#Hash-tag on Facebook is Launched : How to benefit your Small Business out of it.


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Facebook has launched hashtag on 12th June 2013, now its your turn to understand how can it benefit you, your brand, your company. This presentation is your simple and crisp guide to understand: 1. What is hashtag marketing? 2. Tips to get benefit of hashta on facebook. 3. Message from the facebook team on hashtag. 4. The future possibilities with hashtag, facebook may provide.

To know more on, How you can integrate hashtag in faceboook for business benefit, write

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#Hash-tag on Facebook is Launched : How to benefit your Small Business out of it.

  2. 2. WHAT IS HASHTAG ON FACEBOOKPeople and Pages can create hashtags by writing astatus update. If you use a hashtag in an app thatpublishes to Facebook then your hashtags in thoseposts will become links on Facebook.& How will these workStarting on June 12, 2013, hashtags will be clickable on Facebook. Similarto other services like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, hashtags onFacebook allow you to add context to a post or indicate that it is part of alarger discussion. Clicking on a hashtag will open up a feed where you’ll seestories from the Pages and people who have posted with the same hashtag.People can also find posts related to specific topics or interests by searchingon Facebook for relevant hashtags.Howwillitwork
  3. 3. WHY ARE HASHTAGS IMPORTANT FOR YOU?& What should you know about it ?People are having billions of conversations every single day onFacebook about topics that are relevant to marketers. In fact, thereare 4.75 billion content items shared everyday on Facebook.Additionally, every single night during the U.S. prime time hours of8-11pm, Facebook sees between 88 and 100 million visitors.For brands and marketers, # represents a real opportunity toparticipate in conversations in a meaningful, relevant and timely way.The launch of hashtags is Facebook’s first step to facilitate real-timediscovery of these conversations around specific topics or interests.For marketers, this is only the beginning—Facebook will continue todo more with it as they learn more about how people use hashtags onFacebook.
  4. 4. Advantages of Hashtags to MarketersBig Data & Better Measure :It will be easier to measureand gather BIG data usinghashtag. For instance#mcdonalds will provide allimmediate valuableinformation on “McDonalds”Greater IntegratedCampaigns : Hashtag isalready there everywhere inthe marketing from twitter toPinterest. Now havinghashtag on facebook willhelp to create moreintegrated campaign.
  5. 5. Tips To Help You Use Hashtags On Facebook In Your Marketing1 - Promote the post you’ve created with hashtags to ensure more distribution.2 - Integrate hashtags into your campaigns across all media from Google Plus toTwitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.3 - If you are using hashtags for a marketing campaign make sure that it is unique &consistent so the conversation is not drowned out by another conversation.4 - Ensure that you check hashtags you know are used in relation to your brand as partof your online reputation monitoring and customer service programme.5 - Dont hijack a hashtag - we have seen too many examples of Twitter hashtags thathave gone wrong where a brand inappropriately uses a hashtag especially whenrelated to disasters. This hurts your brand value.6 - Promote your campaign hashtag across all media - both online and offline. Use iton Posters, BTL’s and ATL’s all under use.Six Tips for Small Business MarketersOpportunity : Hashtags that appear in ads being delivered in News Feed willbe clickable. But only on desktop.
  6. 6. • At this time facebook don’t support hashtag targeting for Facebookadvertising but it may do it in near future.• Currently Brands aren’t able to purchase the hashtags associated withtheir business.• Facebook don’t currently offer the option for marketers to promote aspecific hashtag. Which can be a future treat for marketers.• While Facebook does not currently support hashtags on mobile,trending topics, insights, or paid opportunities associated withhashtags, but this is just the beginning.Few things facebook is holding (MAYBE) for futureWELCOME FACEBOOK HASHTAGS IN YOUR MARKETING MIX WITHOPEN ARMS, AS IT HAS LONG WAY AHEAD TO BENEFIT YOUR BRAND.
  7. 7. A Message from FB Team to MarketersHashtags do not impact your distribution or engagement in News Feed on eitherdesktop or mobile, so we do not recommend all marketers adopt hashtags at this time.However, if you are already using hashtags to drive business objectives, werecommend the following best practices:• Amplify your message using Facebook advertising• Creative best practices on Facebook still apply—compelling copy andphotography that is in the brand voice tend to garner better response andengagement rates.• If you have an existing publishing strategy that uses a hashtag—on Facebook orthird party sites, including Instagram or Twitter—that campaign will also work onFacebook.• Any hashtags that you post elsewhere through linked third party sites willautomatically populate on Facebook.• Insights or trending topics are not yet available, but you can view the real-timepublic conversation about your business by searching for relevant hashtags.Hashtags are a first step in surfacing relevant and important publicconversations.
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