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Ius Laboris’ US member firm expands immigration practice


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Ius Laboris is pleased to announce the addition of Mary E. Pivec as a Partner in its US member firm FordHarrison. Mary joins the firm’s Washington, DC office, and the firm’s Immigration Group.

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Ius Laboris’ US member firm expands immigration practice

  1. 1. PRESS  ANNOUNCEMENT         7  May  2014     Ius  Laboris’  US  Member  firm  expands  Immigration  Practice       May   7,   2014   -­‐   Brussels   Ius   Laboris,   an   elite   alliance   of   law   firms   offering   employers   cross-­‐border  employment  and  pensions  law  advice,  is  pleased  to  announce  the  addition   of  Mary  E.  Pivec  as  a  Partner  in  its  US  member  firm  FordHarrison  LLP,  a  national  labor   and  employment  law  firm.  Mary  joins  the  firm’s  Washington,  DC  office,  and  the  firm’s   Immigration  Group.     With   over   30   years’   experience   as   a   management-­‐side   employment   and   immigration   attorney,  Mary  is  a  leading  practitioner  when  it  comes  to  defending  employers  in  both   whistleblower   matters   and   hybrid   criminal   cases   involving   complex   immigration,   discrimination  and  wage  and  hour  issues.     In  2012,  Mary  was  one  of  eight  nominees  recommended  for  the  Department  of  Labor   Whistleblower  Protection  Advisors  Committee.     “We  are  extremely  excited  to  welcome  an  attorney  with  such  superb  experience  and   commitment  to  client  service,”  said  Dannie  Fogleman,  the  Office  Managing  Partner  of   FordHarrison’s   Washington,   DC   office.   “Mary’s   extensive   knowledge   regarding   immigration   and   employment   matters   will   contribute   to   our   footprint   in   both   the   DC   area,  and  nationally.”     To  learn  more  about  Mary  Pivec,  please  visit   -­‐ENDS-­‐   About  Ius  Laboris   Ius  Laboris  is  an  alliance  of  law  firms  offering  employers  cross-­‐border  employment  and   pensions   law   advice.   It   has   1,300   specialist   HR   lawyers   in   over   150   cities   and   44   countries.  Ius  Laboris  offers  access  to  the  best  local  HR  law  experts  in  one  global  team   with  20%  more  ranked  employment  lawyers  (Chambers  &  Partners,  November  2013)  in   30%   more   recommended   jurisdictions   (Legal   500,   November   2013)   than   any   other   global  HR  legal  services  organisation.  It  also  has  the  highest  ranking,  being  ranked  as  an   Elite  band  1  global  employment  network  (Chambers  Global  Guide,  March  2014).  Please   visit  for  more  information.       For  further  information,  please  contact:   Sarah  H.  Adams   E:   T:  +1(404)888-­‐3987