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  1. 1. Connect. CreateProjectImprove communication and entrepreneurial spiritbetween cultures across Europe.Location: Bucharest, RomaniaOrganization board: 25 personsAttendees: Opened to any interested partyCoordinated by Iulia Davidoiu, Romania
  2. 2. The Big PictureWeb Platform• Online contest on the following topics :Entrepreneurship, Research Papers(culture/econonomy), Videos, Fotobooks,How to Guides.• Participants: youth from all EU countries,aged 18-27, in teams of 3-4 persons.• Participants will be randomly chosen asteams (from different countries) withoutknowing each other. (After being qualifiedbased on CV and motivational letter).• This will give them the opportunity tolearn how to work in newly formed virtualteams to deliver professional projects +networking+ possible future partnershipsacross Europe + valuable knowledge(economy, culture, new media tools).EU Conference• A EU regional conference to last 3days and include the following:• The finalists from each category (3teams/ category) will pitch theirideas in front of the jury, investors,professional s, organizations andother participants• Workshops with the jury members(each being representative for atleast one contest category)• Keynotes from personalities withcareers in Business, Design, SocialMedia, Researchers• Award gala for best project in eachcategory and the grand winner
  3. 3. OverviewFeatures- Contest Platform• Online platform will include: overview ofeach section (guideline), resources forinspiration, URL’s to online tools thatcould help the participants (Skype,WebEx, Slideshare, Infographic, E-booktemplates, PowerPoint templates, etc.).• Newspapers embedded in the website(the economist, start-up, financial times,cultural newspapers) or there will be afeed box.• Tips & tricks section updated every week• Judges will post brief articles on subjectsthey consider relevant for thecompetition.• The conference will bring valuableinformation for youths focused onbuilding a strong career through theirskills and hard work.• Will also create the perfect environmentfor networking at a European Level,finding funds for startups and scholarshipsin different domains .Why participate?• Participants will gain precious knowledgeand skills in : Working in virtual teams across Europe Foreign cultures and how other nations dobusiness European markets New media tools (SEO) How to build a business plan/researchpaper Social intelligence Novel and adaptive thinking• As highlighted in this article:
  4. 4. AgendaContest• Enrollment of participants (CV+motivational letter/ sample portfolio).• Defining the teams and start the race forthe most creative and innovative project.• Projects are presented on the platformand within all the social media toolspossible in order to gather the highestnumbers of votes.• Jury selects the finalists based on projectrelevance, innovation, votes received.• Finalists are announced and prepare tomeet up at the conference for the finalpitch.Conference• 3 days• 15 teams• 6 jury members• 6 influential speakers• 2 workshops• Up to 1000 attendees• 1 Grand Prize winner• Overall prizes may consist of :scholarships, internships, funding,vouchers for courses, books.And the most important prize:Youth Empowerment!
  5. 5. The pointWhat’s in it for me?• Develop the 10 skills of futureworkforce .• Gain the necessary experience toenter in the workforce field with bestpremises.• Find friends, business partners,universities, all a young professionalwould need to build the basis of asuccessful career.• Have fun while exploring the endlesspossibilities to reach the top.Highlights for Participants• Work and developed relationshipswith complete strangers acrossEurope to achieve a common goal.• Meet important professionals,learned from them, gain a chance toprove their skills.• Meet angel investors, crowd fundingplatforms representatives(learn howit works), university teachers andrepresentatives, ONGs and otherinfluential persons.• Maintain and highlight culturalinheritance as it interacts with thebusiness world.
  6. 6. What skills do youths lack?Romania• Communication skills• Resistance to change• Fear of the unknown• Lack of motivation/ curiosity• Lack of new media skills/ ability towork in virtual teams or withinmultiple culturesEurope• Uncertainty in regards to career, one’splace and chances in the workforce field• Lack of decision-making skills whileencountering so many possibilities• Lack of information, young professionalscan lose important chances because ofthis• Reluctance to stepping out of one’scomfort zone
  7. 7. Contest and ConferenceHow do they contribute?• By encouraging the participants to face the unknown (to find themselves in ateam with total strangers and having to develop a brilliant and innovative idea forthe contest, all by getting to know each other and working together throughonline media and social tools. When they are not in the same country, they willhave to make use of all available tools in order to reach an efficient method ofcommunication and team working).• This method will have a high impact on future professionals when working inmultinational companies or future entrepreneurs that desire to reach a widertarget-market and gain a good understanding of the Europe economy in terms ofconsumer preferences.• The whole process will also prepare young high school graduates to face theEuropean University experience, the competition that found the start in asuccessful career while away from the comfort of home.
  8. 8. Connect. Create