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Our presentation from 2009 about Miracle World project in Montenegro.
Details of our offer and prices for Yachts, planes and Helicopter charters as well as Rent a Car prices.

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Slav life by agency concierge english

  1. 1. andPRESENTS
  2. 2. Offer to travel agencies•Welcome to Miracle World!•Main goal and idea is that we create exclusive offers for VIP clients•Possibility of full personalization to the smallest details•Performance and monitoring of all activities from the landing at Podgorica and Tivatairport to the hotel and back (rent a car or helicopter transfer from the airport to hoteland back, the organization of any transportation services, entertainment and conductiveduring the stay in Montenegro)•In addition to exclusive transfer, in our offer, we have and Miracle Action Park and Kiteschool on Ada Bojana. Miracle Tours offers exclusive helicopter tours to locationsthroughout Montenegro with the contents (Rafting, Kite surfing, Champaign tour...)
  3. 3. Offer to travel agencies•We provide opportunities and resources for up to now unseen experience in this area.•What we offer to the clients is a unique VIP treatment, adventure and full of insouciancewith the monitoring of all desired activities and personal assistance from beginning toend.• Means : •Speedboats:•Aircraft : •MASTERCRAFT X1•Amphibian Aircraft LA-8 •Rolling stock : •L39 Jet Fighter •Audi A 3 2.0 FSI Cabrio.Automatik •Audi A4 1.8T Cabrio.Automatik•Helicopters : •BMW 1 Ci Cabrio.Automatik •BMW 3 Ci Cabrio.Automatik •Robinson R44 Raven 1 •BMW 630 Ci Cabrio .Automatik •BMW 730iA Long.Automatik•Yachts : •Mustang Cabrio.Automatik •Dalla Pieta 58 •Mustang GT-Cabrio.Automatik •Corvette C6 Targa.Automatik •Dalla Pieta 50 •Mini Cooper Cabrio.Automatik •Mercedes-Benz SLK.Automatik •Dominator 68 •Mercedes-Benz Viano Long •Mercedes-Benz S-350 Long •Azimut 85 Ultimate. •Mercedes-Benz SL-350 mod.2009.Automatik •Smart Crossblade .Automatik •Porsche Boxster .Automatik
  4. 4. Offer to travel agencies•For all vehicles, aircraft and helicopters are certified service provided• For all vessels we have secured full crew, skippers and hostesses•For all the activities we offer all customers personal assistance and constantly refillrequests and extension of desire, as well as the modification of all activities in order tofully fit each client by individually.•Emphasis on the beginning of the season is on the opening of Miracle Lounge scheduledfor 17.07.2009.
  5. 5. Aircrafts and characteristicsSEAPLANE-AMPHIBIAN AIRCRAFT LA-8One of the most durable aircraft in this class.Transporting up to 8 people, and it is ideal forgroup visits to remote beaches or lakes. Very popular inthe Nordic countries because of their strength, it willmake your trips unforgettable.
  6. 6. Aircrafts and characteristicsL39 Jet FighterBest Fighter Jet Training aircraft ever. Today it is used for training ofhunter pilots in many air forces throughoutEurope.As a two-seater designed to turn every hero in Top Gun, at least fora short while!While running various aero-acrobatic maneuvers it is sufferingforce from +8 to -4 G.Price per hour: 800.00 E
  7. 7. Aircrafts and characteristicsROBINSON R44 RAVEN 1Light four-seater ideal for transfers by the coast. Threepassengers and the pilot have an excellent panoramic viewwhile the cruse at about 130 miles per hour. This helicopter israted as accessible luxury, which is preparing for work in allconditions.Small fleet of two helicopters based in Budva, ready fortransfers and excursions in all directions. Suggest: Podgorica - Budva. Budva - Tivat. Budva-Bar.Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik, and similar.Price per hour: 600.00 E
  8. 8. Yachts and speedboatsAzimut 85 UltimateThis traveling club on water with 4-cabins belongs to the category of "small of large motor yachts ”. Cabin crew located near the motor department and control room so that it will not affect the communication in the room for guests.Boat is excellent for relaxation as well as corporate events. Fly bridge provides an excellentview of the surroundings while the cruse speed is about 27 knots.Equipped with 8 beds (plus 4 crew members) and the fuel tank of 9000 liters, and the waterthank of 1500 liters, the ship has several daily autonomy even in the open sea.Price per day: 6000.00 EPrice for week: 36000.00 E
  9. 9. Yachts and speedboatsDOMINATOR 68Dominator is a yacht where luxury gets a form. Model 68is an excellent balance between innovation and modern. 3cabins catering accommodation 6 persons plus 2 crewmembers. Average cruising speed is 25 knots. Perfect fortrips to remote islands or beaches and stay in the opensea..Price per day: 5100.00 EPrice for week: 30600.00 E
  10. 10. Yachts and speedboatsDALLA PIETA 58Luxurious, fast, accessible, elegant. 6 guests plus skipperwith a maximum speed of 37 knots. As made for adventure!Radius of 290 nautical miles and a modern look will allowyou to be noticed in various places in the same day.Price per day: 3800.00 EPrice for week: 22800.00 E
