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Onilne Small Hotel PMS System


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Effective web-based software solution designed especially for managing small accommodation properties.
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Onilne Small Hotel PMS System

  1. 1. Hotelinco PMS Service is a proven and efficient hotel reception desk system (property management system), specially designed for small hotels and other small properties, such as B&B, guesthouses, pensions, family owned hotels, etc. Based on cloud technology, Hotelinco works as an online application. It is not only a hotel reception desk system, but an invaluable tool for managing online reservations. Together with its own booking engine and with connection to channel manager system, it enables comprehensive and synchronized sale on different booking channels (including, expedia, hrs, etc.) Hotelinco business solution for small hotels ALL in ONE system Open your doors to the world and sell more rooms! No more problems with costly overbookings, unsold rooms and multiple data entry into many different applications of sales and distribution channels! Complete online sale on more than 30 leading booking sales and distribution channels, including with online bookings on your website, is synchronized and managed in one place.Hotelinco automatically sends the availability and prices to channel manager system, which communicates with a number of leading distribution channels, and - on the basis of two-way communication - imports bookings from various booking channels like, HRS, Expedia, etc. directly into Hotelinco. The solution provides unified inventory in real time and instant data synchronization on all the channels, which enables sale of the last available room in real time and significantly lowers the risk of overbooking. Sell more at higher price and reduce the costs. Sell more Say YES to your guests on your website! Booking engine on your website enables guest to check the availability of the hotel at different dates and to immediately carry out the desired booking without waiting for your reply by phone or e-mail. The online booking is directly and automatically stored to Hotelinco PMS system so you do not have to enter the booking manually into the system. Easy hotel reception management Hotelinco is easy to use and does not require time-consuming deployment. As time is also of the essence when you handle your guests, Hotelinco offers easy check-in, check-out and guest settlement of accounts. Moreover it supports consistent business management, while it offers a wide range of useful features (reservation management, POS, room management, reports, etc...) Hotelinco provides all the necessary information about reservations and guests, enables following, planning and management of your hotel business in the most profitable way and what is more, Hotelinco can significantly contribute to your guest satisfaction. RECEPTION DESK SYSTEM – WEB BOOKING ENGINE – GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION HOTELINCO – DESIGNED FOR YOUR SUCCESS!
  2. 2. Forward- thinking technology Hotelinco is cloud based and is accessed via a Web Browser. It is a cost-effective hotel management system for hotels who do not want to take on the burden of maintaining their own technical infrastructure. As a cloud solution, Hotelinco also provides other numerous benefits for users, such as: remote work, regular software upgrades, safe and reliable data storage. Connectivity with other systems Hotelinco provides a number of interfaces and can be easily connected with other hotel subsystems, such as F&B, telephone, door- locks, video systems, etc.  Friendly and efficient services Our Hotelinco team is a highly dedicated, reactive and responsive support team providing regular maintenance and software upgrades. Since Hotelinco has a scalable content design, it also enables several adjustments to different requirements and specific needs of your hotel business. Meet legal obligations - customization to your local regulations available! Hotelinco provides compliance with legal obligations and regulations, offering supporting features, such as: report for local authorities on checked-in guests by date and hotel, fiscal cash registers, etc. Our customers recommend us » When choosing a suitable software we became especially attentive to the kindness of MAiS company people who were also willing to listen to our needs and concerns and were more than ready to respond to them. We are particularly grateful to them for answering our specific need: adapting Hotelinco software for blind persons using adapted computer equipment. Why did we decide for Hotelinco? 1. Because it is adjusted to run smaller accommodation properties and is correspondingly simple, but it does however support all the processes you encounter in your hotel management business. 2. Because it is not necessary to invest in a local infrastructure since it can be accessed via internet. It can also be used by different users from their own computer from anywhere and at any time. 3. Because the software is easy to use and does not need any special deployment. 4. Because it includes all the databases and all statistical analytics that are legally required in our country. 5. Because we had the opportunity to try out the software before we decided to use it. We strongly recommend Hotelinco! « Sonja Pungertnik, Ignacijev dom Easy to adopt Intuitive graphic interface enables easy set up and gets you running in less than a day. Also, the system does not require any long-term or sophisticated training, it rather allows you to gain expertise in a very short time. Having all information available in one screen, your staff can quickly retrieve various guest information, folios, and room availability. Contact: MAiS Informacijski sistemi d.d. Leskoškova cesta 10 SI-1000 │ Slovenija T: +3861 5002100 E-mail: 15-day free demo trial! Why Hotelinco? Because it is a small investment with BIG returns!