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8 Killer Project-Based Student Challenges in Earth Science


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QUESTION: Why do geoscientists have the coolest careers on the planet and how can teachers prepare students for it? ANSWER:

EarthComm® is a comprehensive, project-based, secondary level Earth and space sciences program. It includes student learning materials, teacher resources, teacher-support networks, and assessment tools. EarthComm also features a robust Web site filled with student and teacher resources regularly updated by AGI.
EarthComm® promotes systems thinking.
In EarthComm®, students learn about the interactions among the various parts of the Earth system by reflecting on the ways in which matter and energy flow through the Earth system, and the different ways in which Earth’s processes occur over time and space.
EarthComm® fosters Earth stewardship.
With EarthComm®, students discover the wonder and importance of Earth and space science by studying it where it counts—in their community. EarthComm® utilizes local and regional issues and concerns to stimulate problem-solving activities, and to foster a sense of Earth stewardship by students in their communities.

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