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Self Introduction for people interested in me.


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Self Introduction for people interested in me.

Published in: Technology
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Self Introduction for people interested in me.

  1. 1. Takayoshi Iitsuka 20161216
  2. 2.  Vector Supercomputers  Pseudo-Vector Supercomputers  Parallel Supercomputers S-820 S-3800 CP-PACS SR2201 SR8000
  3. 3.  Tsukuba University and Hitachi cooperated on development of Pseudo- vector mechanism (original technology), and I lead its compiler team.  Based on evaluation of a customer's benchmark programs, I proposed several CPU instructions and it lead to orders from important customers.
  4. 4.  For parallelization of big program, Hitachi developed interprocedural parallelizer, and I developed core of it i.e. inter-procedural analysis.  Wrote several US-patent on compiler technology.
  5. 5.  Hitachi joined Japanese National Project RWC (Real World Computing) and developed WPP (Whole Program Parallelizer). Interprocedural analysis played core role in WPP. This research result was exhibited at SC99.  The project was hand over to next National Project “Advanced Paralleling Compiler Project”  I was a committee member of HPC research group of IPSJ in 2000 - 2001.
  6. 6.  In 2001, Hitachi made decision to concentrate on Storage research and many researcher including me moved to storage research.  I lead cross laboratory NAS (Network Attached Storage) project and achieved 3 times speedup of the NAS.  In this project, I proposed hardware-counter based profiling of Kernel, and discovered that memory access govern the performance. I proposed to change the structure of hash table and it was very effective.  I left Laboratory after this research in 2003.
  7. 7.  2003 – 2009: In SAN Solution Division, I cooperated with Hitachi Data Systems (headquarters in San Jose) and contributed to the shift from hardware to software/services in storage business. It includes planning and promotion of new storage, its software and services, and alliance with storage related vendors: Symantec/Veritas, OpenText, AppIQ (acquired by HP 2005/9), Archivas (acquired by Hitachi 2007/2), etc. As for Archivas, I conducted evaluation and commercialization of their software.  2009 – 2015: In Platform Solution Division and Cloud Service Division, I contributed the shift from product based business to service based business (cloud). I was engaged in planning and development of cloud service 3 years. After that, I was charged in public relations of Hitachi Cloud. It had been called Harmonious Cloud. I contributed news release of alliance with Microsoft, alliance with Amazon, “Hitachi Cloud”, etc. AppIQ
  8. 8.  2015/10 – 2016/2 : Retired Hitachi 2015/9E with early retirement program with additional severance pay. Enjoyed travel to Switzerland with my wife and free days. But, it had been becoming boring.  2016/2 - : In the middle of February, I started learning of latest web technology, Java, deep learning, etc. It has been very interesting and enjoyable for me. I started blog, twitter and github at first.  I wrote roughly 100 articles, and got 22,258 access in total.  I uploaded 18 repositories in github (5 repositories are related to AI).  I uploaded 3 slide in (all are related to deep learning). Currently, total view is 3,321.  I started Learning of deep learning in the end of May. I attended Do2dle research group meeting several times and read 4 books on deep learning (before that, I read 1 book). (Do2dle: come from DUDL i.e. Deep Understanding of Deep Learning. After entered research group, I named it as this)  In the beginning of August, DQN group of Do2dle set target of group as Montezuma’s Revenge, because it was the most difficult in DeepMind paper.
  9. 9.  Only I had a time to try Montezuma’s Revenge. I got stuck neear the end of August. Because I realized that there is little chance to get reward in Montezuma’s Revenge. I felt that some kind of mile stone or reward decreasing when the same state continue is needed. I wrote it in blog.  I received twitter message from Mr. Miyoshi, who is the author of very fast A3c code which I was using, that DeepMind submitted a paper related to Montezuma’s Revenge, although he had not been read it yet.  After that, I concentrated on Montezuma’s Revenge. For details, I will introduce it in another slide.  I also has a slide on my works in github, etc.  My learning history:  2016/2-5: Mastered web-front-technology (HTML5/CSS3, Javascript) and some of backend- technology NodeJS, sqlite3 and Java (Oracle OJCP Silver certificate in one month).  2016/5-8: Learned basics of AI and deep learning. Tried DQN and A3C with “Breakout”.  2016/8- : Concentrated on Deep Reinforcement Learning of “Montezuma’s Revenge”.  2016/9/14: Made presentation in WBAI meeting held at Dwango AI Lab. lead by Mr. Yamakawa WBAI: Whole Brain Architecture Initiative, NGO to promote research and development of “general AI” like human, lead by Mr. Yamakawa
  10. 10. Thank you for listening