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Commentary wk1


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TV adverts

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Commentary wk1

  1. 1. TV Adverts for Magazines L.O To complete your adverts and save them. To complete a commentary of your project in writing and hand it in.
  2. 2. Welcome back! This week we are completing our adverts and writing a commentary on our project. Lesson 1: Complete the editing, titles and sound on our adverts. Ensure you save your work. Lesson 2: Commentary *If your advert is not completed in this time you will need to book in PP sessions to do it then.
  3. 3. Lesson 1: Completing Adverts • Editing so that a narrative makes sense. • Adding sound: • A sound track that represents the genre and/or target audience. • A voice over. You can record this on your phone and import it as a sound file. • Saving Work on the school system and on the teacher’s hard drive in your file.
  4. 4. Lesson 1: PP Work • Due next lesson. • This will prepare you for the commentary and give you ideas of things to discuss.
  5. 5. Lesson 2: Commentary You must write a commentary on your project. This is a piece of writing that talks through why you designed the advert as you did and how that will represent the magazine in a way that appeals to your audience. You need to show knowledge of: The conventions of magazine adverts. Representation of the target audience (relating the advert to their gender stereotypes, interests & ideologies.) Representation of genres through mise en scene and sound.
  6. 6. Completing Adverts Whose advert is ready? Book in PP sessions to complete your advert and export it from the system to my hard drive. Editing Sound Titles
  7. 7. Lesson 2: Commentary • Read through the writing frame. • Use this to structure your work. • Hand written on paper. Put your name on the paper. • You have this lesson to complete it.