  11. 11. Yachts and speedboatsDALLA PIETA 50Masterpiece of nautical architecture. Cruising speed of 36knots is the exquisite for 6 passengers and skipper. Equippedwith tender ideal for approaches to all beaches. Perfect andspacious interior plus two large sun deck.Price per day: 2500.00 EPrice for week: 15000.00 E E
  12. 12. Yachts and speedboatsMASTERCRAFT X1Legendary towing speedboats with the perfect features forWakeboard. Capacity to 11 people. Maximum speed of 50nautical miles.Price per day: 400.00 E
  13. 13. Rent a Car Daily terms of lease -daysCars «KASKO» 1-3 4-7 8-14 15+Audi A 3 2.0 FSI Cabrio.Automatik 25 € 150 € 140 € 130 € 120 €Audi A4 1.8T Cabrio.Automatik 25 € 150 € 140 € 130 € 120 €BMW 1 Ci Cabrio.Automatik 30 € 190 € 180 € 170 € 160 €BMW 3 Ci Cabrio.Automatik 30 € 190 € 180 € 170 € 160 €BMW 630 Ci Cabrio .Automatik 60 € 390 € 380 € 370 € 360 €BMW 730iA Long.Automatik 50 € 290 € 280 € 270 € 260 €Mustang Cabrio.Automatik 30 € 190 € 180 € 170 € 160 €Mustang GT-Cabrio.Automatik 45 € 290 € 280 € 270 € 260 €
  14. 14. Rent a CarCars Daily terms of lease -days «KASKO» 1-3 4-7 8-14 15+Corvette C6 Targa.Automatik 60 € 390 € 380 € 370 € 360 €Mini Cooper Cabrio.Automatik 25 € 150 € 140 € 130 € 120 €Mercedes-Benz SLK.Automatik 30 € 190 € 180 € 170 € 160 €Mercedes-Benz Viano Long 30 € 190 € 180 € 170 € 160 €Mercedes-Benz S-350 Long 50 € 290 € 280 € 270 € 260 €Mercedes-Benz SL-350 mod.2009.Automatik 60 € 390 € 380 € 370 € 360 €Smart Crossblade .Automatik 25 € 150 € 140 € 130 € 120 €Porsche Boxster .Automatik 50 € 290 € 280 € 270 € 260 €Porsche Boxster S .Automatik 60 € 390 € 380 € 370 € 360 €Wrangler Targa Automatik 25 € 100 € 90 € 80 € 70 €
  15. 15. Suggestions tour and excursionsYACHT TOURS :Extravagant day tours with luxury food and beverage with on site quality service HELICOPTER TOURSTara etno village Tour-Take off from Tivat Airport at 08:00-Approximately 40 minutes to Tara River-Landing and a welcome by the peasants with local food (cheese;kaymak;priganice) and drinks (rakija;coffee;tea)-Taking the guests by jeep to Tara River-Rafting 3 hours (stoping at the waterfalls for pictures and a drink)-Lunch-Rest (coffee) and Walking tours (Hiking) (app 2.5 hours)-Dinner and Relaxation night with Classical Guitar Teacher (Russian songs, spanish, classical guitar Bach etc...)She will do the presentation for Mr. Leybman-Going back to Tivat airportTara RAFTING 410eurosOR:-Staying for the night at YUGOSLAVIA campNext day program:-Yoga class (1 hour)-Breakfast (kaymak; cheese; priganice) and drinks (rakija;coffee;tea)-Rafting the lower flow of river (stoping at the waterfalls for pictures and a drink)-Lunch-Rest-Hiking-Yoga class on top of the hill-Coming back to the camp-Light Snack-Going back to Tivat airportTara rafting (sleeping) 450eurosNJEGUSI/LOVCEN TOUR-Leaving form Tivat Airport at 8:00-Coming at Njegusi after approximately 10 minutes-Welcomed by local peasants with the breakfast (prsute;cheese;kaymak)-Hiking the Lovcen Mountain-On the way to the top –LUNCH--Going back to the village-Guitar and Yoga classes instructor-Coffee/Tea-Going back to Tivat Njegusi/Lovcen 150euros
  16. 16. Suggestions tour and excursionsZABLJAK TOUR-Leaving from Tivat airport at 08:00-Arriving after 50 minutes (approximately)-Welcomed by locals with breakfast and drinks-Hiking tour of Black Lake-Lunch at the local restaurant-Hiking back and taking off to Tivat airport-Optional: yoga class and guitar listeningZabljak sightseeing 410eurosLUXURY CHAMPAIGN TOURS FOR TWO of Tara River-Take off-Sightseeing-Champaign and lunch on the landing zone with amazing viewTotal for two 1870 eurosLUXURY CHAMPAIGN TOURS FOR TWO OF BOKA BAY AND LOVCEN MOUNTAIN-Take off-Sightseeing-Champaign and lunch on the landing zone with amazing viewTotal for two 940 eurosLUXURY CHAMPAIGN TOURS FOR TWO of ZABLJAK (Black Lake)-Take off-Sightseeing-Champaign and lunch on the landing zone with amazing viewTotal for two 1240eurosBasic sightseeing tours half hour (Boka Bay; Coast)300euros, return tripTIVAT-ULCINJ480euros, return tripTIVAT-KOLASIN600euros, return trip
  17. 17. Suggestions tour and excursions Bassic sighetseeing tours one/two/three hours01:00h/600euros02:00h/1200eurosAiport Transfer ( Podgorica-Splendid, Podgorica-Budva, Podgorica-Tivat, Tivat-Podgorica etc… )480euros ,return tripLuxury tours of Skadar lake(lunch on the lake)420euros, return tripLuxury tours of Skadar lake(lunch on the lake)420euros, return tripTIVAT-KOTOR300euros, return tripTIVAT-BUDVA240euros, return tripSeaplane tours:One hour tours of Kotor Bay with the landing in front of old town in Kotor 2.Three hour tours of Montenegrin mountains and landing on Skadar lake 3. Four hour tours of Montenegrin lakes with lunch and Champaign 4. Four hour tours of Zabljak and Black lake Champaign and lunch stop 5. Whole day tours