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HPE 3PAR 7.68&15.36 TB SSDs


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New SSD technologies on HPE 3PAR, powered by Adaptive Sparing and Express Layout!

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HPE 3PAR 7.68&15.36 TB SSDs

  1. 1. 3PARisn’t like other flash architectures; it has a data-centricarchitecture designed to abstractdata from media allowing rapidadoptionof new technologies HPE has gone where no vendor has gone before
  2. 2. 4 7 17 35 69 138 290 563 HPE 3PAR industry leading SSD density Introducing the new 7.68TB & 15.36TB SSD TB usable capacity per rack 920GB SSD 1.92TB SSD Thin Deduplication 3.84TB SSD 15.36TB SSD 7.68TB SSD
  3. 3. HPE 3PAR data-centric architecture I/O path flash optimizations to enable high density SSDs Adaptive Sparing One technology to improve flash performance, capacity and endurance Express Layout Drives performance and efficiency to maximize utilization of SSDs Persistent Checksum Guarantee host-to-disk consistency, eliminating data corruption System-Wide Striping All resources are used evenly, from front-end ports through CPUs to SSDs 1 2 3 4 1 2 4 SolidStateDisks Hostservers 3 3PAR ASIC
  4. 4. Adaptive Sparing today Using distributed sparing capacity to improve OP space User space Fixed OP space Fixed OP space User space Spare space Spare space added to fixed OP space Adaptive Sparing uses distributed sparing space to increase overprovisioning past the fixed amount in the drive
  5. 5. Fixed OP space Used space Spare space Adaptive Sparing 2.0 Using all free space to increase OP space Fixed OP space User space Spare space Free space and spare space added to fixed OP space Free Space Original Adaptive Sparing Free Space Adaptive Sparing 2.0 works with Adaptive Sparing to further increase effective overprovisioning space
  6. 6. Adaptive Sparing technologies HPE 3PAR flash features enhance flash technology at the system level 5 years Unconditional warranty on any 3PAR SSD Scalability and density Driving adoption of the largest flash drives 5x Improved endurance at the system level Leadership Driving adoption of new flash technologies
  7. 7. Express Layout Driving performance and endurance Active/Active host connections Truly active/active connectivity with no reliance on MPIO DSM or proprietary drivers and plugins Mesh-active controller architecture Ensures that all system resources are evenly balanced for optimal performance, drive wear and simplified management Active/active SSD access Each node in a node pair has active access to all drives behind the node pair to drive performance and improve efficiency
  8. 8. Express Layout Reducing overhead and driving performance Up to 50% Lower RAID parity overheads Efficiency Smaller systems have more capacity Performance Both controllers drive performance from all SSDs
  9. 9. HPE 3PAR - Enterprise Class SSDs What’s in a SSD Consumer Grade Enterprise Grade Don’t support Power Failure SATA interface Single Port Half Duplex Speed 512 bytes sector Power Failure Support SAS Interface Dual Ported Full Duplex Speed 520 bytes sector, required for T-10DIFF support