility Use...Today! Dashboards Mobile Enterprise Application Platform Email Execs Workflows Contacts & Business Processes Line of Business Managers Approval Requests Calendars FieldServices CRM Task & Business Users Hours & Scheduling Expenses & Dispatch
  14. 14. Implementing mCommerce 365Mobile for Customers
  15. 15. Mobile for Customers.mBanking 365 mPayments 365 mRemmitances 365
  16. 16. Growth Drivers Mobile Banking Mobile Payments Mobile Money • Competitive Pressure • Competitive Pressure • Cost of acquiring new • Banks focused on • Phone penetration customers and opening Transformation and a • Consumer convenience branches Customer-centered • Government’s pressure to approach • mCommerce growth extend financial services to • Legacy infrastructure being • Demand for cash under-banked/unbanked replaced alternatives in emerging population markets • Competitive pressure • Channel focus • MNOs seek higher ARPU • Mobile as the only access • Smartphone/Tablet boom • Government Support and channel to Internet • Card Usage Encouragement encouragement for financial – Take advantage of the inclusion programs • Government ‘s search to mobile phone to extend lower disbursement loyalty programs by driving • Opportunity to get a piece of program costs and prevent targeted campaigns to the P2P and Intl. Remittance corruption promote card usage pie due to high cost of • Deposit and account alternative providers like openings • Potential to promote WU brands and unify silos in one application – Insurance, Banking, Mortgage for ex.
  17. 17. Offer – mCommerce 365 EVOLUTION OF REQUIREMENTS Mobile Banking Mobile Payments mRemittance Mobile Money End User End User• End User - AirTime TopUp Balance, Statement, Bill Payment • Account balances - P2P, Bill Payment, Intl. Transfer, Cash In/Cash Out • Transactional history - Remittance, Merchant Payment, • Account details - Merchant Payment Micropayments, Loan Agents Repayments • Card management - KYC details/collections Agents • PIN management - Cash In/Cash Out KYC details/collection • Complaints management Merchant Cash In/Cash Out • Notifications/alerts - Merchant portal , fee tracking, Merchant • User preferences such as - Merchant onboarding Merchant portal languages or limits Back-office Merchant reports , fee tracking - Settlement, Clearing, Fee Back-office• Back-office functions distribution GL, Settlement, Clearing, Interest • Reports, etc. Customer Support rate calculation, Bulk Payments Blocking, activating, reversals Customer Support Blocking, enabling, reversals Cost Savings New Services New Value
  18. 18. Offer – mCommerce 365
  19. 19. Why Axxiome / 2 innovate IT ? We are an innovative company with more than 200 years of experience in the banking business. We have been working with our minds set on the year 2020 banking style. We have a strong vertical focus on the financial industry, implementing SAP for Banking, Sybase and our own products (4x4 Transaction Broker) certified by SAP & SWIFT. The best tools to build solutions for the financial industry. We have mature and cost efficient software factories located in Uruguay, Argentina and Poland. We are a strategic global partner of SAP for Banking and Insurance Services. We have certified consultants in BAS & Mobile Solutions. We have a big team of consultants around the world specialized in all areas of the banking business. More than 300 consultants working in the most complex projects and implementing Core Banking, Core Insurance and Payment Solutions for the most demanding customers, Banks & Insurances Companies.
  20. 20. We share SYBASE’S vision of unwired enterprises INFORMATION INFORMATION MANAGEMENT MOBILITY Any Application Any Device DECISION-READY INFORMATIONAny Server Platform Any Person INTEGRATION COLLABORATION Any Data Always Available MANAGE ANALYZE MOBILIZE
  21. 21. Thanks for your time!!! Questions ?